Benefits Beyond Education

It's good to know that 100% of lottery profits benefit education. Did you know $.95 of every dollar spent on a lottery ticket comes back to the state? Whether it’s a prize big or small, a lift to local businesses or support for education, every ticket makes a difference for our state’s future.

Prizes Lead to Purchases

One positive economic impact is how winners use their prize money. Last year, players statewide won, on average, more than $6.9 million a day in prizes and players won prizes of $1 million or more 78 times. Those big winners tell us they plan to use their prize money to do things such as pay off their mortgage, make home improvements or buy a new home. They also share plans to make other purchases, save for the future and donate to causes they care about.

Driving Local Economies

Lottery ticket sales boost the bottom line for local businesses. Last year, more than 7,000 stores across the state sold tickets for our games. That earned them more than $267.9 million in commissions and incentives. Those profits can be used to pay or hire employees or make other improvements in the business.

Community Sponsorships

The lottery's mission is to offer fun and fair games to players and raise money to support education. We’re also part of the fun at sporting events, fairs and festivals across our great state. Check them out!

Stimulating the Statewide Economy

The lottery buys products and services from 500 North Carolina-based vendors.

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