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Video: Win a Panthers luxury suite for a season

August 7, 2018 Posted by NC Lottery at 5:10 PM

It’s the time of year football fans have been waiting for! And just in time for the season, we’re teaming up with the Carolina Panthers to bring you another Panthers themed scratch-off ticket.

The $5 ticket has five top prizes of $200,000 and over $12 million in total prizes, so there’s plenty of reasons to get excited.

That’s not all, you can enter your tickets into one of three second-chance drawings for a chance to watch the Panthers pound the field in style. Watch the video to see how you could be watching the big game.

Drawing 1:
 Stadium tent tailgating package

-    Watch the Panthers take on the New York Giants on Oct. 7. Enjoy a stadium tent with 20 tickets to the game.
-    40 players will win a $250 team store gift card    

Drawing 2:
Behind the scenes game experience

-    Watch the Panthers take on the Seattle Seahawks during the Nov. 25 game. You and 13 friends will enjoy a luxury suite and behind the scenes access.

-   40 players will win a $250 team store gift card    

Drawing 3:
Panthers luxury suite

-    Watch every home game for the 2019 season in a luxury suite for 12.
20 players will win a $250 team store gift card

The deadline to enter the first drawing for the New York Giants game is Aug.  31. You can read the official rules

Good luck, and remember to keep scratching!


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8/15/2018 07:09 - Eddie C.

hello I had twice this past week try to cash a 50 dollar scratch off and was told by store No money!if you sell lottery tickets should you not have the money if you win? NC Lottery
Congratulations on the win. Some small stores do not keep a lot of money in their cash registers. It's a decision made by a small business. Try larger stores such as a grocery store to claim your prize.

8/09/2018 01:51 - Denver G.

I am guessing if you are lucky enough to win a gift card you can use it on the panthers online store. I used to live 30 minutes from the stadium. Not any more. That gift card would make a nice present for someone.

8/09/2018 12:12 - Denver G.

??? 1st the winners are responsible for taxes , now you say NCEL will cover it. I thought someone was mistaken. 2nd chance prizes have always had the taxes covered by the NCEL. I think what you meant was it is the winners responsibility to report the winnings as income come tax time. But they will not have to pay taxes because they have already been taken care of. And again NO ONE is taxed twice.NC Lottery
You are correct on all accounts, Denver. However, since we only cover minimum state and federal taxes, we still recommend winners consult with a tax professional.

8/09/2018 05:50 - Mike S.

Thanks for the prize info. So the tax (minimum withholding of 29.499%) on the grand prize would be $51,884, Behind the Scenes would be $10,460 and Stadium Tent would be $4,184, is that correct? And would the winner have to remit the tax to NCEL before receiving the prize?NC Lottery
Hi Mike, You are welcome. No, the winner would not have to remit taxes on the Second Chance prize experience. The lottery will cover the minimum state and federal withholding.

8/09/2018 12:11 - Sandy L.

winning a wonderful

8/08/2018 10:47 - shannon r.

Can we choose a cash option on the Panthers ticket prizes?cause if I win I'm certain I can't afford to pay $40,000 in taxes at the end of the year!NC Lottery
Hi Shannon, This prize does not have a cash option--but don't worry--the lottery will cover the minimum state and federal withholding for this prize!

8/08/2018 09:06 - Rachel B.

How do I enter my ticket into the 2nd Drawing for the Seahawks game?NC Lottery
The entry period for the behind the scenes experience for the game versus the Seattle Seahawks begins on September 1st and ends on September 31st. To enter your tickets, simply wait until entries open on September 1st and then scan your Carolina Panthers ticket into Lucke-Rewards for points. By scanning the ticket, you will be automatically entered into the drawing for that prize. Hope this helps!

8/08/2018 09:00 - Rachel B.

Drawing 2: Wow! What a 64th birthday present it would be on November25th to see the Seattle Seahawks and the Panthers.NC Lottery
We're glad you like the prizes, Rachel!

8/08/2018 08:26 - Donnell C.

I would LOVE to be the.I went to the fanfest,and had a ballNC Lottery
We're glad to hear you had a great time at FanFest, Donnell! Did you stop by our booth and say hi?

8/08/2018 03:57 - Tanya C.

Do you guys know that the scan option by cell is down? It hasn't worked in a few days.NC Lottery
Hi Tanya, We're sorry you're having trouble scanning your tickets! It looks like everything is working as it should on our end. Please try logging out and then back in again and double check that you only have one barcode in view as you scan. If that doesn't fix the issue, please give our online team a call at 1-855-767-1863 so they can help troubleshoot the issue you are having.

8/08/2018 02:09 - Mike S.

LZ, in the rules for the Panthers drawings, it states that winners are responsible for state and federal taxes. Are these drawings taxable and if they are what are the prize values? NC Lottery
Hey Mike, That's correct -- winners are responsible for state and federal taxes on second-chance promotions. Here are the approximate prize values for the Panthers Second Chance drawing: the 2019 Luxury Suite Season Tickets Package is valued at $175,884; the Behind the Scenes Package is valued at $35,460; the Stadium Tent Game Package is valued at $14,184. Let us know if you have any other questions.

8/08/2018 01:43 - Denver G.

To Beverly R. and anyone else. If you hear something untrue, if it is repeated long enough you begin to believe it. I can assure you, you DO NOT get taxed twice on your taxable lottery winnings period!!! The lottery takes taxes out of your winnings. They are consider income. You will get a W2G form with your check. Just like your employer takes taxes from your paycheck. You must keep the W2G form the NCEL gives you when you file your taxes to prove you already paid the tax. Just like the W2 form you get in the mail from your employer so you can file your taxes. Like LZ said they only take out the minimum. So if you have to pay 30% at tax time 25% has already been paid. You will not pay twice, just another 5%.

8/08/2018 01:16 - Herman S.

Happy Winning Wednesday to all NCEL second chance players. It will be Colossal payout today via today's drawing. Good luck to all. NCEL... can you confirm the total entries submitted in the second chance promotions drawing today for the Cash Splash, Multiply The Cash Second Chance and 10 Win Qucik Cash promotions? NC Lottery
We're happy to. As of the morning of Monday, August 5th, the Cash Splash Lucke-Rewards drawing had a total of 935,501 entries; the Multiply the Cash Second Chance drawing had a total of 5,387,305 entries; the 10 Win Quick Cash Lucke-Rewards drawing had 170,766 entries.

8/08/2018 10:45 - Julie W.


8/08/2018 10:38 - William D.

Wondering why the ticket numbers are no longer in the order they come out? example the $5 777 is number 706 but yet a new one is 626 for the $5 Carolina panthers. Hard to keep track as the age of each ticket. NC Lottery
Hi William, Our team is continually planning new games throughout the year. As games are planned, they are added to a list and assigned a game number. Generally, the game numbers are in sequential order. On occasion, special circumstances occur and you might see an out of order game number. Our apologies for any confusion this has caused.

8/08/2018 10:12 - Alvin H.

I been asking for a few years now, can you guys please up multi-draw from 7-draw to 28-draws like South Carolina? Hack Michigan let's do 60-draws, I don't know why pick-3 and pick-4 can't go beyond 7-draws. Cash 5 let play for 28-draws. Please make this change to multi-draw for pick-3 and pick-4 soon! Also can we please get a Cash 5 midday draw? Thanks NC Lottery
Hi Alvin, Thanks for your suggestions! At this time, we don't have plans to make these changes, but we will pass your feedback along to the folks who make those decisions!

8/08/2018 07:41 - Mike S.

And a $200K winner claimed on the first day of the tickets being put on sale. Congrats!NC Lottery
We are very excited about the first $200,000 Carolina Panthers big win! Keep an eye out for a blog post telling their story today.

8/07/2018 11:42 - kitrell v.

how do i enter my ticket..NC Lottery
Hi Kitrell, Our second-chance drawings offer a second chance to win a prize on a lottery ticket! To be entered, all you need to do is scan your ticket into your online account. You will be automatically entered into the second-chance drawing for that ticket!

8/07/2018 10:20 - carolyn b.

We're glad you like the new ticket, Carolyn! At this time, there are no plans to bring back a "for life" ticket, but we will surely share the news here if that changes!

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