Roderick Pryor, a truck driver from Whitakers, said he is looking forward to no more house payments or new car payments after winning a $100,000 lottery prize.

Pryor bought his lucky $25 Spectacular Riches ticket at the Grab N Go on N.C. 48 in Battleboro while taking his wife home from a hair appointment. He said he had a hard time believing his good luck. He put the ticket away in a safe, he said, then got his glasses, and took it out to look it over again.

“It didn’t seem real,” Pryor said. “I said that I wasn’t going to believe it until I actually put the check in my hand.”

The check went into Pryor’s hand on Friday as he collected his prize at lottery headquarters in Raleigh. After the required federal and state withholdings, he took home $70,757.

“I’m going to pay my home off and I’m going to pay her car off,” Pryor said. “Those are two extra bills I won’t have to worry about.”

Pryor became the first person to win a $100,000 prize in the game. Spectacular Riches started this month with eight top prizes of $1 million and 20 $100,000 prizes. All of the $1 million prizes and 19 of the $100,000 prizes remain to be claimed.

Ticket sales from scratch-off games such as Spectacular Riches make it possible for the lottery to raise more than $900 million a year for education.

A $10 million grant, using money raised by the lottery, is helping Nash County build the new Red Oak Elementary School. For details on other ways Nash County benefits from lottery funds, visit and click on the “Impact” section.