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Pick 3 players get second chance to win!

March 20, 2018 Posted by NC Lottery at 9:32 AM

We know we sound like a broken record, but we want to say congratulations to our Pick 3 players one more time! The Red Ball came out again during Monday night’s drawing.

Players won $197,219 in the first draw, and $230,856 in the second draw.

This is the fourth time this month that the Red Ball’s been drawn. Here’s how much players won the other times it hit.

•    March 15: $294,781 in the first draw, and $166,038 in the second draw
•    March 8: $160,332 in the first draw, and $722,930 in the second draw
•    March 1: $304,514 in the first draw, and $135,988 in the second draw

Because the Red Ball was drawn, the Double Draw machine has been reset, and Tuesday night’s drawing will have six white balls and one red.

The promotion runs until March 31. You can read more about how it works here. 

Good luck!


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3/25/2019 08:09 - Lorraine C.

Can we have a second drawing on our pick 3 tickets at least 5 times out of a month by doing a calling out of any number to see if anyone has it, if they have kept all their pick 3 lottery number tickets for that monthNC Lottery
Thanks for the suggestion, Lorraine! We will pass it along to the folks who create our games and promotions.

3/21/2018 11:39 - DEBORAH S.

Thanks for the suggestion. Boost is an interesting add-on to Virginia's Pick 3 game. Have you tried the North Carolina add-on, Sum It Up? Would appreciate knowing which add-on you like better and why?

3/20/2018 04:48 - Michael R.

NC lottery is the worst lottery Ive seen when it comes to the pick 3 and pick 4 numbers. I hit all the time in the Va lottery which is right across the border from me, but I cant hit jack in NC even though I spend more in NC lottery. The numbers are the worst drawn Ive ever seen. I swear it looks like they draw the least payout number in each drawing.

3/20/2018 11:17 - Robert A.

Hello, NCEL...Is it possible that we can get the Fireball play option to our pick3 and pick4 game play like the 2 states I know of like Illinois and New jersey....I think more people would enjoy the game option more without complaints...can you guys consider that for us soon that like to play...Thank You NC Lottery
Thank you for the suggestion. It's helpful to know what other lotteries do that players might like here too. No plans to add the Fireball play option at the moment, though.

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