Supporting Schools
Supporting Schools

Making a Difference Now for North Carolina’s Future

The lottery’s mission is to offer fun and fair games to players and raise money for a good cause. Every ticket – whether it wins a prize, gives a lift to a local business or benefits education – makes a difference.

Winning for Education

Discover how money raised by the lottery plays a positive role across North Carolina.

Driving Local Economies

Did you know $.95 of every dollar spent on a lottery ticket comes back to the state in the form of prizes, retail commissions and earnings for education?

Community Sponsorship & Events

Check out our many community, sport and collegiate sponsorships and events across the state.

Working Responsibly

We are consciously involved in our communities in a variety of ways. From volunteering to encouraging responsible play, the lottery is accountable to its many stakeholders.

Benefits in Every County

Ever wanted to know exactly how lottery funds make a difference where you live?

What Education Programs Get Lottery Funds?

Each year, elected officials decide how to best-use the extra money made available by the lottery.

How Much Money Goes to Education?

100% of the lottery’s profits benefit education in our state. Here’s a breakdown of the lottery’s earnings for education.

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