Jackpot Estimate $100 Million Cash Value $47 Million Next Drawing Wed, May 22 Latest Drawing Mon, May 20
1 7 48 64 68 5
Jackpot Estimate $453 Million Cash Value $211.3 Million Next Drawing Fri, May 24 Latest Drawing Tue, May 21
2 5 8 28 69 14
Jackpot Estimate $120,000 Next Daily Drawing Wed, May 22 Latest Drawing Tue, May 21
19 20 23 26 33
2 13 17 22 35
Top Prizes $1,000/day for life or $25,000/year for life. Next Daily Drawing Wed, May 22 Latest Drawing Tue, May 21
5 13 24 41 48 15
Latest Daytime Drawing Wed, May 22
7 9 9 9 7
Latest Evening Drawing Tue, May 21
7 6 0 2 6
Latest Daytime Drawing Wed, May 22
4 8 9 1
Latest Evening Drawing Tue, May 21
2 7 2 0
Progressive Jackpot Estimate
$365,636 Updated: Wednesday, 7:56:09 PM

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Over a decade of making students in the state of North Carolina the real winners.

We’re in the business of possibility. We deliver joy and thrill across the entire state of North Carolina. And we help give back millions to education every single day. We are among the lucky few who get to change lives.

Lottery Timeline

August 31st, 2005Legislation creating lottery signed into law
September 2005NC Lottery Commission members appointed
October 6th, 2005Initial meeting of NC Lottery Commission
November 17th, 2005Tom Shaheen appointed Director, N
December 5th, 2005Tom Shaheen begins work
December 12th, 2005NC Lottery Commission voted to join multi-state Powerball
January 12th, 2006Retail applications posted on web
January 30th, 2006Instant ticket and online games contracts awarded to GTECH
February 3rd, 20065028 retail applications received
February 13th, 2006First retail equipment installed
March 6th, 2006First retailer trained
March 9th, 2006First scratch off tickets unveiled
March 10th, 2006Tickets delivered to warehouse
March 18th, 20064000th retailer installed
March 27th, 2006Lottery advertising begins
March 28th, 2006Instant tickets shipped to all approved retailers
March 30th, 2006Education lottery begins retail sales
March 30th, 2006Education lottery website live
March 31th, 2006First $100,000 winner comes to Headquarters
April 18th, 2006Two new scratch off games introduced
May 30th, 2006Powerball sales began
May 31st, 2006First Powerball draw and first Powerball $200,000 winner
June 7th, 2006Player wins $1 million by powerplaying Powerball
July 22nd, 2006Staff moved into permanent offices-Yonkers Road
August 26th, 2006Live Powerball drawing in Durham
September 29th, 2006Unveil Carolina Hurricanes ticket
October 6th, 2006Carolina Pick 3 sales began
October 19th, 2006First transfer to beneficiary programs--$50 million
October 20th, 2006Broke $500,000,000 in sales
October 27th, 2006Carolina Cash 5 sales began
October 29th, 2006First Carolina Cash 5 jackpot winner
October 31st, 2006First Holiday Tickets, first $10 ticket on sale
November 29th, 2006First Powerball Jackpot winner--$74.5 million
December 8th, 2006Retired first instant scratch-off games
February 16th, 2007 Powerball Jackpot winner, Jackie Alston, comes forward
March 30th, 2007 First anniversary-NASCAR promo-first second chance drawing
May 11th, 2007Sizzlin' Millionaire Raffle tickets go on sale
May 12th, 2007Sales surpass $1 billion
June 30th, 2007Sizzlin' Millionaire Raffle tickets sell out
July 4th, 2007First raffle draw
July 10th, 2007Introduce "Big Ol' Bucks" tickets and BOB the pirate
September 10th, 2007Carolina Cash 5 Mustang Madness-first promo to give away cars
September 26th, 2007Phil Morgan wins the first Cash 5 Mustang
September 26th, 200732 players pick 4 of 5 white balls and Powerball based on TV show
November 11th, 2007Merry Millionaire Raffle tickets go on sale
November 21st, 2007NC Lottery conducts its first interim raffle draw for MMR
December 27th, 2008Merry Millionaire Raffle draw
January 8th, 2008$100 Million Cash Spectacular ticket with 73% prize payout goes on sale
February 12th, 2008Farmville man wins first $1M annuity with $100 M Cash Spectacular
February 29th, 2008Monthly sales top $100 million
March 27th, 2008Harley ticket launched
March 31st, 2008Mid-day Pick 3 draw begun
April 17th, 2008First Harley Fat Boy awarded
May 3rd, 2008Total sales top $2 B
May 16th, 2008NCEL 200 NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series race
May 17th, 2008Live Powerball drawing at Lowe's Motor Speedway
June 7th, 2008Annual sales top $1B
June 30th, 2008Transfers to education $350 million meet legislative budget
August 1st, 2008First Ford F-150 Lariat awarded
August 5th, 2008$130M Blockbuster goes on sale-first win for life grand prize
August 4th, 2008NC Lottery drawing room completed and ready to handle entries for second chance drawings
September 8th, 2008Charlotte college student wins first $1M annuity with $130 M Blockbuster
October 21th, 2008First interim draw for $130M Blockbuster - win $50,000 a year for life conducted at NC Lottery drawing room
January 7th, 2009First draw with Powerball matrix changes, Florida as a new member, and minimum $20 million jackpot
February 25th, 2009DOND Drawing for 5 players to travel to Hollywood
February 26th, 2009Surpassed $3 billion in sales
March 31st, 2009Highest transfer to date - $114 million, bringing life-to-date transfers to over $1.032 billion
March 31st, 2009Win Before It Begins Harley giveaway at Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte
April 17th, 2009Carolina Pick 4 added to NC Lottery games
May 9th, 2009NC Lottery receives Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting for first time
June 20th, 2009Second Powerball jackpot winner sold in North Carolina - $88.1 million
June 23rd, 2009Partial 4th quarter transfer brings fiscal year to targeted goal of $385.5 million with 3 weeks to go in fiscal year
June 23rd, 2009Second Powerball jackpot winner comes forward - Jeff Wilson of Kings Mountain
July 1st, 2009Final FY09 transfer brings fiscal year total to $410,876,050 and life-to-date total to $1,136,246,030
July 14th, 2009World Series of Poker ticket launched; first ticket with chance to sit at the table for World Series of Poker; first online entry only draw
July 21st, 2009NC Lottery receives Certificate of Achievement for Excellence for Public Annual Financial Report for the first time; only state lottery in 2009 to receive the award
August 11th, 2009NC Lottery joins Twitter and begins tweeting for first time
August 12th, 2009$130 Million Blockbuster final draw; awarded grand prize of $50,000 a year for life to Darlene MacQuaide of Fayetteville
September 22th, 2009NC Lottery launches Facebook fan page
October 6thh, 2009First $20 ticket, $200 Million Cash Extravaganza, available for sale; odds 1:2.65
October 7th, 2009NC Lottery receives Public Gaming Research Institute’s Sharp Award for Good Causes for the greatest percentage increase in dollars to beneficiary programs of any state lottery
October 19th, 2009 First $3 million winner on $20 ticket, $200 Million Cash Extravaganza
October 20th, 20091000 Facebook fans
November 2nd, 2009NC Lottery Commission votes to join the Mega Millions game
November 29th, 20091000 followers on Twitter
December 1st, 2009First virtual game offered to enhance second chance drawing opportunity on Super Monopoly
January 26th, 2010The Price is Right instant scratch-off ticket launched; includes second chance drawing to travel to Las Vegas to play a non-broadcast The Price is Right game
January 31st, 2010NC Lottery begins selling MegaMillions tickets
February 8th, 2010Frank Griffin wins Powerball jackpot of $141 million
March 4th, 2010Price Is Right first second chance drawing for trip to Las Vegas
March 12th, 2010Facebook and Twitter reach 5,000 fans and followers
March 30th, 2010First Lottery to Go machine installed at the Realo in Kinston; this machine sells instant and online games
May 28th, 2010First MegaMillions jackpot winning ticket sold in Greensboro
June 28th, 2010Final FY10 transfer brings total for education to $419,463,272, exceeding the FY10 revised budget; life to date transfers to education equal $1,555,709,301.48
June 30th, 2010NC Lottery receives Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting for second time
July 2nd, 2010Tickets for third NC Lottery raffle, Cash Splash Millionaire Raffle, go on sale with top prize of $1 million after taxes
July 19th, 2010The NC Lottery transfers $419 million to the state Education Lottery Fund - the most ever in a single year - bringing the total amount to $1.556 billion. Achieved record year in sales of $1,421,313,102, up 9.9 percent from FY09 (based on uncertified results through June 30, 2010)
August 13th, 20102000 followers on Twitter
August 16th, 2010Tom Shaheen, the NC Lottery's executive director since startup, announces he is leaving his post. Alice Garland, deputy executive director for legislative and corporate communications, is named acting director
September 19th, 20106,000 fans “like” the NC Lottery on Facebook
October 26th, 2010The NC Lottery transfers $99.4 million to the State Education Lottery Fund, raising the total to $1.655 billion to education since startup
January 18th, 2011Alice Garland, who had served as Acting Executive Director since August 16, 2010, is named new Executive Director of the NC Lottery
February 4th, 2011Michael Stutts wins largest instant ticket prize in NC Lottery history ever awarded: $200,000 a year for life, $4 million guaranteed
February 9th, 2011Combined audience on Facebook & Twitter surpasses 10,000
February 24th, 2011The Player's Club launches.
February 27th, 2011Daily afternoon Pick 4 drawings and Sunday afternoon Pick 3 drawings launch
March 2011Best week of sales ever leads to best month of sales ever, driving best quarter of sales in NC Lottery history
March 28th, 2011WLOS-TV Asheville begins airing NC Lottery drawings on 11 p.m. newscasts
March 30th, 2011The NC Lottery celebrates five years of sales, prizes and returns to the state
June 27th, 2011Achieved $6.36 billion in total sales since inception
June 29th, 2011Earnings for the state exceed $2 billion with record transfer of $446.9 million
July 22nd, 20113000 followers on Twitter
August 18th, 2011NC Lottery receives Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting for third time
November 25th, 2011The World Lottery Association, an international organization representing 140 lotteries from 90 countries, awards the NC Lottery the Level 2 certification in its responsible gaming program.
January 26th, 2012NC Lottery transfers $111.6 million to the State Education Lottery Fund, raising the total to $2.2 billion to education since startup
March 30th, 2012NC Lottery posts records sales of Mega Millions tickets as the jackpot soars to $656 million
April 26th, 2012NC Lottery transfers $127 million to the State Education Lottery Fund, raising the total to $2.35 billion to education since startup
June 28th, 2012 Final FY12 transfers of $102.8 million bring the annual total transferred to education to $456.7 million. The cumulative total transferred to education is $2.45 billion since startup.
June 30th, 2012 Lottery concludes FY12 with annual sales of $1.59 billion, bringing the cumulative total to more than $7.9 billion since startup
July 25th, 2012 Lottery announces that 33 prizes of $1 million or more were awarded in FY12, with an estimated $953 million in total prizes paid during the year
August 28th, 2012 Four new games begin that offer players the chance to win as much as $5,000 a week for life. The guaranteed value of the prizes represent the largest ever offered on instant tickets at $1, $2, $5, and $10 per play
October 1st, 2012Lucke-Rewards goes live, allowing players to enter tickets online for points they can use to enter exclusive drawings for cash and other prizes.
October 25th, 2012Lottery transfers $121.1 million for education to the state, bringing life-to-date transfers to over $2.58 billion.
November 28th, 2012NC Lottery posts records sales of Powerball tickets as the jackpot soars to $587 million
January 28th, 2013Lottery transfers $117.4 million for education to the state, bringing life-to-date transfers to over $2.69 billion.
January 28th, 20134000 followers on Twitter
February 22nd, 2013Rusty Hunter wins top prize playing $4,000,000 Gold Bullion game. No NC Lottery player has ever won a larger guaranteed prize instantly.
March 3rd, 2013Homer Buffaloe wins $1,144,821 - the largest unsplit jackpot in the history of the game.
March 21nd, 201325,000 likes on Facebook
April 9th, 2013Emily Stone wins the Holiday Millions second-chance drawing for $3 million - the largest prize of its kind awarded in NC Lottery history.
April 25th, 2013Lottery transfers $120.6 million for education to the state, bringing life-to-date transfers to over $2.8 billion.
May 18th, 2013Powerball jackpot reaches a record $590.5 million.
June 26th, 2013The lottery surpasses $1 billion in fiscal year instant ticket sales for the first time.
June 27th, 2013FY13 transfers to education total $461.3 million. The cumulative total transferred to education is $2.92 billion since the lottery began.
June 30th, 2013Lottery concludes FY13 with annual sales of $1.69 billion, bringing the cumulative total to more than $9.6 billion since startup.
August 9th, 2013Dan Royal, who previously won $750,000 instantly, is introduced as a top prize winner in the $5,000 a Week for Life! game. His second stroke of luck, worth at least $5.2 million, makes him the biggest two-time lottery winner in NC Lottery history.
September 10th, 2013On the 2,721st day since the lottery began selling tickets on March 30, 2006, the NC Lottery reaches the $10 billion sales milestone.
October 19th, 2013New Mega Millions game begins with new number matrix, bigger starting jackpots, and bigger match five prizes.
October 24th, 2013Lottery transfers $153.8 million for education to the state – the largest quarterly transfer in its history – bringing life-to-date transfers to more than $3.07 billion.
November 22nd, 2013Everette Sloop Jr. becomes first player in the country to win $3 million playing the new Mega Millions game.
December 5th, 2013Web-based subscription service launches as part of the Lucke-Zone, allowing players to buy multi-draw tickets for Carolina Cash 5, Mega Millions and Powerball.
January 10th, 2014Pick 3 players haul in $3.4 million in prizes when the combination 8-8-8 appears in the evening drawing.
February 4th, 2014Green & Gold instant ticket first in North Carolina with "Back Scratch" feature that lets players try their luck on both sides of the ticket.
March 30th, 2014EZ match feature added to Carolina Cash 5. For an additional $1, players can win up to $500 instantly.
June 30th, 2014Lottery ends the fiscal year with $503.1 million in earnings for education.
July 10th, 2014$2 million Powerball winner says she'll fund scholarship at Shaw University.
September 7th, 2014Tickets for All or Nothing - North Carolina's first new draw game in four and a half years - go on sale.
September 16th, 2014NC Lottery becomes 5th lottery to achieve WLA Level 3 certification for Responsible Gaming.
October 7th, 2014In a first for the lottery industry, the NC Lottery launches Papa John's scratch-off game that offers the chance to win cash prizes and a free or discounted food item on every ticket.
November 26th, 2014Onslow County farm worker from Hubert becomes first player to win $250,000 top prize playing All or Nothing.
February 1st, 2015New 1-OFF play type begins for Pick 3 and Pick 4 players.
February 23rd, 2015Marie Holmes of Shallotte in Brunswick County claims $188 million jackpot to become North Carolina's fourth Powerball jackpot winner and the largest lottery winner in state history.
February 25th, 2015Winning instant tickets become eligible for Lucke-Rewards points.
March 3rd, 2015Lucke-Zone mobile app launches allowing players to scan their tickets for Lucke-Rewards points and second-chance entry.
April 7th, 2015New Trucks & Bucks game offers chances to win cash, new trucks.
April 16th, 2015$754,482 Cash 5 jackpot, largest of the year, split by lucky tickets sold in Charlotte and Winston-Salem.
June 28th, 2015FOX8 (WGHP-TV) becomes lottery's Triad draw station.
June 30th, 2015Lottery ends the fiscal year with $521.2 million in earnings for education.
July 15th, 2015James Lampi Jr., a contractor from Mint Hill, claims a $4 million prize. He did so after several weeks of driving around without realizing he had a winning $200 Million Blowout ticket in his truck.
August 18th, 2015Bill and April Richee of Winston-Salem claim their second Carolina Cash 5 jackpot in four years, winning $260,278 in the Aug. 8 drawing. In September 2011, they won half of a $234,832 jackpot for a share of $117,416.
September 1st, 2015North Carolina's first scented scratch-off ticket, BBQ Bucks, is introduced. It smells like smoky BBQ.
September 1st, 2015The state's first $30 ticket, Ultimate Millions, goes on sale with a total of 25 prizes from $1 million to $10 million.
September 21st, 2015Lexington couple wins largest scratch-off prize in state history. Dale and Robin Summey won the first $10 million prize in the Ultimate Millions game.
November 23rd, 2015Lottery moves Greensboro office to new location.
December 1st, 2015Six versions of new Lucky Dog scratch-off tickets go on sale featuring distinctive breeds – and the chance to win up to $30,000 instantly.
January 6th, 2016Lottery announced IGT has been awarded a new contract for gaming systems and Scientific Games has been awarded the instant ticket and related services contract.
January 13th, 2016Powerball ticket sales helped to set a new single-day record for lottery ticket sales in the state of $27.8 million, including $20.9 million from Powerball alone.
February 7th, 2016Tickets go on sale for Lucky for Life, the lottery's third multistate draw game. Unlike Powerball and Mega Millions that have jackpots that grow larger, the game features a unique set top prize of $1,000 a Day for Life.
February 15th, 2016Gina Short of Mecklenburg County wins $1 million in the first Ultimate Millions second-chance drawing. She said it means a fresh start as she continued her fight against breast cancer.
March 30th, 2016The lottery marks its 10th Anniversary with $4.2 billion for education earned in a decade.
May 4th, 2016Gina Short, who less than three months earlier won $1 million in a second-chance drawing, wins big again – this time winning the top prize of $250,000 playing All or Nothing.
May 15th, 2016A new version of Carolina Cash 5 begins, with an updated matrix and odds designed to create faster-growing, larger jackpots.
May 16th, 2016David Harris, a truck driver from Rocky Mount, becomes the second player to win North Carolina’s largest scratch-off prize of $10 million on an Ultimate Millions ticket.
May 17th, 2016The lottery announces partnership with Jeffrey Earnhardt for two races at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. The fourth-generation racer is the grandson of racing legend Dale Earnhardt and nephew of the iconic Dale Earnhardt Jr.
May 25th, 2016Ralph Havis, the long-time owner of the Beef Burger restaurant in Greensboro, has a third helping of good luck, adding $1 million to his twin wins of $150,000. He won all three prizes in the span of less than two years.
June 30th, 2016For a 10th year in a row, the lottery finishes the fiscal year with record sales and earnings, raising $634 million for education on sales of $2.38 billion. Players won $1 million or more 58 times in 12 months.
July 8th, 2016The Mega Millions jackpot reaches $536 million, the third-largest in the game’s history. A single ticket sold in Indiana won it all.
July 15th, 2016The National Council on Problem Gambling presents executive director Alice Garland with Don Hulen Award for Advocacy for her leadership expanding responsible gaming efforts across the United States, making her the first industry professional to earn the honor.
July 25th, 2016Players with winning tickets in the evening Pick 3 drawing collect $2.9 million when the combination 5-5-5 is drawn.
August 2nd, 2016On the heels of the Panthers reaching the Super Bowl, the state’s first Carolina Panthers lottery ticket goes on sale. It has a unique second-chance prize: 20 years of season tickets to Panthers home games, valued at more than $100,000.
August 9th, 2016The lottery announces the 10 winners of $20,000 in the Proud Moments contest. The prizes were awarded to families who shared stories about how education made a difference in their lives.
September 1st, 2016For the first time, a Carolina Cash 5 ticket purchased via online subscription wins a jackpot. The lucky player won $149,970.
September 28th, 2016David Winstead, a small businessman from Nashville, becomes the third winner of $10 million in the Ultimate Millions game.
September 29th, 2016The lottery introduces its new branding, including a modern update to its logo. The brand evolution coincides with a roll-out of upgraded technology in stores and online.
November 3rd, 2016Manalle Earnhardt, an emergency room nurse from Salisbury, becomes the first Lucky for Life player in North Carolina to win the game’s top prize of $1,000 a Day for Life.
December 6th, 2016The lottery’s second $30 instant game, Extreme Millions, goes on sale. It starts with four top prizes of $10 million and 22 instant prizes of $1 million. Four second-chance drawings will award $1 million prizes.
February 7th, 2017Longtime Panthers fan Pamela Jamison of Dallas, NC is presented with 20 years of season tickets to watch her favorite team play at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte. She won the prize by submitting a Panthers scratch-off ticket into the grand prize second-chance drawing in Lucke-Rewards.
March 26th, 2017Conversion to a new gaming system is completed after a year-long effort. Under the new contract, IGT provides the operating system and Scientific Games provides instant ticket and related services.
March 31st, 2017As the lottery celebrates its 11th birthday, monthly sales records are broken for Pick 3 at $30.4 million and instant games at $167 million.
May 2017 Lottery launches new slogan “Dream a little”
June 3rd, 2017 Single ticket sold in Hickory wins record $1.7 million Cash 5 jackpot
June 5th, 2017 Lottery headquarters in Raleigh moves from Yonkers Road to new location on Capital Boulevard.
June 9th, 2017 Family of 17 claims $1.7 million Cash 5 jackpot
June 30th, 2017 The lottery finishes the fiscal year with record sales, raising $622 million for education on sales of $2.42 billion. Players won $1 million or more 59 times.
July 11th, 2017 Lottery surprises Wilmington player, Jeff Gould, with a new Jeep after he became the first person to win the Jeep second-chance drawing.
August 10th, 2017 For the first time in history, the Mega Millions and Powerball jackpots hit over $300 million at the same time.
September 18th, 2017 Executive Director Alice Garland elected to the Lottery Industry Hall of Fame.
October 4th, 2017 Monte Hukill of High Point, a Marine veteran, becomes the first player to win $10 million in the Extreme Millions scratch-off game.
October 23rd, 2017 Executive Director Alice Garland named the first recipient of the Arch L. Gleason Industry Award for Responsible Gambling Leadership.
October 28th, 2017 Mega Millions makes game changes, raises starting jackpot to $40 million.
October 29th, 2017 Lottery launches new draw game called Carolina Keno
November 13th, 2017 Lottery launches new website and mobile app with ticket checker.
December 2017 Lottery launches first novelty sized Big Money scratch-off ticket with four games on one ticket.
Dec 10th, 2017 Wilmington Claim Center moves to new location on Cardinal Extension Drive
Dec 20th, 2017 Lottery achieves top certification for responsible gaming, becoming the youngest U.S. lottery to achieve Level 4 accreditation from the World Lottery Association.
January 15th, 2018 Fifty-two North Carolinians and their companions set sail on first Powerball Power Cruise in the Caribbean.
March 1st, 2018 Alex Jasinski of Bailey, a school bus driver, wins $25,000 For Life Lucky For Life prize using online play.
March 3rd, 2018 Lottery hits $20 billion in sales.
March 30th, 2018 Executive Director Alice Garland retires.
April 1st, 2018 M. Mark Michalko, who led the creation of the California Lottery, becomes the third director of the N.C. Education Lottery.
May 1st, 2018 Lottery launches second novelty sized scratch-off ticket, Crown Jewels. The ticket features four games and 44 chances to win.
June 28th, 2018 Patricia and Barry Forrest of Raleigh become first players to win $100,000 playing Carolina Keno.
June 30th, 2018 For the 12th year in a row, the lottery finishes the fiscal year with record sales, raising $670 million for education on sales of $2.6 billion. Players won $1 million or more 70 times.
Aug 7th, 2018 Lottery launches third $30 ticket, Colossal Cash. It starts with four top prizes of $10 million and 16 instant prizes of $1 million. Five second-chance drawings will award $1 million prizes.
Lottery teams up with the Carolina Panthers to launch a second Panther themed scratch-off ticket. The ticket has a top prize of $200,000 and a second-chance drawing with a prize of a luxury suite for all home games in the 2019 season.
September 2018 Lottery launches first suite of Back Scratch tickets. Each ticket features extra chances to win on the back.
October 2018 Lottery partners with Fast NC to help schools impacted by Hurricane Florence.
November 2018 Lottery doubles Cash 5 starting jackpot to $100,000 resulting in larger and faster growing jackpots.
December 2018 Lottery surprises Jasmine Maloy of Charlotte with a Panthers luxury suite for 12 for the 2019 season.
January 2019 Demetrius Underwood of Eastover wins first $10 million Colossal Cash prize.
February 2019 Lottery launches School Heroes campaign to recognize 10 heroes and their schools with $10,000.
April 2019 Lottery launches fourth $30 ticket. $300,000,000 Supreme Riches offers four top prizes of $10 million and six $1 million prizes.
Quads come up in Carolina Pick 4 drawing resulting in a $6.6 million win for lottery players.
May 2019 Vielka Roman of Autryville wins a $1.3 million Cash 5 jackpot on Mother's Day. The largest single win for a Cash 5 jackpot in North Carolina.
Wheel of Fortune co-host Vanna White serves as grand marshal at the NC Lottery 200 race.
June 2019 Charles W. Jackson Jr. of Hope Mills wins a $344.6 million Powerball jackpot. The largest lottery prize ever won in North Carolina.
Quads come up in Carolina Pick 4 drawing resulting in a $7.8 million win for lottery players, the most ever won in a single drawing in the game. For the 13th year in a row, the lottery finishes the fiscal year with record sales, raising $709.2 million for education on sales of $2.86 billion. Players won $1 million or more 66 times.
November 2019 Carolina Keno game expands statewide with drawings happening every four minutes.
December 2019 Lottery ticket sales cross a $25 billion milestone on Saturday, Dec. 14, averaging $7.8 million a day.
January 2020 A new program called Play Smart™, begins. The program makes the N.C. Education Lottery the first U.S. lottery to start an original player-focused, lottery-specific responsible gaming and prevention program centered on the education, encouragement and empowerment of lottery players.
June 2020 For the 14th year in a row, the lottery finishes the fiscal year with record sales, topping $3 billion in sales for the first time. From the sales, the lottery raises $729.8 million for education.
August 2020 The numbers 9-9-9-9 in the Aug. 24 evening Carolina Pick 4 drawing added up to a $9.2 million win for lottery players, the most ever won in a single drawing in the game.
September 2020 Fast Play gives North Carolinians a fun, new lottery game in which players can win a jackpot instantly. Fast Play is the first type of lottery game to offer a chance to win a rolling jackpot instantly while also giving players the chance to win cash prizes instantly too.
March 2021 The N.C. Education Lottery marks its 15th anniversary after raising $8 billion for education since its start. At the current level of sales, the lottery raises on average $2 million a day for education.
June 2021 The N.C. Education Lottery sets new records for sales and money raised for education in FY21, earning $936 million in profits from $3.8 billion in sales. With the new sales record, the lottery continued increasing its ticket sales every year of its operations, 15 years in a row.
July 2021 North Carolinians get a daily chance at winning a lifetime supply of cash as the Lucky for Life draw game begins holding daily drawings. The game is the only lottery game in North Carolina to feature a top prize of $1,000 A Day For Life and a second prize of $25,000 A Year For Life.
August 2021 The N.C. Education Lottery receives the World Lottery Association’s Level 4 recertification for its commitment to building the best practices in responsible gaming into all of its operations. Only a few lotteries worldwide have achieved Level 4 certification, the highest level possible under the association’s strict responsible gaming standards. The lottery has achieved this certification twice.
November 2021 The numbers 0-0-0-0 in the Nov. 13 afternoon’s Carolina Pick 4 drawing added up to a $10.3 million win for lottery players, setting a new record for the most ever won in a single drawing in the game.
April 2022 The N.C. Education Lottery crosses a big milestone in its mission to raise money for education in North Carolina, passing the $9 billion mark. The $9 billion milestone comes after the lottery celebrated its 16th anniversary on March 30th.
Powerball celebrates its 30th anniversary. North Carolina joined the Powerball game on May 30, 2006. Since then, the game raised more than $1.1 billion for education programs in the state.
June 2022 North Carolinians trying their luck on lottery games won the most prizes ever in fiscal year 2022, helping to raise $929.8 million for education programs. In fiscal year 2022, the lottery recorded $3.88 billion in ticket sales, continuing its record of increasing sales every and paid out a record amount in prizes, $2.54 billion.

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