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Play big and win big with the new Big Money Playbook

December 4, 2018 Posted by NC Lottery at 9:52 AM

Play big and win big this holiday season with the new Big Money Playbook. It offers more ways to win than any other game. As a bonus, it also makes a great stocking stuffer for those last minute gift givers. 
The $20 book has six pages of unique games.

  • Cash Blowout
  • Cash Blast
  • Big Money Games (Spans two pages)
  • Cash Multiplier
  • Lucky Numbers

There are $35 million in prizes up for grabs, including three top prizes of $1 million.  The Playbook is a real page turner and a great way to say happy holidays. Odds of winning a top prize are 1 in 800,000. Overall odds including breakeven prizes are 1 in 2.80. Please remember if you have a prize in any of the six games, you need the whole Playbook to claim that prize.This is the first time we’ve offered a playbook like this, and it comes just in time for First Tuesday.

You could “Win It All” with our new $5 scratch-off ticket. The game offers four top prizes of $200,000. Odds of winning a top prize are 1 in 1.2 million. Overall odds including breakeven prizes are 1 in 4.07.

And don’t miss the 2019 edition of Loteria. The $3 scratch-off ticket lets you scratch and match for a chance to win five top prizes of $75,000. To win a prize, all you have to do is match four symbols horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Odds of winning a top prize are 1 in 1.2 million. Overall odds including breakeven prizes are 1 in 4.21.

And add some color to the end of the year with the new Neon 7’s scratch-off ticket. The $2 game offers six top prizes of $20,000. Odds of winning a top prize are 1 in 960,000. Overall odds including breakeven prizes are 1 in 4.60.

And start looking toward the New Year with the 2019 scratch-off ticket. The $1 game has eight top prizes of $2,019. Odds of winning a top prize are 1 in 720,000. Overall odds including breakeven prizes are 1 in 4.81.


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12/26/2018 09:56 - Kevin K.

I too am unable to scan bar code for Lucke Rewards. I scan the bar code at the very bottom of the back of the playbook and it won't take it. I have seen references to bottom of page 6 but there is no bar code there on my playbook.NC Lottery
Hey Kevin, The barcode should be there! Here's a link to the game page that shows exactly where on page 6 it is located: It is underneath an area on the bottom left of the "Lucky Numbers" game on page 6 that will need to be scratched-off to become visible.

12/26/2018 09:34 - betty x.

These are trash. My husband bought 10 of these in a row to hand out as Xmas gift. Not one single ticket hit!!!! I couldn't believe it! And we scanned them to double check if we won... Worst scratch offs ever. Seems like a scam

12/16/2018 04:55 - Joseph M.

This book isn't worth the money. I bought 6 big money playbook and won a lousy $ 20.00 and had to take it to the store to find the barcode. This is the worst game u ever put on the shelf and I will recommend no one to play it.

12/08/2018 12:58 - Andreana A.

How do you check the playback to see if you 6won?? Is it only one area???NC Lottery
Hi Andreana, you can scan the bar code on the lower portion of page 6, just like any other scratch-off, to check if you won. You can see where the bar code is exactly on the product page for the ticket.

12/07/2018 09:46 - Claude W.

WOW , looks like you need to buy scratch-off tickets west of Greensboro if you want to win, of the 20 listed winners on todays list only 3 our of 20 were East of Greensboro. Is that weird or what.

12/06/2018 10:14 - Denise E.

I play the new $20 dollar ticket. And won my 20 dollar back.Will continue to play and hopefully win big.NC Lottery
Congrats on the win! We're sending some good luck your way, Denise!

12/05/2018 09:31 - Shantez C.

I just want to WIN ?? I’ve spent over 300$ aint hit nothin

12/05/2018 07:58 - William A.

Terrible flimsy tickets! It’s void if it comes apart. Come on players just because there’s 6 games in this ticket your odds are no greater then the odds on any other ticket just a waste of time! After saying that I bought one and it took for ever to scratch and lost bought another just scanned it and lost. On the third one won a 100 bucks just scanned it also. Bought three and that’s enough for me.

12/05/2018 03:02 - William R.

The barcode in the bottom left is not working for entry into the lucky rewards.NC Lottery
Hey William, Thanks for letting us know. Please give our Customer Services team a call at 1-877-962-7529 so they can look into this further.

12/05/2018 02:07 - Tami W.

Hi, where is the bar code located on this playbook? I'd like to check the ticket and also enter it in Lucky Rewards. Thanks!NC Lottery
Hi Tami! The barcode is in the bottom left corner of page 6.

12/05/2018 10:51 - Denver G.

Ironic, I had all 5 #s on an older playslip but decided to switch up one of the #s. Oh well Dec has always been a lucky month for me.NC Lottery
We hope your good luck continues!

12/05/2018 09:56 - Denver G.

Yesterday I instead of buying the new $20 , I got 5 of the 100X The Cash. I won $25, $30 & $100. Monday I played a 5 day multi draw C5 playslip with 3 panels of my own numbers. Last nite that ticket had 4 of 5 again for $250 !!!! I think that was the 4th time this year I had 4 of 5!!!! NC Lottery
Sounds like you're on a winning streak, Denver! Congrats on all those wins!

12/05/2018 07:40 - Berry B.

One cannot win a dollar on these games

12/04/2018 11:46 - Michael R.

Lucky numbers 3 7 17 44-43 37 14 + 11

12/04/2018 10:22 - John R.

Did NC lottery even bother to CHECK these tickets from the vendor? Obviously not from the first two comments... your team apparently approved everything over the phone and some emails. Great quality control guys!!!! The booklet is flimsy so it’s hard to scratch. The barcode? Good luck finding it unless you go to this page. I wasted 30 minutes trying to discover where they hid it. THIS IS THE WORST ticket game you’ve sold to date. It’s a total chaotic mess. The hidden bar code is icing on the cake. I recommend to everyone skip this game and go with the others. If I’m going to spend $20 you better make it worthwhile. NC Lottery
Hi John, We appreciate the feedback. Our team is very excited to share the new Big Money Playbook, and we're sorry to hear that you think we missed the mark. We will be sure to pass it along to the folks who create our games in the hopes of making future improvements.

12/04/2018 09:42 - William D.

for David and Wanda & everyone else who might be interested in part of the system not told to all. sometimes a new ticket sold before the Tuesday start date will not work till Tuesday. try today and see if it works now.

12/04/2018 07:26 - ERIC T.

The numbers in the book that you scratch off aren't evenly straight across from each other and I couldn't even tell what numbers were what besides I only won $50 off the entire bookNC Lottery
Hey Eric! A few folks have mentioned that the numbers in the Big Money Playbook aren't always straight across from each other, and we wanted to let you know that many of our tickets include this feature for ticket security purposes.

12/04/2018 06:03 - lisa p.

Have tried 5 of these new "big money" tickets and one hit for $20. WOW!!! Impressive not! Your tickets stink. Also tried six $5 tickets and won $5. $2 and $3 tickets are even worse. Where's all the money!!! Even older tickets aren't paying out. I'm done wasting my money and time. I could save a nice nest egg if I stopped supporting you crooks.NC Lottery
Hey Lisa, Every time you play the lottery, it takes luck to beat the odds. That's true whether you play one ticket or 10 or 100. There's only ever a chance to win—never a guarantee. We wish every ticket could win a prize, but it's important to remember that prize money comes from non-winning tickets. We respect your choice and wish you the best.

12/04/2018 03:24 - David B.

I also tried to scan one... can’t check for winners or collect points...NC Lottery
Hey David! We will follow up with the folks who create the games on this. Can you tell us which barcode you are scanning? There is one on the back cover of the book and one under a scratch area on the bottom left of page 6.

12/04/2018 11:28 - Wanda H.

Bought this new ticket and it will not scan. NC Lottery
Hi Wanda! Let's see if we can help out. First, please double check that you are scanning the correct barcode -- it should be in the lower left corner on page 6. If you're still having trouble scanning, please give our Customer Services team a call at 1-877-962-7529 so they can take a closer look.

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