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Lottery subscription: Your questions answered

April 13, 2016 Posted by NC Lottery at 1:11 PM

Are you the kind of player who likes to be in every drawing? Then our web-based subscription service might be for you. The games you can subscribe to are Carolina Cash 5, Mega Millions, Powerball, and the new Lucky for Life game.

Since the service began in December 2013, we have had many questions in the blog comments, on social media and through the customer service hotline. Here are answers to five that come up regularly:

Question #1: When will we be able to play daily draw games like Pick 3 through subscription?

Answer: At this time, the lottery commission that oversees our operations has approved the service only for the multistate draw games and Carolina Cash 5. Although it is possible that subscriptions for more games will be available in the future, we do not have a timetable right now for when that might happen. But if something changes we’ll share it with you here in the Lucke-Zone right away.

Question #2: Do I get Lucke-Rewards points if I play through subscription?

Answer: Yes! You automatically earn points on your purchase. Then you get to pick which of the exclusive drawings you want to enter for more chances to win.

Question #3: What about other offers, such as free ticket promotions?

Answer: Participation in a free ticket promotion still requires a purchase to be made at a retailer. The subscription service was not designed to generate free plays in the same way that the terminal system can print a free ticket at a store. Looking ahead as updates to the service are made, we do plan to make it possible for players who subscribe to take advantage of those promotions.

Question #4: What is the minimum number of drawings I can enter?

Answer: Two weeks’ worth. That means 14 Carolina Cash 5 drawings or four drawings for the multistate games that have two drawings per week.

Question #5: How do I know if I’ve won a prize? How do I get my winnings?

Answer: It’s easy – if your lucky numbers are drawn, you’ll get an e-mail alert. Prizes up to $599 are automatically transferred into your wallet. As with all lottery prizes, those ranging from $600 to $99,999 must be claimed at one of the lottery’s regional claims centers and winners of $100,000 or more must come to lottery headquarters in Raleigh.

Do you have more questions about subscription? Click here for lots more information available in the HELP section linked at the top of the screen.


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1/24/2022 05:03 - Vivek S.

Hi. Any chance you might ever add a feature that would make it so that the auto-renew feature auto picks new #s every time, every new week? So if I buy one ticket for 3x a week, for each ticket the computer will automatically generate a new set of numbers? And then when the next week comes, it'll generate a new set of numbers again? Tnx much!NC Lottery
This is a great suggestion, Vivek! We will pass this along and we appreciate your feedback. We hope to be able to offer this as a feature in the future :)

8/04/2021 08:20 - Bruce H.

How do I subscribe/auto-renew PowerBall? I see it on MegaMillions, but not PowerBall.NC Lottery
Hi Bruce, great question. The subscription option for Powerball is temporarily disabled until the new schedule change goes into effect. You can read the details about the changes coming to Powerball on our website here:

1/26/2021 10:18 - Bill R.

How do I unsubscribeNC Lottery
Hi Bill, great question! To unsubscribe from auto-renew, within "My Account" you can select Auto-Renew from the Draw Games menu. Then select "Cancel Auto Renewal" to cancel. Hope that helps!

1/11/2021 12:25 - Diana J.

Can my nonmarital partner play and (if) win using acct in my name when allowed NC Lottery
Hi Diana, in general, anyone can claim a prize on a ticket bought in N.C. We would, however, need both the person who bought the ticket and the person who would claim the ticket to confirm their agreement before the prize could be paid.

6/09/2020 07:08 - kevin R.

How do I get subscription? That should be first thing explained on this page!NC Lottery
Hi Kevin, we've changed the name of the "subscription" service on our website since this article was written. Now, when making a purchase for a draw game you have the option of turning on "Auto-Renew" which will purchase a ticket automatically every week for the numbers you selected. The selector for "Auto-Renew" is located in the shopping cart before you check out to make a purchase.

4/15/2016 12:03 - bruce e.

It seems the new Lucky for Life is a better game than all or Nothing. Better chancesoon to win.

4/14/2016 10:52 - Denver G.

Okay, my bad, I think I over thunk it LOL.

4/14/2016 10:50 - William D.

Thanks for the update. 400,000 are a lot of Entries!

4/14/2016 10:38 - Denver G.

I thought $75 was the max you could spend for subscription purchases per week (for our own protection). Did that change?NC Lottery
No policies have changed. The $104 is $2 per week for 52 weeks :-)

4/14/2016 06:42 - Feicia E.

How much is the subscriptionNC Lottery
The minimum number of drawings you can enter is two weeks' worth. For Carolina Cash 5, for example, that would be $14. But you can also subscribe for a whole year. For $1 Mega Millions tickets, that would be $104. You can learn more by clicking on the HELP link at the top of the screen and then clicking on the SUBSCRIPTION tab for more info.

4/14/2016 03:00 - Jeremy E.

Y'all just straight up lied about the odds on the new $2 scratch offs!!! 1 in 4.67 my butt! Bought 10 tickets not one winner, bought the next 20 off the SAME BOOK and got ONE $2 winner. Will NEVER play ncel again. I'll go to Florida and Georgia and get my scratch offs from now on where they don't lie about their odds.NC Lottery
We are sorry to hear you did not have better luck on those particular tickets. Every time you play a ticket, it takes luck to win. The odds of winning are accurate for the entire game, which has millions of tickets printed. There is never a guarantee of getting a winning ticket just by purchasing many in a row. Sometimes it just takes one ticket to win a prize.

4/13/2016 11:26 - Phyllis R.

I read the subscription and I still do not understand it. Do you buy tickets on line or what. I like to purchase mine in person. Is it going to make me win, because I being buying tickets, playing the luckee-zone and got over 10,000 points still playing the different games and still haven't won a thing.Is getting into this subscription going to make me win.NC Lottery
You can learn more about subscription by clicking on the HELP link at the top of the screen, and then clicking on the SUBSCRIPTION tab, it has answers to all your questions. There is no guarantee of winning with games of chance, whether you buy a ticket in a store or subscribe to be entered into drawings by signing up here in the Lucke-Zone. Your odds of winning are the same either way. Using Lucke-Rewards points to enter drawings are extra chances to win at no cost - we wish you good luck!

4/13/2016 08:35 - William D.

How about an Update on how many are in the 2nd chance drawing for the weekly and monthly 10th Anniversary. Would be interesting to know. ThanksNC Lottery
We get a weekly update on Monday mornings. If you remind us then, we'll be happy to share the most recent entry numbers we have :-)

4/13/2016 08:05 - Dennetta R.

I've submitted 23 entries in the 10th Anniversary Spectacular game. Each one giving me 50 pts... so why do I have only one entry showing on the drawing?NC Lottery
We're getting this question often enough that we wrote a blog to explain it. Here's the link:

4/13/2016 07:51 - kyle G.

How come the same ping pong ball system isnt used for all or nothing?NC Lottery
Airing the All or Nothing drawings is not part of our agreement with our draw station, WRAL-TV. So it just makes more sense for us to a random number generator, under the supervision of an auditor of course, according to specific security procedures.

4/13/2016 06:31 - tino r.

The drawings that I'm in there all fake names I play lotto to enter these things an its fake I'm really buildings a law suitNC Lottery
We don't understand. If you have a question or concern, please call our customer service team at 877-962-7529

4/13/2016 04:21 - greg s.

If I hit the jackpot and have a subscription will the lottery announce the winner since they know who purchased the ticket or will they wait until the purchaser is ready to come forward!?NC Lottery
We would work with you to go through the process of announcing the jackpot win! How awesome would that be?

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