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Alamance County woman almost threw away $250,000 lottery prize

February 16, 2018 Posted by NC Lottery at 9:10 AM

Jatonia Crisp of Mebane said she almost threw away a scratch-off ticket worth $250,000.

On Wednesday morning, Crisp stopped by Graham Shell Family Fare on Main Street in Graham and bought a 20X The Cash scratch-off ticket. Crisp didn’t think she won anything, so she put the ticket in her car and forgot about it until she stopped for gas the next morning. Crisp decided to look at the ticket one more time before throwing it away. 

“I was like, ‘Wait a minute. I see ‘19’ and ‘19’, let me look at this again,’” Crisp said. Sure enough, the ticket was worth $250,000.

“I was speechless,” Crisp said. “I felt numb. I just couldn’t believe it! I still can’t believe I was driving around with the ticket all day in the car.” 

Crisp claimed her prize Thursday at lottery headquarters in Raleigh. After required state and federal tax withholdings, she took home $176,253.  She plans to use the money to pay bills and get a new home.

The $5 ticket launched earlier this month. Crisp is the first player to win the $250,000 top prize. Seven top prizes remain.
Ticket sales from instant games like 20X The Cash make it possible for the lottery to raise more than $600 million a year for education.



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2/20/2018 07:33 - Gloria C.

Congratulations to you.I am next in line to win some big money off the scratch off tickets . Soon and very soon ! ! !

2/19/2018 01:53 - Carolyn W.

Not so fast, Charlene, my husband found a ticket that someone threw away. When I scratched it off someone had thrown away $5000. Better scan those tickets!!!

2/19/2018 11:27 - debbie t.

Since they have changed the way to play now all I can see to play is the racing one and the snowfall for 25,000. Aren’t there other ones to choose from or has it quit allowing the big money entries? NC Lottery
Here's a link to our current Lucke-Rewards drawings and promotions. https://www.nclottery.com/Promotions

2/18/2018 11:28 - Charlene W.

Why is it the same old story of how they almost threw them away? Maybe should try switching the scenes around a little bit?

2/18/2018 08:33 - Alfred W.

Congratulations one day will be my turn

2/18/2018 11:06 - Tabitha B.

Congratulations to the lucky winners!! I play and buy tickets online but I never hear of any winners from online ticket sales... thinking maybe I should just buy my tickets in store! NC Lottery
Yes. We have winners who win from buying their tickets playing one of our draw games online. In December, a Cabarrus County man won a Cash 5 jackpot of $377,000 with a ticket he purchased online. An Asheville man won a $149,000 Cash 5 jackpot with a ticket he purchased online. And we’ve seen a $20,000 Powerball win and a $15,000 Mega Millions win. We would caution you however about thinking of your chances to win that way. Every ticket, no matter if it is bought in a store from a retailer, from a vending machine, or from playing online, has the same chance of winning a prize. The same is true if you buy your ticket in the mountains of North Carolina or our coast. The odds are always the same. Good luck to you however you buy your ticket.

2/18/2018 10:07 - Diane S.

Yeah! Happy for you! Dreams do come true

2/18/2018 08:43 - Pamela B.

CONGRADS! This is your time and your season What GOD HAS 4U is 4U! One day it will be my 4me!

2/17/2018 11:19 - Malinda A.

I love it when people from small towns win big! Why? Because many of them live in areas still feeling recession, job loss, and lack of opportunity. It is easy to imagine that most of their winnings will stay within their communities, helping to enrich the lives of others if they keep the money they spend from their winnings local. Hard-working people benefit when a lottery winner builds a new home, buys a new car, or spends money within their small towns. And it is uplifting to hear the stories of those who win who really NEEDED the money. Congrats to all the winners....I hope I get my day in the sun, here in small-town Clayton!

2/17/2018 06:55 - murray r.


2/17/2018 05:47 - Barbara R.

When I won 50,000 it was #19 also. Congrats Lady! I am still buying tickets and will get another big win!

2/17/2018 07:16 - Derrick W.

Yez I feel the same way about no winners in Wake County scratch off tickets always win miles away from here.

2/17/2018 02:50 - Cole H.

Congrats to you all...my time is coming as it is very much needed for single fathers, not just me but to all families...bless you all

2/17/2018 12:48 - Ms Xzavier C.

God Bless you and your family. Great Story

2/16/2018 09:19 - Bobby G.

Bless you, bless you

2/16/2018 07:43 - Gregory F.

Congratulations to the winner. GOD has truly blessed you.I have been buying scratch tickets can't win any thing big if I win any thing it just breaking even or not winning anything. The lottery is taking advantage of people in Ahoskie. Please put some big money here.

2/16/2018 07:35 - curt b.

Newtown on deck! Congrats!

2/16/2018 07:04 - Ellyn H.

First Congratulations!!!!! I hope this will be a blessing to you and your family

2/16/2018 05:06 - Benjamin S.

This shouldn't even be a problem! Any top prize ticket needs to be an instant win symbol so there is no doubt that it is a winning ticket.

2/16/2018 04:23 - carolyn b.

Carolyn- The winning ticket was sold at the Que Huong Oriental Market in Raleigh. There was only one winning ticket.

2/16/2018 10:17 - lisa p.

Congratulations to the winners! Now how about printing some winners for frequent players who have been losing consistently for awhile. Nothing and I do mean NOTHING is winning these days. All the money must be on one ticket that most people can't seem to choose. No luck for me, no luck for my friends. How about all you other players?

2/16/2018 10:15 - Maurice H.

God bless you.

2/16/2018 10:03 - judy w.

Congrats come on havent seen any winters,at alk in stonypount nc or hiddiente nc still waiting me next please

2/16/2018 09:25 - Acquanetta M.

Congratulations to you, blessings

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