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Fans take turns with BIG SPIN wheel at N.C. Seafood Festival

October 4, 2019 Posted by NC Lottery at 1:36 PM

Folks enjoying this weekend’s N.C. Seafood Festival got to see the star of our new BIG SPIN game in action and try their own luck at winning a free Big SPIN ticket.

The BIG SPIN wheel starred at the Education Lottery’s booth on the Morehead City waterfront. After a $10 purchase, visitors got to take a turn and win a prize, such as a T-shirt, prize pack, $25 gift card, or a free BIG SPIN ticket. If they won the ticket, they had a chance to play a new first-of-its-kind game in North Carolina.

Here’s how the new game works. Each $5 ticket gives you 16 chances to win. When you scratch the ticket, you can win either a cash prize or an online Spin Prize. If you win the Spin Prize head over to to spin the wheel. You’ll either win a cash prize or a BIG SPIN.

A BIG SPIN win is the game’s big prize. That means you head to a TV studio to star in your own live event. You take home at least $100,000, but could win $500,000.

At the festival on Friday, dozens warmed up their wheel arms and gave the wheel their best turns.

“I haven’t seen a game like this before,” said Damien Cherry of Aulander after he took a turn with the wheel. “It’s cool. It’s nice.”

“I like it because I won a free ticket,” said Laurie Tatum of Atlantic Beach. “I’ll tell you more after I win the money. Naw. It’s all fun and games, and it helps education.”

The game has eight BIG SPIN prizes. It also offers three $100,000 cash prizes. The odds of winning a BIG SPIN are 1 in 1.14 million. Overall odds of winning, including a breakeven prize, are 1 in 4.28.

We’re taking the big wheel and the Big Spin promotion to three other events this fall.

Come see us at:

  • The Carolina Nationals at zMax Dragway in Concord on Friday, Oct. 11 through Sunday, Oct. 13.
  • The Barbecue Festival in Lexington on the weekend of Oct. 26th.
  • The Can-Am World Finals at the Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway Nov. 7 – 9.



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10/23/2019 04:23 - Tim M.

I forgot about the live stream. Totally slipped my mind and I was available, in body anyway. Will you have another one soon?NC Lottery
Yes! Our next big winner is scheduled to spin on Nov. 5. Same time, same place. We hope to see you there.

10/22/2019 03:53 - JIM B.

Please post my correction comment that after going to good ole Google i discovered i was in error about the 15.30% FICA tax. Thankfully I was mistaken-should have done my homework first. Or you can use this comment to suffice. My apologies. Thanks. P.S. The taxes of 29.25% are still ridiculous.

10/21/2019 05:23 - JIM B.

I am not positive about this following statement as it never applied to me! My thinking is you probably need to set back or mail in another 15.30% for Social Security income tax. If true then ouch on the 44.05% taxes on your gross winnings. Always a good idea to put your losing tickets in a big shoebox to offset up to the amount of your winnings. 44%-how ridiculous!

10/21/2019 11:04 - coriante s.

Is it to late to enter the big spin drawing tomorrow. I’m already sign up for the live feed tomorrow on fb for a chance to win a 60 pack.oh and one question how much would you receive back after state and federal taxes when you win 5,000 or 10,000 I need the exact numbers NC Lottery
Hi Coriante, It's not too late to enter! All you have to do is tune into our live stream tomorrow at 1 p.m. on Facebook and comment on the live video. We'll announce the winners at the end of the stream. All wins of $5,000 and up are subject to minimum state and federal taxes. Right now, those rates are 4.75% for state and 24% for federal, but they can change from year to year. Since we only take out the minimum required taxes and we don't know each winner's unique financial situation, we can't say for sure what each individual winner would end up taking home. We always suggest that winners speak with a financial professional when they claim to ensure that there are no surprises come tax time.

10/19/2019 08:34 - connie b.

why don't u tell how many people from south Carolina win your lots of Lottery
Hi Connie, our winner page includes the city and state of every winner. You can take a look and see where recent winners are from right here:

10/18/2019 08:58 - donna b.

i just bought 3 tickets this week and entered them in the 2nd chance drawing when i got home, and it said on the computer that . You already entered this ticket, Now how in the heck is that possible ???????NC Lottery
Hi there Donna, This doesn't sound right. Please hold onto those tickets and give our Customer Services team a call at 1-877-962-7529 and they will connect you with someone who can help.

10/17/2019 06:11 - JULIA J.

NCEL, received the PB hat thanks so much!

10/15/2019 03:19 - Richard D.

I found out that vending touch lottery machine allow play during late night. That what I thought it can't sale or play at vending touch lottery machine after 9PM at every night. That why I am little confused about vending touch lottery machine. I want to know about your vending touch lottery machine rules or policy.NC Lottery
Hi there Richard, In general, our vending machines should be operational 24/7. However, there are a few instances where that might not be the case. For example, draw games are not available to purchase between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. each night; a vending machine would not be accessible during the time of day when a business is closed; some retailers deactivate the vending machine at specific times in order to do their inventory. Hope this helps!

10/09/2019 10:11 - billy ray l.

Thanks for the link .wow 2 billion dollars last year that's a lot of money .but it's very hard to see $1.26 billion doars going back to players when there is a 1.4 odds on every game.we all know the face value of the number of wining cards plays the total that's 25% not 63% per card game printed.NC Lottery
Hi Billy Ray, Please allow us to clarify. If a game has odds of 1 in 4, that means 25% of the tickets have AT LEAST a break-even prize on them. So 25% of the tickets are be winners. Prizes on those 25% of tickets could range from a break-even prize to the top prize. That 25% number is different than the total prize payout of a game. Generally games are designed to pay out around 60-70% in prizes -- at all levels. Hope this helps.

10/09/2019 01:49 - Donna H.

People should know, there is no reason to go on line and enter the code. There isn't a second prize associated with the code. It is a waste of time to enter it when you get your prize without doing so.

10/09/2019 07:49 - NC Lottery

@BILLY RAY L.: Hi Billy Ray, We share detailed info on exactly how lottery funds break down here: Here's a quick snapshot: 63 cents of every dollar goes to prizes for all our games. It's our biggest expense. Without the fun of prizes, folks wouldn’t enjoy playing the lottery. Next, 26 cents goes to education--the good cause that we raise money for. 7 cents goes to retailer commissions while just 3 cents go to administrative expenses like employee pay, infrastructure and our gaming systems. Lastly, 1 cent goes to advertising. Just like brands need to advertise their products and services, we must advertise to maximize our return to education. We hope this info helps.

10/09/2019 06:57 - Zachary H.

Wow, great job NC lottery! Preying/marketing on the young (under 18) market for your new game “Big Spin”. The more money I lose to the NC lottery, the more I see how corrupt it actually is. I’m glad your executives can live a lavish life, all the while the schools you supposedly give money too are crumbling! Shame on y’all!!!!!!!!!!NC Lottery
Hi Zachary, All of our new games undergo extensive reviews before they are approved for release to ensure that they are fair to all players and that they do not have a unique appeal to children. Last year we raised more than ever for education across the state -- $708 million! You can learn how that money was used here:

10/08/2019 07:28 - billy ray l.

Oh I know all about the odds I noticed one of you had told someone that the losing tickets payed all the winng pay outs but I multiplied the number of wining tickets by there face value. And it total to come out as same as all pay outs so that means the 25% of tickets are winners and that 25% pays out all the total prizes.for that game .let's say example" the 25% toalal sales where million dollars and the payout is 30. Million .the 75% of remain tickets we know are loosiers . So if 25 % is face value .is 30 million then 75% is 90 million dollars of profit where does that 75% go? I still say multi-million dollars advertising is a waste.less waste more winners .more money for the schools. Look where the tickets are in the stores ..plain sight you don't miss"em it's not like hunting a bag of some isle.

10/08/2019 05:31 - billy ray l.

I'm sorry I told that in a way that you thought we bought all 52 tickets at one time .we did not they were purchased in mooresboro.shelby.cliffside and foresty city. & ruthefordton.i did take a chance on Shelby this dand morning and won $10.00 on big spin so that's 2 out of 53.

10/08/2019 04:05 - bruce s.

If thereis only 25% of tickets are winners,if you factor in break-even prizes.there are only 10-15% of prizes between $10-$100 prizes.5% of $200-$1000 and 1-3% between 10k and million or more ..0.5% 4-10 million.....odds are terrible.....

10/08/2019 02:23 - Donna H.

This game is a little confusing. Perhaps I'm slow this week. I took the winning ticket ( winning number matched the SPIN) home and entered the code on line. I won $20 on the spin and message said to take the ticket to the retailer to get the prize. Retailer said ticket was cashed in. Well yes it was for the winning number but not for the spin prize. How do I get the money?NC Lottery
Hi Donna, It sounds like you did everything right. Please give or Customer Services team a call at 1-877-962-7529 and let them know what happened with your ticket.

10/07/2019 09:24 - Srinivasarao C.

I bought scratch ticket but couldn't win anything.This seems to be not realNC Lottery
Sorry to hear that, Srinivasarao. Every time you play the lottery, it takes luck to beat the odds. That's true whether you play one ticket or 10. There's only ever a chance to win—never a guarantee. We wish every ticket could win a prize, but prize money comes from non-winning tickets. That's why $1 could win $1,000 or $10 could win $1 million.

10/07/2019 04:49 - billy ray l.

Oops I told you all wrong it was $20.00 I won on the big spin card .I hit big spin went to the site and won $20.00.that was my bad it was $20.00 out of 52 tickets . NC Lottery
Hi Billy Ray, We don't recommend playing the lottery by buying rolls of tickets. With games of chance, there is never a guarantee you will win more than you wager. Odds of 1 in 4 don't mean that you're guaranteed a win if you buy several tickets in a row. It just means that 25% of the millions of tickets printed have at least a break-even prize on them. Sometimes all it takes is one lucky person finding one lucky ticket. We hope your next ticket is a lucky one.

10/07/2019 04:31 - billy ray l.

Well it's not good but it's just the way it is I guess .my fiance myself .and two friends bought 52 $5.00 big spin tickets and I was the only winner ten dollars out of 52 tickets .not good!" At All.

10/07/2019 02:06 - JULIA J.

Thank you so much! Hope you were able to locate my address on my the Lucke-Rewards account.NC Lottery
We sure did! Keep an eye out for a hat coming your way in the next couple weeks. :)

10/07/2019 09:26 - Mary H.


10/04/2019 04:45 - JULIA J.

I failed to mention that there were no hats there at all as promised. NC Lottery
Sorry to hear that, Julia. We will mail one to you at the address on your Lucke-Rewards account. :)

10/04/2019 03:00 - JULIA J.

We got to spin The Big Wheel and won a swag bag and 2 Big Spin Tickets! Drove 3 hours to the Festival to get Power Ball Caps because the rep from the Lottery st the International Folk Festival told us the caps are on the packing list and will be available thereNC Lottery
It was great to see you again, Julia! We hope you had a great time at the Seafood Festival.

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