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Wake County man wins first top prize in $5,000,000 Fortune game

October 21, 2019 Posted by NC Lottery at 11:55 AM

The first top prize of $5 million in the $5,000,000 Fortune scratch-off game goes to Gabriel Campos of Willow Spring.

Campos purchased the lucky ticket at Circle K on West Williams Street in Apex.

He claimed his top prize Friday at lottery headquarters in Raleigh. Campos had the choice of taking the $5 million as an annuity of 20 payments of $250,000, or a lump sum of $3 million. He chose the lump sum. After required state and federal tax withholdings, he took home $2,122,506.

The $20 ticket launched in August with three top prizes of $5 million and six $100,000 prizes. Two top prizes and five $100,000 prizes remain. 


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10/23/2019 08:53 - Cheryl D.

Congrats Gabriel, i have never played that game but i may get one to see if i can repeat your fate. Wish me LUCK!

10/23/2019 04:17 - Tim M.

Hey LZ, half the time you give a link, you don't insert the hyperlink. Yeah, I know, we can type it in but why should we have to do all that in this microwave society? LOL.

10/22/2019 05:21 - Gerald D.


10/22/2019 01:20 - Randy E.

Congrats , enjoy , be smart and help someone in need .

10/22/2019 11:55 - Zachary H.

Once we realize the NC Lottery is 100% rigged, the better off we will all be. I have purchased At least 20 tickets of “The Big Spin” and not 1 winning ticket!!! The odds posted in the back of the tickets are a complete, far fetched lie! All the lottery executives are living lavish lifestyles at the expense of the average joe!NC Lottery
Hi Zachary, We've seen you comment a lot recently and we've done our best to answer your questions and offer more info on how the lottery works, but in reading your comments, it sounds like you're frustrated. Lottery games are meant to be a fun form of entertainment, and we only want folks to play as long as they are enjoying themselves. If not, that's a great sign that you should stop playing. We'd also like to take this opportunity to let everyone know that we have resources available for folks who feel like playing the lottery is no longer a game. We encourage you to read more here:

10/22/2019 11:07 - Brenda S.

Fanastic. Good luck with your winnings.

10/21/2019 10:31 - Celia G.

Wow! Congratulations

10/21/2019 06:03 - JIM B.

Just googled paying social security tax on lotto winnings and was pleased to find out that you do not have to pay the 15.30% tax on your winnings! What a relief! Sorry-next time i will do my research before my comment!

10/21/2019 05:40 - JIM B.

Gabriel,much congratulations on your win, left 1.4 million sitting on the table vs taking the annuity. I am sure you realized this,but considering the annuity is guaranteed to be paid out to someone over the next 20 years i would have gone that way myself. 250,000 a year (176,875 net) is a pretty decent paycheck each year. Here's hoping i get to make that decision one day! Once again congrats!NC Lottery
Everyone's financial situation is different and so everyone has different reasons for choosing either the lump sum or annuity. That's why we give folks that option. We hope you get to make that decision one day, too! :)

10/21/2019 03:07 - Janette B.

I am happy for you and your family.

10/21/2019 02:33 - DL H.

Woooooo Hooooooo Gabriel Way to go. Awesome win. Congratulations:-)

10/21/2019 02:10 - brian p.

The gentleman below me is right...if the lottery would research top prize winner's and post I guarantee over time 75 percent of top prize winner's are from Eastern side of the stateNC Lottery
Anywhere folks are taking more chances to win the odds will play out there more often over time. So, since a majority of the state's population is in the central and east parts of the state, you'll have a larger volume of both winning and non-winning tickets being sold in proportion with the odds. That has no effect on the likelihood of a particular ticket winning or not winning a prize, whether it be in a big city or a small town, east or west.

10/21/2019 01:05 - Robert C.

hmmm seems like many winners are from the east of Carolina or right around Raleigh. hmmmm It makes sense.I gotta make a special trip out there. Cause the Western NC is as dry as parched lips.NC Lottery
It's not easier to win the lottery in the east. If you moved there and played the lottery there, you'd just be playing the lottery with a lot more people around you! No matter where you choose to play, your odds will always stay the same. It has to be that way for the lottery to be fair to everyone. If you read our blog from week to week you'll see we have winners in the west, too.

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