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Draw date announced for second-chance drawings

February 9, 2018 Posted by NC Lottery at 8:56 AM

If you haven't seen yet, the date for the final Jeep and Walking Dead Second-Chance drawings has been set.  Both drawings will take place Wednesday April 4. You have until March 31 to enter your qualifying tickets.

Jeep Second-Chance Drawing: One lucky player will win a brand new Jeep vehicle. The winner can choose between three different models.

-2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon
-2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited
-2017 Jeep Renegade Trailhawk

Watch the video to find out how our first second-chance Jeep winner, Jeff Gould from Wilmington, reacted when he found out he won.

You can read more about the drawing at the following:

Walking Dead Second-Chance Drawing: Don’t miss out on your chance to win a trip to California to see the “Talking Dead”.  One lucky player will win a five day, four night trip to Los Angeles California for two. The prize includes airfare, accommodations, two Front of the Line tickets to Universal Studios, and $1,000 in spending money.

You can read more about the drawing at the following:

Good luck!





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5/19/2018 01:16 - Katherine H.

Trying to enter second chance ticket but wants me to upload the app which I have already uploaded to scan. Why is this so user UNFRIENDLY? NC Lottery
Hi there, Katherine. We have been experiencing some issues with our app, but our team is on it! We recommend calling our technical support team at 1-855-767-1863 or filling out an online support form here Thanks for being patient with us!

2/24/2018 02:05 - Stephanie c.

Trying to enter my tickets wont let me. NC Lottery
Hi there, Stephanie. There is a small window over night where the option to enter tickets is unavailable due to system updates. Try again and let us know if you are still having trouble.

2/22/2018 03:30 - arline l.

I pray for Gods Favor to wim

2/20/2018 08:14 - Benita B.

Thank you so much??

2/14/2018 07:12 - Mike S.

John R. - Don't waste your time asking for NCEL to show the entries for 2nd chance or rewards drawings. Many times it has been requested by multiple folks over the years and NCEL refuses to provide something so simple that their customers request.

2/13/2018 08:16 - Tasha C.

Would to be a winner soon

2/13/2018 04:09 - John R.

It would be "nice" if there were some transparency regarding these "2nd chance" drawings. A page which shows the breakdown of how many entries were in each "draw period". I hate spending my points without knowing what draw period has the least entries. You do reveal what prizes are left in each scratch game; this would be no different. Revealing the running total of entries accumulated for a drawing pool will allow players to choose to enter or not. I don't like wasting my entries against others who have friends collecting losing tickets (those friends work at lottery retail locations) and hand over *THOUSANDS* of losing tickets to people who did not pay for them. You should put "disposal" bins at your sites just for losing tickets so people stop CHEATING the system. It's grossly unfair, and negligent policing...

2/13/2018 01:53 - Denver G.

To TD & LH , I had 1500 entries and did not win anything in the X the cash. On previous blogs I've seen players say they had over 30,000 & over 60,000 entries in the x games & extreme games and did not win. Just sayin, a ship load of entries does not assure you a win. I won $500 back in 2013 when there was only about 200,000 members and I only had 148 entries. That was when you could only enter non winning tickets. Now there around 930,000 members & you can also enter winning tickets . That is why it is getting harder & harder to win.

2/13/2018 01:36 - Meredith K.

I have noticed that I receive different points for the same type of ticket, same value on ticket. Example: I had 5 separate Cash 5 tickets. Purchase price on all was $1. When scanning the entry code on 4 of them, I received 1 point each, but one of the 5 was 2 points. I've noticed this as well on Keno, Mega Millions, and scratch. Some can be significantly different....again same ticket type and same price of ticket. What is the reason for that? NC Lottery
Hi Meredith! The number of points awarded on each ticket will vary. An eligible ticket will earn at least the same number of points as the price of the ticket. For example, a $5 scratch-off ticket will earn at least 5 points. However, sometimes tickets may earn MORE points as a bonus.

2/13/2018 02:14 - Tatiana D.

I understand that there are millions of entries in each drawing. But maybe NCEL or some of the winners can tell us how many entries did the winners have? I had 905 entries in X The Cash drawing, and I didn't win. Maybe some people have millions of entries-they are going to win, of course. NC Lottery
Tatiana- The number of entries that each individual player has in a game is not public information. And please remember it only takes one entry to win.

2/12/2018 10:46 - David L.

Still waiting for a BIG WIN.

2/12/2018 09:07 - Kimberly S.

Ive been playing for a long time.. And im still not lucky enuff to win.. I had to give it a rest.. Why play and u dont win.

2/12/2018 05:15 - judy w.

I am so waiting for a win on the second change drawing my husband out of work wont never beable to work again due to 6heartattcks and open heart surgery come big win not able to work no more

2/12/2018 02:29 - Denver G.

RH, congrats on your win & your debt paid. Better late then never.

2/12/2018 01:21 - Radford H.

Ugghhh.! Won $1000 over the weekend. Went too pick up this morning, child support from 6 years ago took it Oh well, debt paid.

2/12/2018 12:44 - Lavanda H.

I was wondering if the ncel can help me understand these inquiries. I had 3,782 entries for x the cash 2nd chance, a game I played religiously for 6 months straight. I didn't win! I already know I went up against the odds, other players, and a random draw machine.but Is there a way you can tell me without names, how many entries others had, and number of players who played. I ask because I would like to know being that I've been playing since July 2017 and spent alot of money on scratch offs trying to beat one of those odds and win. A little closure for me if you will. Thanks :) NC Lottery
Hi Lavanda- There were over 5.6 million entries in that particular drawing.

2/12/2018 08:43 - Mary H.

Congratulations to Jeff.

2/12/2018 07:42 - Rose S.

Oh to be so lucky to win....waiting hopefully For a break on winning...could really use it

2/11/2018 08:34 - Demetria H.

I'm waiting on my chance to win in the second chance drawing. Good luck to everyone

2/11/2018 06:44 - lashekeya m.

Radford h..I got about 964 after 1000 winning

2/11/2018 01:52 - Tatiana D.

Rich M., congratulations on your win! If you don't mind, could you tell us how many entries you had in this second chance drawing? Thank you. NC Lottery
Hi Tatiana- I'm not sure which drawing you're specifically referring to, but there were over 240,000 entries in the 10X Quick Cash Drawing, and over 5.6 million in the X The Cash drawing.

2/10/2018 11:52 - Sharon M.

Cannot wait for my trip to LA to see the Talking Dead!! Thanks NC Lottery!!

2/10/2018 12:57 - Radford H.

If you win $1000 ,how much tax would be taken?

2/10/2018 08:35 - Denver G.

That's all fine and dandy. When do the tickets go on sale for the up coming Home Depot 2nd chance drawing and what will they cost?? 4 drawings & deadline to enter the 1st one is 03/31/2018 NC Lottery
The ticket will be $2 it will be available the First Tuesday in March.

2/10/2018 07:42 - ronald o.

when r they going to have tax free cash five draw they take plenty from us

2/09/2018 09:49 - Rich M.

I won the 500 dollar second chance on the 10X drawing...was notified today! Made my day, as my car needs work badly...thanks NC lotto!! NC Lottery
Congratulations Rich!

2/09/2018 05:13 - pearline w.

IM PRAYING AND WAITING for my chance to win!hey I live in Ayden N C.

2/09/2018 10:37 - William D.

Jeep Tickets are Hard to find now seems like they are already picking them up, But I am buying them where ever I find them. Good luck everyone.

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