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How do you get an Education Lottery Scholarship?

October 29, 2018 Posted by NC Lottery at 9:47 AM

Want to get an Education Lottery Scholarship to help pay for college? To have a chance, all you have to do is fill out a FAFSA.

Education Lottery Scholarships are awarded based on financial need, not how well you did in high school. You don’t need a nomination or recommendation. Just fill out a FAFSA – that stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid − and you will automatically be considered to see if you are eligible for an Education Lottery Scholarship. Filling out the form could help you get other financial aid too.

Last year, the state awarded more than 25,000 Education Lottery Scholarships, totaling almost $28 million in student financial aid. Students in every county of the state received scholarships.

Financial aid offices at state universities and community college administer Education Lottery Scholarships. You must be seeking a degree, diploma or certificate on at least a half-time basis and be making satisfactory progress with your grades. The scholarships are essentially grants. You do not have to pay them back.

Every October, state financial aid officials make an effort to raise awareness about filling out FAFSA and helping students do them. They hope more North Carolina students complete FAFSA forms this year so that as many scholarships can be awarded as possible.

The lottery wants to help its players and the public know how the scholarships work. The games you play raise money to fund the scholarships. It’s a great cause to serve.

You can get more information about how the FAFSA works and how and where to fill it out by visiting:


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9/24/2021 10:47 - Sherilyn F.

So this scholarship is just like the lottery, luck of the draw? There is no actual application process? NC Lottery
Hi Sherilyn, there sure is an application process. Around October timeframe is when we'll being to raise awareness for North Carolina students to complete their FAFSA application forms. In the meantime here is a website you can visit in order to apply:

5/07/2019 07:27 - Kristen T.

How do you see if you have qualified for it? My FAFSA ran out and I am really needing help with paying for my final year of college. I did fill out FAFSA form and I was approved but will receive no money. Need HelpNC Lottery
Hey Kristen, We're sorry to hear that. To find out if you would qualify for an Education Lottery scholarship, all you need to do is submit the FAFSA.

2/10/2019 04:50 - Elsie S.

Where can you find how many or how much were awarded aid in Duplin County? Thanks NC Lottery
Elsie-You can see how many scholarships were awarded last year by going to the following:

1/17/2019 06:53 - Margaret G.

Who won and how many scholarships were awarded in Northampton County.NC Lottery
Hi there, Margaret. Last year 37 students received NC Education Lottery scholarships totaling $37,064 in Northhampton County. You can see the impact lottery funds have had in your area on this webpage:

11/27/2018 03:11 - saretta c.

Hi if you owe money are you still eligible?NC Lottery
Hi there Saretta! If you aren't sure if you qualify for the Education Lottery Scholarship or FAFSA, we recommend you still complete your FAFSA to be sure! The Education Lottery Scholarship will be awarded based on financial need.

11/12/2018 10:07 - Sharonda M.

I have an active fafsa does it matter would love to win one less stress to worry about NC Lottery
Hi Sharonda, If you have completed your FAFSA, you would have been notified if you received an Education Lottery Scholarship.

11/08/2018 06:03 - angela h.

Hello, I am very interested in how my daughter can receive this scholarship. She is a theater arts and music student st Rocky Mount High we are in the process of completing her FAFSA FORMS. She is interested in majoring in music. Please helpNC Lottery
Hi Angela, In order to find out if your daughter is eligible for the Education Lottery scholarship, all she has to do is complete and submit the FAFSA! She will be notified if she has received that scholarship.

11/04/2018 01:38 - Michael R.

, help me win

10/31/2018 08:55 - Kaed C.

What is the age range for scholarship eligibility?NC Lottery
Hey Kaed! We've spoken to many traditional and non-traditional students who have received an Education Lottery Scholarship. While we don't believe there is an age limit for eligibility, we recommend you check with the folks who administer the scholarship at 1-866-866-2362 to confirm your eligibility.

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