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Ten NC counties win big grants to build and improve schools

March 14, 2024 Posted by NC Lottery at 9:31 AM

A big congratulations goes out to Beaufort, Bertie, Burke, Columbus, Gates, Lenoir, Macon, Nash, Randolph, and Surry counties! These 10 counties will get the financial support they need to build and improve their schools.

Every single one of these grants came from money raised by the lottery.

Here’s how your play will benefit students in these counties:

Beaufort County Schools$42 million will combine Eastern Elementary with John Cotten Tayloe Elementary into a single pre-K through 3rd grade school

Bertie County Schools$15 million will add a Career and Technical Education (CTE) wing to Bertie High School

Burke County Public Schools$42 million to build a new school in the eastern end of the county

Columbus County Schools$52 million will consolidate K-8 classes at East Columbus Junior-Senior High, Acme Delco Elementary, and Hallsboro-Artesia Elementary into one campus. Both Acme Delco and Hallsboro-Artesia were originally built in the 1950s.

Gates County Public Schools$4.6 million for renovations to Buckland Elementary School and T.S. Cooper Elementary School

Lenoir County Public Schools$52 million to replace E.B. Frink Middle School

Macon County Public Schools$62 million for a new Franklin High School

Nash County Schools$40 million to build a new middle school on the southern end of the county

Randolph County (Asheboro City Schools) – $29.7 million to revitalize the 62-year-old South Asheboro Middle School

Surry County (Mount Airy City Schools) – $2.6 million to update a building at Mount Airy High School for its CTE program

In total, 55 counties across North Carolina have received grants just like these, since the start of the Needs-Based Public School Capital Fund grant in 2017. Thank you for supporting this great cause.


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3/24/2024 11:44 - Eric B.

I have spent over one hundred thousand dollars on lottery tickets.I’m from Durham County. What money’s have the lottery granted to Durham County?NC Lottery
Hi, Eric! Last fiscal year, Durham County received over $13.8 million in lottery funds! You can see a breakdown of funding here: https://nclottery.com/EducationCounty/Durham.

3/23/2024 07:57 - Eugene H.

More money and more schools will not solve the current problem in education. We need education to return to the basics of math, reading, writing, and science. "Feel good" education theory is failing our children. Vote for a better school system this November.

3/15/2024 01:43 - Richard D.

"They never reduce taxes. They increase the taxes". Not so Donald B. Under the last tax law that the legislature passed, the income tax rate remained at 4.99% for tax year 2022 and at 4.75% for tax year 2023. The income tax rate lowers from 4.6% to 4.5% in tax year 2024, from 4.5% to 4.25% in tax year 2025, from 4.25% to 3.99% in tax year 2026. From 4.99% to 3.99% is a 20% reduction in the NC State Income Tax rate.

3/14/2024 07:40 - Wayne H.

I agree...

3/14/2024 04:58 - Sharon S.


3/14/2024 03:15 - DONALD S.

I hope nobody is falling for this. What happens is this money used to be legislated through the budget. The legislature knows that the lottery is going to contribute so much money so they use that money for other things that are ridiculous. They never reduce taxes. They increase the taxes. This is ridiculous.

3/14/2024 03:10 - Dorina R.

Great job

3/14/2024 02:32 - Porfirio D.

I don't know how you guys came up with the amounts per counties, but That is a lot of money when added up and perhaps 40, 50 and 60 millions is a lot. unless there is a draft or something make it more even throughout. Make it a wider spread so more counties can also benefit from it. Sorry if I sound out of place just wanted to share my thoughts. ThanksNC Lottery
Hi, Porfirio! Due to increasing prices of construction, these new schools can cost between $80-$100 million, so these grants are essential for smaller, rural counties to help kickstart these much-needed projects. All 100 NC counties receive lottery funds, and there is a breakdown of funding on our site here: https://nclottery.com/Education. For school construction projects specifically, there are 3 different funds - one is the needs-based grants mentioned above, but there is also $100 million divided among counties based on the number of students, and an additional $500,000 is given to each county for repairs and renovations.

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