Columbus County

How NC Education Lottery Funds Benefit Columbus County

◂ Return to Education

Fiscal Year 2022 Total

That’s how much of the money raised by the lottery went to education programs in Columbus County last year. Elected officials in the state legislature decide how to best use the money provided to the state by the lottery each year.



Being ready to learn helps kids get the most out of school. The N.C. Pre-K program serves four-year-old children who are at risk of falling behind their peers as they prepare for kindergarten. Thanks to lottery funds, 138 children in Columbus County received a free, academic pre-school experience last year.

College Scholarships


Lottery funds help college students get learning that lasts a lifetime. Lottery funds provide scholarships based on financial need to help students cover the costs of attending a state university or community college in North Carolina. Last year, 140 scholarships went to Columbus County students scholarships.

Financial Aid


A second way that the lottery helps make college affordable is through the UNC Need-Based Grant Program. The money supports grants to help students cover the costs of attending a state university within the UNC system. Last year, 244 grants went to Columbus County students.

Non-Instructional Support


It takes a team to make schools work. Lottery funds helped support the operations of public and charter schools, including the costs of support staff such as office assistants, custodians and substitute teachers.

School Transportation


Just like students need a place to learn, they also need a safe way to get to school. Money raised by the lottery helps cover costs for school-provided transportation, like bus drivers’ salaries, fuel, and other related costs. Last year, Columbus County received over $110,695 to help cover the cost of school transportation.

School Construction


Supported school construction and repair and renovation projects. Every dollar raised by the lottery is one less that must come from other sources such as property taxes.

Needs-Based School Construction Grant Total

In 2017, legislators increased funding for school construction by creating a new needs-based grant program. This new program, funded almost entirely with money raised by the lottery, helps counties with critical building needs to build new schools. Columbus County has received $15,000,000 in state grants to help meet its school construction needs.

Columbus County Cumulative Total

$66,998,463 Summary of County Distributions FY2022
Each year, the Fiscal Research Division of the N.C. General Assembly reports how lottery funds were distributed to education programs in every county.

Education figures reflect totals from when the lottery began on March 30, 2006 through the end of Fiscal Year 2022 ending June 30th, 2022.

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