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Cumberland County man to take grandmother on a cruise with $750,000 lottery prize

October 21, 2019 Posted by NC Lottery at 8:22 AM

Jonathan Davis of Hope Mills said he’s going to use part of his $750,000 lottery prize to take his grandmother on a cruise.

“She loves being able to get out of the house and explore,” Davis said. “It’s something we can do together as a family.”

Davis’ good luck happened Friday morning when he stopped at the 301 Kwik Shop on U.S. 301 North in Parkton to get a Coke. While there, he decided to get a $10 Jumbo Bucks scratch-off ticket. He took the ticket to his truck and started scratching.

“I just stared at the ticket,” said Davis, who installs fireplaces. “I wasn’t sure what to think. I just wanted to make sure it was real.”

Davis claimed his prize a few hours later at lottery headquarters in Raleigh. After required state and federal tax withholdings, he took home $530,628. In addition to the cruise, Davis said he plans to start a savings account for each of his two boys and save for retirement.

Ticket sales from games like Jumbo Bucks make it possible for the lottery to raise more than $700 million a year for education. For details on how lottery funds have made a difference in all of North Carolina’s 100 counties, click on the “Impact” section of the lottery’s website.



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10/24/2019 12:26 - Alvin W.

Awesome timing for you and yours if you haven't yet please thank the Good Lord GOD for allowing this to now be apart of your life. Congrats

10/22/2019 08:00 - Berry B.

Very nice win!!

10/22/2019 03:05 - Troy W.

NCEL, thank you for explanation to William A.'s question regarding the $750K vs. $1MIL prizes. I have often wondered why anyone would play Jumbo Bucks without realizing that winners win the whole prize.

10/22/2019 08:10 - William A.

One more thing I see that you have added more prizes to the Jumbo bucks! How about the first run of losers do they get picked up since all the prizes were won on that run? I hope the lottery wouldn’t leave tickets out there after the major prizes have been won.NC Lottery
Hi William, when a game is reordered and more prizes are added, we simply add those tickets to the existing pool of winning and non-winning ticket that were already available for retailers to order and sell. There were still lots of prizes out there for this game, but it was extremely popular with our players, so we reordered it to give our players even more chances to win.

10/22/2019 08:06 - William A.

Great win and smart guy for buying this ticket. It drives me crazy that the Jumbo bucks pays out 530k after taxes while winning a million dollar ticket only gets you a little over 400k. Annuity my butt! If the lottery was hurting for money I understand the annuity but we have record sales! Pay the people what they deserve! Pay them the whole million it’s hard enough to win it!!NC Lottery
Hi William, You bring up a great point. The Jumbo Bucks game was created for a very specific reason. Folks often asked for a game where there was a chance at a bigger prize, but didn't have the lump sum/annuity, so we created Jumbo Bucks. Since this game's top prize is less than $1 million, players get the entire $750,000 as their prize. We try to create games at many price points and with varying odds and prizes so that our players can decide for themselves which game they would like to play.

10/22/2019 07:49 - Sheila I.

Nice! Once I win, I'm taking my mom on a much needed vacation... maybe Bermuda or Aruba.

10/21/2019 03:44 - DANTE' T.


10/21/2019 03:08 - Janette B.

Congrats and keep changing lives or the better.

10/21/2019 02:32 - DL H.

Awesome grandson!!! Hope your grandmother and everyone has a great time

10/21/2019 10:42 - Brenda S.

Best of luck. Enjoy your cruise.

10/21/2019 10:07 - Lillian Irene L.

Congratulations enjoy that cruise

10/21/2019 09:47 - Mary G.

Congratulations! How sweet of you to do this for your grandmother! And even smarter that you plan to save some for the future - more winners should do that!

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