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Red Ball drawn in Sunday’s Pick 3 drawing

September 9, 2019 Posted by NC Lottery at 9:25 AM

Congrats to our Pick 3 players! For the second time in three days, Pick 3 players are seeing Red. The Red Ball was drawn during Sunday night’s Pick 3 drawing. This means players had the chance to win twice.

Sunday’s Results:

  • Pick 3 Drawing: 1,380 tickets won a total of $128,404 in cash prizes
  • Double Draw: 1,438 tickets won a total of $134,737 in cash prizes

Because the Red Ball was drawn, the Double Draw machine has been reset, and Monday night’s drawing will have six white balls and one red.

The promotion runs until September 30.


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9/12/2019 03:45 - Denver G.

EZ now...........

9/12/2019 01:16 - Tim M.

@NC LOTTERY, that 'More Money Mondays' was nearly 3 years ago! I remember it, now, that you mention it. It's about time for something more relevant, dontcha think? And Denver, the name's Tim, not Timmy. I'm a 55-year old man, not a little boy. Please respect me as such.NC Lottery
Hey Tim, We appreciate the honest feedback. Our game development team tries to balance all of our promotions across all of our games and generally, they choose to run the promotions that our players respond most positively to. We will pass along your note about Pick 4 to the team. Thanks!

9/12/2019 08:33 - Denver G.

THX for the info. I knew there was some type of green ball pick4 promo, just didn't remember the details. It doesn't seem like it was that long ago. How time flys when your having fun.......

9/12/2019 08:00 - Denver G.

Timmy, they DO have a pick4 promo once or twice a year. When the GREEN ball drops you get 40% more payout.....NC Lottery
Hey Denver, We've done that promo in the past, but not lately. It was called "More Money Mondays", here's some more info on it:

9/11/2019 04:23 - Tim M.

@NC LOTTERY, you have at least two promotions for the Pick 3. One is the current one where when the red ball is drawn, there's automatically an additional drawing. Isn't it earlier in the year that you have a different version? One where when a green ball is drawn, the prize money is automatically doubled? I don't remember what you call it. Anyway, my main reason for writing is, why are there never ANY promotions like this for the Pick 4? You could do identical promotions. They don't have to be simultaneously. Are you scared it would involve TOO much payouts?NC Lottery
Hi Tim, the other Pick 3 promotion is called the "Prize Doubler." Keep a lookout for it in 2020! We do occasionally have Pick 4 promotions, although we don't have any currently scheduled. The folks who choose our draw game promotions read this blog though, and always appreciate seeing player feedback.

9/10/2019 04:41 - Denver G.

Hey LZ. I know you guys are doin a p3 promo and just got done a PB promo. When r u gonna do a LFL promo. When r u gonna bring back "the works" promo ?NC Lottery
Hi Denver, we don't have any Lucky For Life promotions currently slated to release, but we'll post any new promotions right here on the blog first!

9/09/2019 03:23 - DL H.

@ Tim. Too funny!! We went on the first red ball draw 142 is one of our numbers and then we picked a random number and it ended up being the red ball 498 Which is not a number we would ever play but we just did it random ended up winning both. We couldn’t believe it but We sure do hope that you get one!! ;-)

9/09/2019 12:21 - Tim M.

I won 40 bucks the first time the other night. They drew 142, I had 241, my numbers. I could've won $290 last night but I blew it. Sometimes, but not always, I play at least one set of numbers per category, i.e., think 005, 105, 205, 305, etc. I didn't know what to play for '4'. I decided on 482. It's a constant recommendation on my phone apps plus it made sense as a follow-up to 486. Of course, it also reminded me of 486. It's like there was this impulse to play it anyway but didn't because hey! It just hit! It's like I STILL haven't learned my lesson from that! Oy.

9/09/2019 11:08 - DL H.

Any fellow Cash 3 winners today? We won the first time it was drawn the other day but probably won’t play till the end of the week again just wondering if anyone here had either of the numbers or both. Good luck to all :-)

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