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Our Commitment

At the NCEL our goal is to meet our mission in raising money for education while protecting the interests of those who play our games. From the way we design and advertise our games to the tools we develop to help players stay in control of their play, responsible gaming is at the heart of everything we do.

As the lottery has grown in size and profit over the past 11 years, its commitment to operating in a responsible manner has become increasingly important. The lottery’s commitment to maintaining its reputation as a socially responsible organization is its promise to beneficiaries and the state. Part of that promise is providing $1 million a year as the only sponsor of the N.C. Problem Gambling Program and creating a responsible gaming program that is comprised of initiatives aimed at training employees, educating players, marketing responsibly, and collaborating with stakeholders.


The NCEL’s commitment to build the best practices in responsible gaming into all of its operations has won it the highest level of responsible gaming certification recognized internationally. It is only the 4th U.S. lottery to obtain the certification and the youngest U.S. lottery to do so.

The World Lottery Association’s Responsible Gaming Framework is the highest level of responsible gaming certification recognized internationally, outlining lotteries’ level of commitment to corporate social responsibility and responsible gaming. The Framework consists of four levels of achievement. The more advanced the responsible gaming program, the higher the level of achievement.

This recognition represents the lottery’s success and commitment to continuous improvement of its responsible gaming and corporate social responsibility programs.

What does this achievement mean for North Carolina?

The Education Lottery is upholding its mission to responsibly grow sales and increase return to education programs identified by the legislature.

What does this achievement mean for players?

Players can be assured the Education Lottery is fully committed to facilitating responsible play, empowering the public about responsible gaming, and protecting the interests of those who play our games.

November 2011
Awarded the World Lottery Association’s Level 2 Responsible Gaming certification

Level 2: Self-Assessment & Gap Analysis

Members complete a self-assessment and determine what RG programs need to be built to ensure the organization addresses all the Principles.

September 2014
Awarded the World Lottery Association’s Level 3 Responsible Gaming certification

Level 3: Planning & Implementation

Members need to develop a plan, a timetable and a budget to implement specific RG programs.

December 2017
Awarded the World Lottery Association’s Level 4 Responsible Gaming Certification

Level 4: Continuous Improvement

Members have integrated specific RG programs into day-to-day operations and decision-making.

Education Lottery achieves top certification for responsible gaming

World Lottery Association
"The panel can clearly see a strong management commitment to responsible gaming as reflected in the goals, strategies, policies and procedures of NCEL, and sufficient resources in place to support the responsible gaming programs. It is clear that responsible gaming considerations are embedded in the culture and in the day-to-day operations."

- Panel of Corporate Social Responsibility Experts, World Lottery Association

For questions about our Responsible Gaming program, contact:

Townley Cheek
Corporate Social Responsibility Manager

Looking for help? You’re not alone.

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