Seven years ago when Donald Hildebran of Connelly Springs won $200,000 with the lottery he celebrated with a beach trip. He’s off to the beach again after a second big win of $250,000.

Hildebran tried the new 20X The Cash game and won the first top prize. His win in June 2013 came in the $200,000 Extreme Cash game.

The retiree stopped at the Quality Mart on South Sterling Street in Morganton on Tuesday. He bought two tickets at first, then went back to buy two more. He says he won big on the fourth one.

“I thought I’d made my five bucks back,” Hildebran said. “But when I scanned the ticket it told me to go to lottery headquarters.”

He claimed his prize on Wednesday. After required state and federal tax withholdings, he took home $176,876.

Hildebran said he spent some of his first big win on a trip to the beach and will do the same with this big win.

“I’m going fishing,” he said. “I’m going to the beach!”

Hildebran wants to make that drive in a brand new Ford Explorer.

“It’s got more room,” he said. “For what you’ll need to take to the beach.”

The 20X The Cash game launched on Tuesday with six top prizes of $250,000. Five $250,000 prizes remain. All Multiply the Cash games can also be entered into second-chance drawings on the lottery’s website. Prizes include one $100,000 cash prize, eight $5,000 cash prizes, and 25 $500 cash prizes. The entry deadline for the first of four second-chance drawings is March 31 and the drawing is scheduled for April 8.

Ticket sales from scratch-off games make it possible for the lottery to raise more than $700 million a year for education. For details on how lottery funds have helped all of North Carolina’s 100 counties, click on the “Impact” section of the lottery’s website.