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Scan your Lucke-Rewards codes with new Lucke-Zone mobile app

March 3, 2015 Posted by NC Lottery at 8:30 AM

Many of you have told us you’ve been waiting for this. Starting today you can download the Lucke-Zone mobile app for free from the App Store for Apple users and on Google Play for Android devices.

Once installed and logged in, you’ll have:

  • Full access to your Lucke-Zone account including Lucke-Rewards and subscription service.
  • The power to scan your lottery tickets directly into the Lucke-Rewards ticket entry page using your mobile device’s camera. That means no more entering the 25-digit code for each ticket!
  • Customizable winning number notifications for all your favorite draw games and customizable jackpot updates.
  • The option to make a subscription purchase over a cellular network connection.
  • A fun-to-use “number generator” you can use to create number combinations.
  • The ability to find a lottery retailer nearest your current location.

We hope mobile device users will enjoy the new app! Let us know if it improves your experience. For technical questions, please call 855-767-1863. For lottery game-related questions, you can always call customer service at 877-962-7529 between 8 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.


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4/04/2021 10:17 - yolanda c.

When i sign in to scan my lucky rewards tickets, it just brings me right back to the home page which is frustrating. I should've never bought these. How do i cancel my account. I think this may be a scamNC Lottery
Hi Yolanda, sorry for the technical difficulties. Please make sure your app is updated to the latest version, that is the most common reason the scanner isn't working correctly. If you continue to have scan issues you can contact our tech support team directly at Thanks!

2/20/2021 06:47 - Dawn F.

Horrible, sends me in circles when I try to get the app that I've had for years and now impossible to download.. NC Lottery
Hi Dawn, We apologize for the technical difficulties. Please call Online Play Customer Service at 866-934-0289. They are available to help 24/7. Hopefully they will be able to help resolve any issues. Thank you.

2/15/2021 09:11 - clark w.

Can't scan anything. Each time I click on scan, it sends me right back here NC Lottery
Hi Clark, please make sure you have updated our app to the latest version. This would require you to uninstall and re-download the app from our website for Android phones. If you are still experiencing issues after updating please contact our online support team at

1/23/2021 01:45 - Nicholas A.

1 your website is indeed sketchy/broken ...2 Everytime I trying to scan tickets Lucke rewards is unavailable after entering log in infoNC Lottery
Hi Nicholas, we apologize for the inconvenience. Please call Online Play Customer Service at 866-934-0289 and they should be able to help you resolve this problem. If necessary, they will refer you to the technical team for additional help. Thank you

1/22/2021 10:05 - stephen k.

Got the app for android input info updated samsung pass but when i go to use lucky rewards it sends me back to the homescreen everytime. It will not let me access the sight. I have been at this for an hour which is frustrating. It shouldnt be this hard.NC Lottery
Hi Stephen, we apologize for the inconvenience. If you could, please call Online Play Customer Service at 866-934-0289 and they should be able to help you resolve this problem.

1/20/2021 02:38 - Lesia C. this link doesn't work. your website is broken! Whoever is your webmaster needs to look into this broken link as well as the whole website.NC Lottery
Hi Lesia, thanks for the feedback. That link appears to be working from our end, could you elaborate on what isn't working for you? Did you make sure you were logged in first?

12/04/2020 01:11 - Elvis H.

I can't download the rewards app on my androifphoneNC Lottery
Hi Elvis, be sure to download the latest version of our Android app directly from our website here: If you are still having issues with getting the app please reach out to our online tech support team at

10/28/2020 10:45 - gloria c.

How do I change password on my account?NC Lottery
Hi Gloria, If you click on your username to view your Dashboard, there should be the option to view "Login & Security". Once you are on that page, you can change your password.

9/22/2020 03:30 - Walter D C.

I have not been able to enter my numbers on the tickets that I bought at the store, on my computer. Please tell me what to do. I do not have a scanner and I'm 90 yrs old. So please help me if you can. Walter D. Chard NC Lottery
Hi Walter, You can enter your tickets by visiting the Ticket Entry page here: Just enter the ticket number and entry code as requested on that page and hit "Submit"! It's as easy as that. If you are still running into issues, you can reach our online support team anytime at

9/17/2020 07:21 - Johnny H.

How do I scan my fast play ticketNC Lottery
Hi Johnny, You can scan your Fast Play ticket just like you would scan any other lottery game - just hold the barcode in front of your phone to scan it. Make sure you are scanning in a well lit area and are not moving the ticket around too much. You can also scan it at the ticket checkers located at all lottery retailers.

9/07/2020 07:59 - April D.

How can I scan my ticket?

7/22/2020 02:49 - Reginald M.

Dammit I uninstalled the app now I can't scanNC Lottery
Hi Reginald, please make sure you are downloading the latest android app from our website. Our app is not on the Google Play store. You can find instructions right here:

7/05/2020 02:56 - Michael R.

If you have a lottery app that actually has the scanner DO NOT UNINSTALL INSTALL to download the new one.....They claim it has the scanner but it does not have it and you'll have to e get all the numbers because it does not have the scanner.NC Lottery
Hi Michael, we assure you, the updated app does have the scanner function. If you are on an Apple device all you have to do is update the app. If you are on an Android device, you will need to delete the app and reinstall from the page on our site. You cannot download our app from the Google Play store. Instructions on installing the app on an Android device are right here:

6/29/2020 01:32 - Edward S.

I want to enter luck rewards code. What page is it on? I don't have The app. I will enter it manuallyNC Lottery
Hi there Edward, You can manually enter your tickets on the Ticket Entry page. That page is located under the "Lucke-Rewards" section at the top of the website.

6/25/2020 05:36 - foy l.

The app will not work for a iPhone. Won’t even try to, any clue whyNC Lottery
Hi Foy, We're not aware of any widespread issues with the iOS app at the moment. What specifically happens when you try to work the app? Our first suggestion is to delete it and reinstall the most up-to-date version from If this continues, you can get more technical assistance from our online support team at

6/24/2020 11:17 - Marlon B.

Like rewards will not load, keep going back to home screenNC Lottery
Sorry about that, Marlon! Please try clearing your browser cache and then restarting. If that doesn't resolve it, our next suggestion is to try using a different browser. If this continues to happen, our online support team is here to help you at

6/20/2020 01:10 - Bradshaw S.

I love it try to win a Dollar

6/02/2020 08:48 - Nathan M.

App on my android phone said sign in failed. Aslo cannot deposite funds online on my computer. App on my phone isn't working period.NC Lottery
Hey Nathan, Sorry about that! Please try deleting and reinstalling the app on your device. If that doesn't resolve this, our support team is here to help at

5/31/2020 07:05 - John M.

Android phone says there is no such app try again and when l try again it repeats the same thing.NC Lottery
Hi John, We have an Android app that is available for download directly from our website. The app is not available from the Google Play store because Google currently does not permit apps that offer in-app lottery gaming. Here's a link to where you can download the app directly:

5/31/2020 06:47 - John M.

Can't seem to download new app on Google play.

5/14/2020 08:04 - Daryl J.

1330 0n pick four, please this week 05/15/20 thank you Daryl

5/09/2020 05:36 - Frank D.

I doI downloaded the new app. Cannot find the NC lottery logo to Scan my play cards.NC Lottery
Hey there, On the new app, the ticket scanner button actually is a light blue circle with a barcode icon on it. Just find that and you'll be able to scan your tickets. Good luck!

4/11/2020 01:31 - Kathy S.

I have an android phone and cannot find the app to download to scan to my phoneNC Lottery
Hey Kathy, You can download the app directly from our website at

3/27/2020 11:46 - Crawford B.

I have fun doing this but I would love to win once and a while . It's a lot of work putting in all these numbers

3/23/2020 12:45 - Darlene J.

Why can I not scan my ticket NC Lottery
Hi Darlene, Our first suggestion is t double check that you are using the most up-to-date version of the app. Is there a specific error message you receive when you try to scan them?

2/23/2020 02:51 - KATHLEEN F.

Why can't I scan the lucke-rewards ententry code?NC Lottery
Hey Kathleen, We want to help, but we need a little more info on what's happening. Are you receiving an error message when you try to scan tickets?

1/30/2020 09:59 - KATHLEEN F.

I don't know what I am doing.NC Lottery
Let us know if there is anything we can do to help!

12/17/2019 12:21 - Katie B.

When you download the app, ask screens on it are BLANK. Reviews dating back to over a year ago, say the same thing for the app to scan your tickets. Why hasn't anything been done about this by now???NC Lottery
Hey Katie, Please double check that you are using the most current version of our app. You can download it here:

12/03/2019 11:47 - Donell S.

Can not scan ticketsNC Lottery
Hi Donell, Sorry about that. The most frequent reason folks have trouble scanning their tickets is because they are using an older version of the app. Please delete and reinstall the app and see if that resolves the issue. If it continues, please reach out to our support team at

11/21/2019 11:01 - Allen C.

Your web page is not working. Can you fix this as soon as possible?NC Lottery
Hi Allen, We want to help, but we need a little more info. What specific issues are you having with the website?

11/21/2019 11:43 - Rick B.

I cannot log out ---- there is no log out option....NOT pleased with this "update"... NC Lottery
Hi there Rick, You can log out by clicking on your username in the upper right corner and choosing "Sign Out" at the bottom of that menu. If you aren't seeing that option, try hitting CTRL and - on your keyboard to zoom out.

11/20/2019 11:13 - Christy M.

Bring back old app or fix this one, it never works! Can't scan tickets for rewards.

11/11/2019 03:10 - Donald G.

Won't scan.only numbers can be done NC Lottery
Hi Donald, our team is aware of this issue and we are working to resolve it. For the time being, we are asking players to please hold on to their tickets until the problem has been resolved. I want to sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.

11/06/2019 07:10 - Chick B.

Trouble finding site to enter second chance drawingsNC Lottery
Hi Chick! Depending on what device you are using, how you enter second-chance drawings will differ. On a mobile device, just log into the app and hit the circular blue button to open up the ticket scanner. Toggle over to Lucke-Rewards and scan your ticket. You will automatically receive your second-chance entries when you collect points. If you're on a computer, you can visit the Ticket Entry page and manually enter your tickets for points. Again, when you do that, you will automatically receive any second-chance entries. Good luck!

11/05/2019 02:25 - carol d.

having trouble with the site keeps loading that's all cant do anything or log outNC Lottery
Hi Carol, Sorry about that! Please try clearing your cache and then restarting your browser. Then you should be able to get the site to load. You can log out of the website by clicking your username in the upper right and then selecting "Sign Out" at the bottom of that menu. If you click on your username and aren't seeing the option to log out, please hit CTRL and - on your keyboard, as your screen is probably too zoomed in to see the option. Hope this helps!

11/04/2019 08:24 - Judith D.

I am really having a difficult time being able to scan in tickets for second Chance drawings through lucke rewards. How can you offer this so it is easier?NC Lottery
Hi there Judith, We want to help, but we need a little more information about what kind of trouble you are having. Is there a specific error you are receiving when you try to scan your tickets? Thanks.

11/01/2019 07:44 - Thomas H.

No comment

10/30/2019 08:27 - Kevin S.

Where is the page to enter Lucke-Rewards Entry Code? NC Lottery
Hi there, Kevin. Are you using the mobile app or going through a browser? If going through the app, please go to the hamburger menu to the left (the icon with the three lines) and select, "manual ticket entry" if you are not going to scan it and “ticket checker” if you want to scan the ticket and not enter numbers manually. As for the browser, select your username at the upper right and it opens up a drop down menu. Please select, “ticket entry.” Hope this helps!

10/30/2019 02:22 - belinda a.

having a lot of difficulty getting to ticket entry page. once I got to page to enter draw tickets, wouldn't accept tickets, saying invalid entry. help.....NC Lottery
Hi Belinda, Our team is looking into into the issue with invalid tikcets. If possible, could you please email a photo of the ticket to Thank you.

10/28/2019 06:39 - Graciela S.

Can’t find the way to scan tickets.I like the old ap better

6/28/2019 10:08 - Gloria P.

Can't find the app to scan my tickets NC Lottery
Hey Gloria, depending on which type of smart phone you have, you will either need to go to the App store (if you're an iPhone user) or Google Play (if you're an Android user). You're looking for the official NCEL mobile app with the NCEL logo. Please feel free to give our online support team a call if you still cannot locate it. Their number is 1-855-767-1863.

6/24/2019 05:47 - Kim G.

Won't let me do a thingNC Lottery
Hi Kim, We're sorry you're having trouble! Please give our online support team a call so that they can help solve this. Their number is 1-855-767-1863.

5/26/2019 02:48 - Audrey R.

Not user friendly NC Lottery
Hi Audrey, we want to help, but we need a little more information. Can you let us know how our mobile app is not user friendly?

3/28/2019 01:59 - Shannon C.

Can my numbers be used for past drawings cause I hit for numbersNC Lottery
Hi Shannon! We want to help get you an answer for this, but we need a little more information. Which numbers and games are you referring to?

3/11/2019 09:45 - Jannie C.

Can't open scan appNC Lottery
Hey there Jannie, Please give our online support team a call at 1-855-767-1863 so that they can help figure out what's going on.

1/22/2019 01:05 - Candice H.

There isno view finder only my entire camera screen and it doesn't scan no matter the

1/22/2019 12:58 - Candice H.

The app will not scan any of my tickets. Ive looked all over for a manual entry page but cant find it. Each page im referred to only has scam as an option. Ove tried uninstalling reinstalling bit still same...any advice?NC Lottery
Sorry to hear you are having trouble, Candice. If you click the "Collect" icon in the app, you will see three tabs. One is to scan while the other two tabs are for Draw Game manual entry and scratch-off manual entry. There you can enter the barcode number to collect the points. Please give our online support team a call at 1-855-767-1863 if you are still running into trouble.

12/02/2018 08:15 - Eloise T.

How do I put ] in on my entry code? NC Lottery
You can easily scan with the lottery's smartphone app. Here's how you enter manually. Please refer to the diagrams under the Find Ticket Entry Code section on the Ticket Entry page to be sure you are entering the correct numbers. For each scratch-off ticket, enter the Ticket Number, which is the 12-digit number on the back of the ticket above the barcode in the form XXX-XXXXXX-XXX. Then enter the Entry Number, which is the 12-digit number on the front of the ticket located in the scratch off area in the form XXXXXXXX-XXXX. Be sure to scratch the ticket completely to find the full Entry Number. For draw game tickets (like Powerball®), the Lucke-Rewards Entry Code contains 25 letters and numbers separated by dashes (XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX) and is located on the front of the ticket.

10/24/2018 08:15 - Trudy J.

I'm trying to enter my entry code and I can't recognize one of the numbers/letters. It looks like a bracket. I interact with computer, not cell phone.NC Lottery
Hi Trudy, Unfortunately, blog moderators aren't sure what you're seeing. Please give our Customer Services team a call at 1-877-962-7529 so that they can get a better understanding of what's going on. Thank you.

10/20/2018 01:52 - Ella R.

Nothing comes up 4 me to scan have down loded app NC Lottery
Thanks, Ella,for trying the app. If you want to scan your ticket to see if it is a winner, click on the CHECK icon in the top left hand corner of the screen below the Home button. If you want to scan tickets to get points for your Lucke-Rewards account, click on the COLLECT icon.

9/04/2018 10:14 - marshall l.

Can't scan tickets. Downloaded new version onto android 7.1. App or shortcut doesn't come up or scanner doesn't come upNC Lottery
Hey Marshall, We're sorry you're having trouble! Please give our online support team a call so that they can help solve this. Their number is 1-855-767-1863.

8/15/2018 09:31 - Donnie D.

I still can't scan any ticket. Or download theapp.NC Lottery
Hi Donnie, what kind of phone and OS do you have? If you have an Android phone you can download the app directly from our website here with instructions on how to set it up:

6/13/2018 06:19 - john s.

Online cant help they said they didnt see any problems.i can input manually.and All else is ok ..just no scan now??NC Lottery
Hey John, We're sorry you weren't able to find a solution yet! Do you know if your phone is up to date on the software? The app features like ticket scanning will function best on an updated device. Also, double check that you are scanning the correct barcode. It will be the barcode in the lower left corner on the back of your ticket. Please also make sure you only have one barcode in view. We recommend players fold their ticket so only one barcode is picked up by the camera.

6/13/2018 01:42 - john s.

Mine is blank also. When i do get in the Scan Now does not Appear .i cannot get it to scan .manual is ok..NC Lottery
Hey John, We're sorry you're having trouble! Please give our online support team a call at 1-855-767-1863 and they can help troubleshoot the issue you are having. Thanks!

6/13/2018 07:04 - ginger n.

Think I have a problem: When I try to open the app it is a blank screen- thanksNC Lottery
Hey Ginger, Are you on an iPhone or Android device? Many players have found that deleting and then re-installing the app has solved this issue for them. Please try that first and then comment again if you are still having trouble. Thanks!

6/10/2018 04:26 - Mary S.

I've recently purchased a MotoZ Android phone and tried installing the NCLottery official app but can't find in my settings to turn off unsecured app permissions NC Lottery
Hi Mary, We're sorry you're having trouble! If you give our online support team a call at 1-855-767-1863, they can help troubleshoot to hopefully get the app working for you.

5/22/2018 10:12 - bryan s.

I can’t find a way to scan my tickets because when I click on my app it disappears as though site shut down NC Lottery
Hi Bryan, please try deleting and re-installing the app. That should fix the issue. If you are still having technical issues please call our tech support line at 1-855-767-1863

3/26/2018 08:48 - Doris H.

I try put my reward point and dont take my number. NC Lottery
Hi there, Doris. Make sure you are entering the correct barcode number. Check out the FAQ page here:

1/12/2018 10:49 - willie l.

Ticket checker not working in lucke rewards NC Lottery
Willie- Thanks for letting us know that the checker is giving your problems. When you scan your tickets, make sure only one barcode is showing in the view finder of your phone. If you're still having issues call 1-855-767-1863 and someone should be able to help you.

1/08/2018 01:04 - Rumor Y.

How do I determine if my entry codes have zeros 0 or the letter O? Thank you NC Lottery
For this reason, bar codes do not contain the letter, "O."

1/07/2018 03:16 - Lorene M.

Register big money tickets 027,028,029 the. Code. To register on lucke rewards. 2nd Chance drawings. Please enter thank u. L Murphy NC Lottery
Hi there, Lorene. Please do not share ticket bar code info on a public site, as someone could enter your tickets! If you are having trouble entering tickets, please contact our customer service, Monday-Friday from 8:00 am - 5:30 p.m. at 1-877-962-7529

12/24/2017 09:29 - Louis A.

Been trying for a while now to download this app.Still want load.Have called for help several times. Absolutely no help from your employees. Rediclous! NC Lottery
Hi there, Louis. We hate that you're having trouble with the mobile app. Did you call the correct number for technical support at 1-855-767-1863? If you did and are still having issues, blog moderators want to try to help you figure out what is going on. Please email and try to explain what is going on. Our offices are currently closed, but will reopen on Thursday. We can try to get you connected with the right people then. Thanks for reaching out to us!

9/22/2017 04:02 - debbie t.

I'm unable to scan my tickets for second today. I scanned some yesterday when I set up my account, any suggestions?NC Lottery
If you have a scratch-off ticket, check your ticket to confirm that it is an eligible game. Next, confirm that you are entering the correct digits from your ticket. Refer to the Find Ticket Entry Code section on the Ticket Entry page for diagrams of where to find the Entry and Ticket numbers. Then, check that all the scratch-off covering has been removed from around the Entry Number and is not causing a "0" to look like an "8," for example. If you still cannot enter the ticket, please visit the Help page and fill out a Help form. Be sure to include all the ticket number information.

9/04/2017 06:50 - Terry M.

Great app and I'm enjoying the subscription service, number generator, and points system. I do have a few app requests that will making using the app a lot easier. I like to be able to save my login for Luky-e-zone app and manage it through settings, so it will stay logged in longer. If thats not possible, then at least add the save username option. I also have trouble finding my subscription purchased numbers. It should be on the main page after logging in, or a link on the main page to view my active games and numbers. 'm new to the app and still trying to find where everything is located, so I may be missing a way to view my numbers easily. Great job on the app and a lot of fun so far. Thank You NC Lottery
Hi there, T-Mac. We are working on releasing a new app right now! We will keep you updated right here on the blog when we have a date.

4/16/2017 07:10 - latoya b.

Great ideal

3/31/2015 02:30 - Robert C.

Can't thank you guys enough!!!

3/26/2015 01:41 - John W.

In response to another comment about the app's security, NCEL stated that the app doesn't have access to my personal information. That doesn't appear to be the case based on the Android permissions required (identity, contacts, location, SMS, photos, camera, microphone). Texting, photo folders, camera I can understand based on what the app does. But why the rest? It seems overly broad for what the app should need and contrary to your prior response.

3/26/2015 01:22 - Monte W.

How long is 2 business days to NCEL. I filed a form about not being able to get the app to work on 3/19, got a reply on 3/20 saying I should get a response in 2 business days. Well it is now the 26th. This is the fourth business day at least.NC Lottery
Two business days should mean two weekdays after you submitted the form. We are sorry for the delay. Can you please call our customer service to tell them about the delay problem? 877-962-7529

3/24/2015 08:32 - Victoria W.

Hey lucke-zone with app, do you have to hit scan a ticket then scan your bar code. It is working perfect, but I have to keep pressing the back arrow because the screen go black with red lines and then I have to press the back key and scan my ticket every time.NC Lottery
Sorry to hear you're having that issue. Would you please click the "HELP" link at the top of the screen and submit an Online Support form so that the technical service people are aware?

3/19/2015 11:11 - NC Lottery

^^ The lottery LOVES having players win prizes on lucky tickets! We want folks to play instant games for fun, for the experience of finding out if they win a prize or not. Unclaimed prize money, by the way, is split into two parts: Half goes to education, and half goes back into the prize pool for future games.

3/18/2015 02:13 - KYM B.

I would think that you would be able to create an app to scan tickets to see if you have a winner. (since you have them in some stores) It doesn't have to be a part of Lucke-Zone. But, then again you would lose the revenue from unclaimed tickets. Not good for your business. Bottom line it is up to the player to check the ticket good. We all throw away winning tickets from time to time as evidenced by the number of tickets we found before you changed the system to accept winning tickets. Someone in the office saw that more revenue for unclaimed tickets could be generated by the change. Business is business!

3/17/2015 02:00 - NC Lottery

For anyone having technical issues with the app, please click the HELP link at the top of the Lucke-Zone and fill out an ONLINE SUPPORT form. Please let us know if you are able to get the assistance you need that way :-)

3/17/2015 05:05 - Marcus H.

It wont work on my phone it wont scan i called the Help number they told me its my phone just enter them manually And i have a android phone so i decided to download A barcode scanning app to check if my phone is messed Up and the app worked fine im not the only 1 with this issue of Tickets not scanning with the app so i need a list of Actual phones that work with the app or could u post a video Showing it working with various phones Update the app or something plz its ok for an new app to Have problems so bug fixes will needed

3/16/2015 12:10 - carol a.

I also have a problem with the new way to scan in winning numbers, I depended on the old way as my husband and I with bad eyesight often missed winning scratch offs. please go back to this for your elderly players. As with many of us we don't have even dumb phones let alone smart phones. Why is everyone in such a hurry to scan in numbers, This is supposed to be for fun, I enjoy playing and don't get upset if I don't win, just have fun. Thanks for letting me have my say, and good luck to everyone.

3/15/2015 05:59 - angela t.

Do we have an app to use for Windows phone users NC Lottery
Not at the moment, but we'll certainly report if and when a Windows app is released.

3/13/2015 10:30 - James S.

I recently posted a comment complaining about the system accepting winning tickets. I would like to say that, although I would still like to have this feature back, I would like to commend the lucky zone staff/ ncel for listening and delivering! AWSOME lz app! Ticket scanning so much simpler. I now just double check my tickets at my local retailer after registering 75! Thanks guys! This app is great!

3/13/2015 02:55 - Betty R.

does this work with any phone with a camera ? if not, could you list the phones that will work. I don't own a phone with a camera now. thanks.NC Lottery
You need an Apple or Android-powered smartphone or tablet to use the app.

3/12/2015 12:24 - Teresa J.

Why don't you have the lucke zone scan app for goggle?NC Lottery
If you have an android-powered device, you can download the app for free at the Google Play store:[/url]

3/12/2015 05:30 - Chester W.

Love it but needs tweaking! Need to have a warning feature if a ticket is a winner and hasn't been cashed yet. Or print the games more user friendly; like winning tickets would have a color number matching your number/s. unless it is a game with symbols where you know you win by seeing the symbol/image instantly. Please pass along to admin.

3/11/2015 07:33 - Tomeka W.

Hello, I love the new scan method, I have not had any issues with scanning my tickets. But I do have a question, if a winner is selected, how do Lucke-zone get in contact with you to let you know that you are a winner?NC Lottery
Popular question! Notification is first done via e-mail within 48 hours of a drawing; then telephone and certified mail, if necessary :)

3/11/2015 02:03 - Andy W.

why dont you have something to let us know when your tickets you enter are a winner like you had before It said not correct numberNC Lottery
We have heard from many players that they were using the system not just to enter tickets but also to catch winning instant tickets. The system was never designed to do that, so now that all tickets are eligible for Lucke-Rewards points, the system does not stop you from entering any eligible tickets.

3/10/2015 03:39 - Shelia S.

I am a little perplexed that after 2 months of manually and painfully entering tickets; I didn't win anything. 3541 entries for one drawing, 918 for another. Well going forward with this lovely scan feature; I will not feel my time spent was in vain. Good luck everyone!

3/10/2015 11:31 - matthew b.

I read a response to a comment where a lucke zone employee said that the app and website aren't designed to show winning tickets, but that's exactly what it did before the update where ALL tickets were accepted. This is frustrating. Adding all of my listing tickets that I've purchased to a drawing is great and all, but I'm sure the majority of us used it to verify that we weren't throwing away winners. If it weren't for that, I would have thrown away multiple winning tickets.

3/10/2015 06:10 - Chester W.

how much can you win on the second chances? there shouldn't be a limit. Thx!!NC Lottery
There is no limit to the number of drawings you can enter or win. The only limit is one prize per player per drawing.

3/10/2015 05:55 - phil k.

Y'all are in trouble! Woke up looking for tickets to scan! Lol! ????

3/08/2015 07:55 - John W.

LOVE the idea of the app, but HATE the permissions required for Android version. Permissions need to seriously be reviewed - why would you need access to my location and contacts? Either very poorly explained or sloppy development...

3/08/2015 02:39 - Tiffany A. S.

BEST idea EVER!! Thank-you!!! Have saved me hours every week!!

3/08/2015 02:08 - Melissa M.

I was so excited to hear this, but after trying to download the app on my Android phone and tablet I was told that the app was not compatible with either of my devices. What a heartache! I am not sure why it's not compatible. I have relatively new devices. So if NCEL could expand their app format to accommodate more devices that would be wonderful. I have been waiting for something like this to come around since Lucke-Zone was created. Oh well. I guess I will keep entering the terribly long codes~

3/08/2015 08:41 - LilliAyn A.

This app is awesome. I can enter my tickets so much faster. Now, I just need to win a drawing.

3/07/2015 03:04 - Charles T.

Thank You, I love the scanning. I know you are looking at something about the identifying the winning ticket by scanning. You listen to us complaining about scanning and NCLE step up and gave us scanning. Again thanks for all you do.!!!!!!

3/07/2015 10:17 - David L.

I absolutely LOVE it. This is what I was suggesting in a previous post, I won't take credit as I am sure Lucky Rewards was already working on this. Again I Love it. No more spending a half hour entering tickets by laptop. Now they should change the max entry to 100 a day.

3/07/2015 06:16 - Chester W.

we are moving along lightning speed; now we need to increase the 75 ticket limit to 300. Thanks.

3/07/2015 05:17 - Chester W.

Now we need some HUGE SECOND PRIZES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3/06/2015 11:15 - Beverly C.

GA has the countertop scanners and they are fantastic. The cashier isn't bogged down with checking tickets and you have total control over your entry. Great to see NC get an App...can't wait for store scanners!! NC Lottery
Rankin13. We have scanners at stores too. About 4,000 deployed across state. If you can't find a store with a scanner near you, call our Customer Service folks and they will help. (877) 962-7529.

3/06/2015 11:15 - ADELAIDA S.

Thank you, I got help and it is working fine now...God bless the technician who helped me through the process...

3/06/2015 09:15 - Joann W.

Love this App.

3/06/2015 01:26 - Shelia S.

I love the new app. It is so much more efficient than keying in long numbers. I just hope I win something. Good luck everyone!!

3/06/2015 11:27 - mary s.

OMG! I'm in love, I'm in love with the scan it app!

3/06/2015 10:53 - Penny K.

I love this app....but not all will scan in. Just some of them...the ones hat will not scan,they will type in. What amI doing wrong? NC Lottery
Not sure. Perhaps you have older tickets. The best place to get assistance is by clicking on the HELP link at the top of the Lucke-Zone, and filling out an Online Support form.

3/06/2015 10:45 - Sherri G.

It's great to get points for winning tickets, but there should be a message to tell you if a ticket is a winner. I feel like it is taking advantage of the public otherwise. I previously entered my tickets just to confirm they aren't winners and about 5% of the time I have discovered a winner that I thought was a loser by doing so. I know I'm not alone.

3/06/2015 10:30 - jason r.

Been more winners in lucky zone from SC than in my county...why? NC Lottery
Folks from South Carolina can buy lottery tickets in NC and vice versa. North Carolinians win lottery prizes in SC, VA., and Tenn. Just a matter of luck.

3/06/2015 09:47 - wonald w.


3/06/2015 09:32 - Reneta M.

Computer for me, I don't own a cell phone. Would be nice to have one and use this app.

3/06/2015 08:50 - Ryan P.

So much more efficient than typing in the codes. Thanks for the app and yes like a lot are saying, it would be even better if it told if you are a winner and for how much. Thanks again!

3/06/2015 07:35 - Wanda R.

I am having a hard time with the scanner scanning. Any tips?

3/06/2015 05:15 - Chester W.

love the app; works super! We now need an app to check if ticket is a winner as I find numerous winners after rechecking tickets multiple times, which I thought were losers.

3/06/2015 01:05 - sherry d.

I absolutely love it!!!! Will it scan the older tickets? Or tickets purchased after Feb.2015? NC Lottery
For instant tickets, the apps should scan those any as long as the claim deadline for the game has not passed. For draw tickets, the app will scan any ticket printed since Feb. 1.

3/05/2015 10:44 - John W.

Works great! Thank you so much for giving us this app.

3/05/2015 09:23 - Desiree J.

i can not scan my tickets on my android, should i call tech support or do you suggest anything different? can i hold the phone anyway to get the barcode in the view finder. i have hundreds of tickets to scan and i refuse to enter them manually NC Lottery
@ EVERYONE - If you are having technical issues with the app, the best place to get assistance is by clicking on the HELP link at the top of the Lucke-Zone, and filling out an Online Support form.

3/05/2015 09:07 - Candace R.

This is my most favorite thing. I have stacks of unentered tickets because it took too long. This is great.

3/05/2015 08:45 - Robin F.

This is GREAT!! Worked the first time I used it. Love it..Thanks!!

3/05/2015 07:26 - Dan H.

PLEASE add a winning ticket notification - this app is great thank you

3/05/2015 01:51 - reggie c.

To ncel.with all the new technology in the world today you guys really know how to stay on top of things.i am a truck driver from nc and travel all over the United many of the players it took me a long time to type in all the tickets I guys have truly out done yourselves this time.AAA+++ for you guys.i don't get to play like I want too because I am gone alot.but you can rest assure that when I roll in to our terminal in Conover nc I drop my trailer and away I go to make up for lost time.i had a dream one time that I hit the big one on the jumbo bucks.and boy when I do hit the big one I am going to help and share all I is so so much rewarding to help others.just wanted to thank you guys for all you do to make the ncel so much my little friend tells me all the time.WIN WIN WIN:):):)

3/05/2015 10:52 - NC Lottery

@ EVERYONE - If you are having technical issues with the app, the best place to get assistance is by clicking on the HELP link at the top of the Lucke-Zone, and filling out an Online Support form.

3/05/2015 09:32 - Jonathon H.

Love the new app, But Moore County hasn't had any Lottery winners in a Longggggggg time.. Will we every get lucky again, we already pay highest gas tax lol.. I love the NC LotteryNC Lottery
We love you too. One of our $250,000 All or Nothing winners is from Aberdeen:

3/05/2015 08:39 - Judy H.

Scanner worked great yesterday but won't work today?

3/05/2015 02:48 - Candra M.

I love it!!!! The only thing is it won't scan older tickets, can this be fix?

3/05/2015 12:32 - Charles F.

Why didn't you answer question concerning privacy policy? Is there a policy for this app?NC Lottery
Hey we just wanted to talk to the right people in the building to confirm the answer to your question before we responded. You can see upscreen where we answered :-)

3/05/2015 12:28 - Jeff F.

A funny thing happen to me, As i was scanning tickets at a store to make "sure" I did not trash a winning ticket into the can, & yes I did find 2 $10.oo tickets. And i was scanning the scanner locked up on my side! And also for the store. It said it had met it's "Maximum Volume" for the day! Whoops! How was I where to know this would happen? Oh well, Gotta Luv It!

3/04/2015 11:45 - Jennie P.

I absolutely LOVE this app! It's made my life easier and it's saving me lots of time! Completely disagree that we should get unlimited entries. It's hard enough to win already (I really don't think store owners and their immediate families should be allowed to play on LZ). 75 tickets a day is plenty!

3/04/2015 10:58 - ADELAIDA S.

how will I be able to remove the so called you are permenantly locked out, so I can again start inputting my tickets...I do not have any smart/android phone yet, I am old woman and most of the time my S becomes 5 and my fingers slip up and down in the numerical portion of the key board...please help me reinstate my ability to input again....please....I beg you guys....I am not trying to defraud the NCEl, just trying to win some money for my forthcoming retirement...thank you so much and God bless you all at the Security and Technical Support Depts....NC Lottery
Sorry to hear you have been having trouble. Please call our customer service to explain the situation and maybe they can refer you to someone to discuss your status: 877-962-7529

3/04/2015 10:06 - neil w.

This is awesome. I don't know Who came up with this app but they don't get paid enough. Thanks

3/04/2015 09:51 - Ricky W.

Scan is not working with my phone. Samsung S5

3/04/2015 08:28 - Zaneida C.

best app ever :)

3/04/2015 07:05 - Shawn H.

Love the new App! Glad that it's available, helps save time. Haven't had any problems yet.

3/04/2015 05:52 - Aleta C.

Oh lord praised them yesterday for being a genius but when I got down to my older tickets like jan 30 15 and older i can't scan them because all they have is the regular Barcode lines and I have a bag full of old tickets back to the manual way I guess uggg good while it lasted

3/04/2015 05:25 - Ramona M.

This will be helpful for the winning tickets while you are at the store. I have scan a few tickets but having trouble scanning the draw tickets. I was only was able to get one of them to scan. I will try again.

3/04/2015 05:11 - NC Lottery

TO ALL - Anyone having technical issues using the app, please call technical support at 855-767-1863 and/or click on the "HELP" link at the top of the Lucke-Zone and submit an Online Support form. These are the fastest ways to let the right people know so they can look into and resolve problems.

3/04/2015 04:38 - William R.

Absolutely marvelous. 100% more convenient to enter tickets. Kudos and thx.

3/04/2015 04:18 - Lyric L.

It will not scan my tickets.

3/04/2015 04:11 - mary b.

This is GREAT!!!!

3/04/2015 03:54 - Marcus H.

Will not scan is there a certain phone we should have And are those that have it working all iPhone users because its not working on my android phone

3/04/2015 03:24 - darlyn r.

Great I had tickets just laying around because I didn't feel like entering all these tickets. I love this way. Although I kicks me out after i scan so many

3/04/2015 02:43 - Brittany T.

Thank you guys so much for this. It really does save on time & clearly shows that you guys value & listen to our opinions. My fingers are very appreciative!!!

3/04/2015 02:33 - Susan G.

I've been finding it hard to get it to scan. Especially the paper tickets. It's almost to much trouble. Might just be easier to put in manually. It would be great because I have a lot of losers to put in! Great idea. Just needs to be tweaked a little .

3/04/2015 01:22 - Cozetta S.

Love this app just wish it only except non winning tickets love this app!

3/04/2015 12:47 - Krishanda B.

I can't get my tickets to scan

3/04/2015 12:09 - Mary B.

This is great although I would like to know why we don't get the second chance on the pick 5 when you purchase a ticket for 5 dollars?NC Lottery
If you are referring to making a Carolina Cash 5 purchase of $5 or more, you should be issued a Bonus Bucks entry slip. If you do not, please call our security line at 888-732-6235

3/04/2015 11:45 - Debbie M.

I am SO glad I decided to wait till today to type in all my tickets from the past 2 months!!! At least half of them I won't have to type. I really, really appreciate this! Thanks so much for thinking of us!!

3/04/2015 10:56 - don s.

On last suggestion,now with app ticket entry is faster why increase the limit from 75 to 100. Add a counter to dash board shows number of tickets dailey. entry so players do not exceed limit and get errors.The luckezone rewards program would a nice reward for members checking all tickets win or lose and count off tickets entered.

3/04/2015 10:51 - don s.

Now if we players could convince. ncel listen and improve the app when any ticket is scanned to recieve a notication if ticket is win or lose.To find find out you win a large sum of money in privacy at home is much more safe than crowded store or a untrustworthy store clerk.This be able to be done with all tickets.

3/04/2015 10:46 - don s.

I, want to thank ncel for listening to feedback from luckezone members.I used the scan app its great cut ticket entry time in half with no errors.Space is limited 2nd post to follow.

3/04/2015 10:42 - JOANNA W.

I love the new app. I hope in the future that we can scan for winners as well. Sometimes I have missed winners and when I would punch them in for rewards it would say "NOT RECOGNIZED", I am going to miss that benefit.

3/04/2015 10:29 - Charles F.

The app is fun and innovative but what about privacy? Does it have access to location and address book? Is there a privacy statement? Don't mean to sound cynical but what do you do with information you collect? Do you sell it? Are not the metrics you collect about lotto players more valuable than the prizes? Just saying...NC Lottery
The app does not have access to your personal information. When you signed up for the Lucke-Zone, you did agree to a general privacy statement, you can find a link to that at the very bottom of the screen

3/04/2015 09:27 - Kwanishia N.

Thumbs up. Wonderful idea!

3/04/2015 09:16 - Norma C.

This is so much quicker. Nice job with this app. Thanks and Good Luck to all the players...

3/04/2015 08:04 - Shelia W.

Love this app!

3/04/2015 06:31 - Darla J.

Thank you so much! I needed to use a magnifying glass to enter them manually. This is a great improvement! And i agree with the poster that asked for a scanner to see if they are a winner. I do appreciate this giant step forward!

3/04/2015 04:59 - Chester W.

Great! Will this work if installed on home PC? Thnx.NC Lottery
The app is designed to work on mobile devices for Apple and Android users.

3/04/2015 12:18 - jeff p.

I suggested this a while back.. Thanks!!

3/03/2015 11:40 - TRINA J.

I don't understand how to use this app. Could I please have some help?

3/03/2015 10:29 - Twanna H.

I LOVE IT!!!!!

3/03/2015 09:43 - Donna R.

WOW! This is awesome! And fun!! Thanks for developing this app. Thank you NCEL!

3/03/2015 09:18 - Cuttora W.

Excited about using the app !

3/03/2015 08:29 - Latonia S.

I am so glad you guys came up with this I use to dread putting my tickets in because it take such a long time but now I scan in less the time on my phone thank you thank you and thank you again!!!

3/03/2015 08:19 - Merna T.

hi, I been purchasing powerball, mega million and cash five online, is this really true that no one win on online purchased? thanksNC Lottery
Of course that's not true! A ticket for a draw game purchased via online subscription has the same chance of winning as a ticket sold at a convenience store, grocery store, or any place else! :-)

3/03/2015 07:39 - Jeff F.

That's Great! If I still had my smartphone! One day I was checking my numbers from my smartphone, at a convenience store in Newport, went to play my ticket and left the store. "Am not too smart" I left it right one the table where I was sat, I was gone for less than 10 min. Oh yea it's gone forever! Only had it for only 5 weeks! :( I miss my Samsung Galaxy S 5.. So back to old phone & cant do apps. Boy, I need to win!

3/03/2015 07:32 - Dildra J.

I LOVE it! Thank you!

3/03/2015 07:16 - Deborah L.

Yay.. .this will much quicker

3/03/2015 07:06 - Leslie B.

I absolutely love this new app!! I light has to be just right for the scratchers, but it's perfect for the online tickets! Thank you! Ps don't look at any of my pictures, they are very boring. Ha!

3/03/2015 06:52 - Sarah C.

? Love it! Thanks!

3/03/2015 06:47 - Paul K.

I like the app. In addition, I like that now I can also enter the winning tickets. However it should also tell you if it is a winning ticket or not. Sometimes it is easy to miss seeing that a particular ticket is a winner, for example on the Bingo type tickets. In the past those winning tickets were read as invalid and I would know to go back and check my ticket. Now I might miss a winning ticket or two unless I check every ticket at the store.

3/03/2015 06:45 - Vickie C.

my scan not working....will try again later

3/03/2015 06:40 - Corey G.

I don't normally leave comments here in the comment section but this is MAGNIFICENT!!! I see all the complaining "most" of the Lucke-Rewards members do, just moan and moan, however NC's lottery is the most interactive lottery I have found thus far as it pertains to lottery players/members/programs and by far NC has the best lottery out of all the ones I have participated in. I am THANKFUL for you NC Education Lottery... people stop complaining about EVERYTHING, and be grateful of the lottery that NC has in place. Thanks again NCEL :-)

3/03/2015 06:25 - michael c.

I used it this PM. Very easy and better than typing in the numbers.

3/03/2015 06:11 - Aleta C.

omg!luv it pure genius what use to take me an hour now only takes a few mins just luv it now if you could up the entries would be great how about unlimited and same day entry for the pick 3 & 4

3/03/2015 05:42 - Diarra D.

Nice app two features could improve it leave it on the scan menu after first scan ticket alot of us have more than one ticket to scan so it should reset to scan next ticket automatically and the second thing would b nice to notify if a winner good job thanks saved my fingers and time js.

3/03/2015 05:31 - Jessica T.

This is wonderful

3/03/2015 05:30 - Lakisha T.

I love it. It is so much easier to scan the tickets. Is there any way to scan to see if the ticket to see if it is a winner?NC Lottery
No. Many players have asked us about this and we understand that some would appreciate it but the app and the Lucke-Zone are not designed to validate tickets for prizes, only to determine if the ticket is eligible for rewards points or not.

3/03/2015 05:25 - Barbara G.

I like the scan feature it is so quick and easy. Thank you!!!!!

3/03/2015 05:18 - nakisha s.

I'm getting an error code!503 service unavailable.

3/03/2015 05:11 - Edith K.

I cant enter my tickets into the COMPUTER; it says 503 error service unavailable..can u check into it.

3/03/2015 04:40 - robert l c.

Oreo SAID,ive love this moble apps i have already download it to see if it scant,it said i have already scan this ticket on my Macbook pro, i was just checking. this is a pieces of cake.see ya from Oreo!

3/03/2015 04:32 - gregory s.

"This is awesome, I love it!"

3/03/2015 03:53 - Joe C.

There is sliced bread, then there is this APP!!!! awesome!!!

3/03/2015 03:27 - sharon g.

Are you suppose to keep the tickets that you register? If so I will win for sure because I haven't kept any lol.NC Lottery
Nope, you don't have to. You're good ;-)

3/03/2015 03:18 - marilyn l.

I love this Scanner. ...I don't mind entering tickets at all now......NCEL has outdone themselves...I'm Happy....Happy....Happy.

3/03/2015 03:14 - tammy m.

Oh my goodness...Thank you...I just sold in my kitchen and scanned 3 months worth of tickets because of time ...great idea and again thanks

3/03/2015 03:06 - Raymond W.


3/03/2015 02:48 - beverly u.

I love it!Thank you NCEL!

3/03/2015 02:44 - Gregory W.

Haven't used it but will, I liked putting those numbers in even thow it was time consuming, I feel a lot of player's were didn't enter because of that reason,so it's going to be harder to win anything now. I have mixed emotions.get a option to buy merchandise with the points please.

3/03/2015 02:41 - Raymond W.


3/03/2015 02:40 - angela c.

This app is wonderful yessss!

3/03/2015 02:39 - Travis P.

Im saying so all the winning tickets that I have turned into retailers of NCEL now are eligible for ticket entry too ..can i go get those back to enter for points.NC Lottery
As long as the claim deadline for a game has not passed, you can enter a ticket :-)

3/03/2015 02:24 - karen e.

OMG this is my most favorite app. It's working great now we don't have to take a picture of winning tickets we can scratch scan and collect winnings all in the store thanks for this app!!!!

3/03/2015 02:19 - Connie S.

I cant get it to Scan my barcode when I press the Scan button

3/03/2015 02:11 - Anthony G.

It would be extremely beneficial if the winning status of a ticket is displayed immediately upon entry, as in if it is a winner and amount, if it has been claimed, loser or draw(s) remaining. It would be a tremendous stress reliever knowing FOR SURE you're not getting ready to throw away a winning ticket. Thanks for your consideration.

3/03/2015 01:48 - Donnet C.

Works great! I love it! It takes less than half the time to enter your tickets!

3/03/2015 01:19 - Thelma L.

This is the best news ever. The app is amazing and the scanning feature sure does save time with tickets. Nice job! x

3/03/2015 01:11 - Karol G.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! The only issue I have is it keeps kicking me out of the app after I have scanned a ticket.

3/03/2015 01:03 - lynn b.

it won't scan my tickets

3/03/2015 12:43 - judge e.

just played pick3 in nc past friday also megamillion how do i entry my lucke-rewards entry codesNC Lottery
Please call technical customer service for assistance: 855-767-1863

3/03/2015 12:34 - ERIK W.

Just tried it and it was successful. Smart and great idea. I've dreaded entering all those numbers.

3/03/2015 12:13 - Jefferson A.

Very Cool!

3/03/2015 11:59 - Betty R.

I can enter 75 tickets in about 45 minuets on my computer . can someone tell me how long it takes to do in this new way ?

3/03/2015 11:54 - Leroy W.

This option is great. I been using it all morning, just wish it was more then 75 entries that could be entered per day

3/03/2015 11:48 - anthony l.

I love it

3/03/2015 11:41 - Denver G.

new tickets are being excepted now. Thanks for the quick fix ;-)

3/03/2015 11:29 - christine m.

so excited thank you because after so many mistakes account locks but thank you for making it easier

3/03/2015 11:00 - Joshua K.

This is ABSOLUTELY the best thing the NCEL has ever done for the players. Thank you !!!

3/03/2015 10:38 - duane w.

I luv it!!!! Now if you guys make an app where I can scan the bar code to see if I'm a winner. or sale the scanners to the public.

3/03/2015 10:33 - John M.

scan dose not work on 100X ticket , works on other other tickets. I like this APP

3/03/2015 10:20 - Dennis C.

I know we are hard on you guys a lot of times but this is nice and the players thank you very much for the offering. I tried it and it sure is nice. Thanks again and good luck to the Lucky Zone players.NC Lottery
:) :) :)

3/03/2015 10:15 - Roy J.

Entering the numbers or scanning shows invalid on a valid ticket. The $20 100x TheCash. Ticket shows 2nd chance but lucke-zone shows entry not recognized. Can you help?NC Lottery
Our system managers are looking into the issue. Thank you for taking time to report it. To help get things fixed as quickly as possible, the best thing to do is click on the "HELP" link and submit an Online Support form. That helps our technical service people become aware of any potential problems so they can work on it right away.

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