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Co-workers win $1 million second-chance prize

January 11, 2019 Posted by NC Lottery at 2:55 PM

Bryan McDaniel of Smithfield and Tony Hedgepeth of Dunn are co-workers and friends, and now, they’re the first players to win $1 million in the $10,000,000 Colossal Cash second-chance drawing.

They walked into lottery headquarters Friday morning greeted by cheers and confetti. After some tears and a round of hugs, they expressed their disbelief.

“We talked about what it would be like to win,” McDaniel said. “We never thought we actually would.”
“I didn’t believe him when he told me the lottery called and wanted us to come to headquarters,” Hedgepeth said. “We pull pranks on each other all the time and that’s what I thought this was. When he played me the voicemail, I knew he wasn’t kidding.”

The forklift repairmen make it a tradition to play the lottery together, and have been doing so for over a year.

“We stop in the morning before work to get our scratch-off tickets,” McDaniel said. “Every afternoon we enter our tickets into the second-chance drawings.”

There are four remaining $10,000,000 Colossal Cash second-chance drawings. Players can enter their winning and non-winning tickets for a chance to win $1million. Winners of second-chance drawings are notified by email or phone call.

“I was joking with Tony that it never felt so good to be a loser in my life,” McDaniel said. “This is incredible that we won the second-chance drawing!”

They had the choice of taking an annuity that has 20 payments of $50,000 a year or a lump sum of $600,000. They chose the lump sum. After required state and federal tax withholdings, they shared $424,500.

McDaniel plans to use some of the money to do something special for his brand new baby girl and his 11 year-old-son. He also wants to open his own business.

“We’ve talked about doing this for quite a while,” McDaniel said. “We never had the resources to do it, but now we can.”

Hedgepeth said he plans to use some of the money to replace his 2001 pick-up truck.

“I’m going to get a white truck with leather seats,” Hedgepeth said. “We actually went to the lot this morning to look at one.” 

$10,000,000 Colossal Cash offers 25 prizes of $1 million or more. The top prize is $10 million. Ticket sales from scratch-off games help the lottery raise more than $650 million a year for education. For details on how lottery funds are making a difference in all of North Carolina’s 100 counties, click on the “Impact” section of the lottery’s website,  


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5/08/2019 10:49 - Glynda H.

So happy for those guys .. i do hope i win something soon..

4/08/2019 09:09 - Brittany T.

Have all of the winners of the current drawing been notified? NC Lottery
Hi Brittany, Our team notifying the winners for the Lucky Cash Dash and Multiply the Cash drawings now. Due to the higher than normal volume of winners being processed, please anticipate a delay. We appreciate your patience!

4/08/2019 12:23 - Christopher T.

Oh im srry my mistake. I guess my odds arent looking so well then. Thank you anyway

4/07/2019 12:27 - Christopher T.

Hello i do not think my last comment posted so i will ask again. Have the results posted for the second chance winner for 4/3/19? I had 2629 votes but i am on android and have yet to verify winners. NC Lottery
Hi Christopher-We did post your blog comment, you just posted on a different blog than this one. Winners names are not posted until they claim. We are in the process of notifying the winners from this last drawing.

2/19/2019 05:27 - jeffery f.

I like to thank NC Lottery for helping people and changing people life for the better.To the guy that wants a white truck buy it you deserve it.I hope,I will be able to share those incredible feeling of winning one day.

1/15/2019 06:30 - Berry B.

Congrats to you both,one day it will be me!!

1/14/2019 10:34 - Angie F.

Congrats... however..tomorrow I will be calling NC lottery to assure I do have an Lucke Rewards account VALID. I enter..enter..and enter..WIN NOTHING. And again I see where someone won back to back weeks in two drawings..something is up in the neighborhood. I've entered OVER 500,000 points and nada..zeroNC Lottery
Sorry to hear you aren't having more luck, Angie. We wish every player could be a big winner, but unfortunately that is not the case. But, as long as you are seeing a confirmation for you entries, they are being counted! We also wanted to let you know that winning in one drawing doesn't disqualify a player from having good luck again! The more entries a player makes, the more chances he or she has to win. Of course, having even one entry in a drawing gives you a chance to win! We hope your next entry is a lucky one!

1/14/2019 09:17 - Raychel C.

Congratz fella y'all make me keep my Hope alive..

1/14/2019 09:01 - Anita P.


1/14/2019 08:42 - Reba B.

Congrats on the win! That's what friends are for:)

1/14/2019 05:42 - Melissa M.

Congratulations you guys!!!!

1/14/2019 05:12 - Linda B.

So happy for the both of you. May your winnings bring you lots of joy!!!God Bless you both

1/14/2019 04:08 - kevin f.

Congratulations gentlemen

1/14/2019 01:39 - Roslyn K.


1/14/2019 12:26 - Denver G.

I have no doubt these 2 hard working blue collar men just got lucky and I don't begrudge them in any way. No wonder 99% of the winners don't get their picture taken or tell a story. TOO MANY BOGUS COMMENTS, insulting not only the integrity of the NCEL but also insulting the integrity of the winners themselves.....

1/14/2019 11:33 - Chukwuma A.

You win $1,000,000 and you take home $424,500 because you don't want annuity payments. But you win $750,000 on the Jumbo scratch off, your take home pay is $530,678.

1/14/2019 10:19 - Zachary H.

I have no doubt these men are affiliated with the NC Lottery in some way. When you have bought no less than 20, Colossal Cash tickets in the past two weeks and only 1 ticket was a $60.00 winner, you know the NC Lottery is rigged! The odds printed on these tickets are 100% bogus! NC Lottery
Hey there Zachary, We've responded to your comments in the past, but we wanted to remind you that winning and non-winning tickets are distributed at random throughout the entire game. This means that it's entirely possible for there to be many non-winning tickets or winning tickets in a row. All lottery games go through a post-game audit to ensure the odds are correct. Best of luck.

1/14/2019 09:37 - Gary C.

Congratulations on your win and best wishes on your new adventures.

1/14/2019 08:08 - ABRAHAM S.


1/13/2019 04:29 - Bonnie G.


1/13/2019 11:46 - Michael P.

I know you can't keep a running total, but now that the drawing is over, can you tell us how many entries there were in this particular drawing? NC Lottery
Absolutely! There were over 951,000 entries for the Colossal Cash second-chance drawing.

1/13/2019 10:48 - steven r.

Give God favor. What a blessing.

1/13/2019 09:53 - Maurice H.

Bless you guys

1/13/2019 07:18 - Charlie H.

Congratulations Guys & good luck in your new business!

1/12/2019 08:14 - Leonard A.

Does NCEL post how many entries were for Lucky E Rewards and Second Chance drawings? How are drawings conducted? NC Lottery
Leonard- There is not a specific spot where we post the number of entries for each drawing since it changes every day. If you want to know how many entries there are for a specific drawing, you can ask us and we're happy to tell you. Drawings are conducted electronically.

1/12/2019 07:51 - joanie m.

Congrats???? That is a great idea to start a new Bussiness I am saving to buy my own doughnut cart and equipment to share my grandmas recipes I play second chance love playing. Great win you guys

1/12/2019 05:41 - Kenya S.

How would I know if I won? Would I know by now? NC Lottery
Hi Kenya-Once a drawing takes place, winners are notified by email or phone within 24 to 48 business hours.

1/12/2019 03:13 - Patricia M.


1/12/2019 10:43 - bruce s.

Congrats on a Big WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Southeastern North Carolina Desires some BIG Wins also in Second Chance Drawings.The locals are not the only people that Play the Lottery!!!!!!!!!!!!

1/12/2019 09:44 - Tony T.

curious why they're not showing up listed as winners yet in the " list"? NC Lottery
Tony-It takes one to two business days for the information to be reflected online once a winner claims.

1/12/2019 07:41 - Loretta M.

Congratulations. I love to hear of local winners.

1/12/2019 12:16 - Vicki G.


1/11/2019 09:47 - cheryl c.

congrats and happy new year.

1/11/2019 09:18 - Edward S.

I hope to win the big one one day, I've never won anything in my life,I know people say this but,it's true in my case, I've never had any luck at anything,I say maybe I'm being saved to get into heaven, because the bible says it's easier to get an elephant through the eye of a needle than a rich man getting into heaven,so i'd like to win but it's no biggie.

1/11/2019 07:43 - Shika J.

Happy for them, I was anticipating that phone call myself lol I even been checking my emails ??

1/11/2019 03:07 - DL H.

Awesome story! Congratulations. Welcome to the family of Second Chance winners Very happy for you :-)

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