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Video: Players Win It All in September

October 4, 2019 Posted by NC Lottery at 11:00 AM

September brought lots of exciting wins for our players!

Folks across the state claimed 16 prizes of $100,000 or more throughout the month, including one $1,124,366 Cash 5 jackpot win, one $10 million scratch-off win and more than 400 lucky fans won a suite of Win It All scratch-offs during our Friday the 13th Facebook promotion.

While all wins are thrilling, we rounded up the three most exciting wins of the month. Which win was your favorite?

#1: $250,000 lottery prize means a dream home for Brunswick County man

  • Gregory Evans of Southport won $250,000 while playing the new $250,000 Win It All scratch-off game. He plans to use his prize money to make his longtime dream of owning a home come true. “It’s something I’ve always wanted,” he said when he claimed his prize. “It was never a true possibility until now. My whole life has changed. It’s just proof that you have to keep believing in the beauty of your dreams.”

#2: Nash County woman plans to buy new car with $10,000 prize

  • After winning $10,000 while playing the $250,000 Win It All scratch-off game, Angela Glover of Nashville said she plans to buy a new car. What’s the first thing you’d upgrade if you won a big prize?

#3: Friday the 13th turns from unlucky to very lucky in surprise win for all

  • We asked folks on our Facebook page a question: Have you ever felt like you could win it all? They commented with stories about their winning moments for the chance to win a suite of Win It All scratch-offs. We promised scratch-offs to 10 lucky winners, but wanted to spread even more luck, so everyone who commented won a prize! That’s more than 400 winners. Take that Friday the 13th!

Congratulations to all of September’s winners! We hope to meet even more of you this month.



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10/14/2019 02:03 - Sheila I.

@beth s. You can collect your winnings at supermarkets, Walmart etc. I've done it a few times.

10/14/2019 08:06 - NC Lottery

@BETH S.: Sorry to hear you're having trouble finding somewhere to claim your prizes, Beth. That is certainly not the winning experience we want you to have. We encourage retailers to pay prizes in cash up to $599, but we cannot require them to do so. For security reasons, many stores don't keep that amount of money in their registers all the time. However, if they aren't able to pay a prize in cash, they should offer you the option of getting your prize in other forms of payment--like a business check or money order. If the retailer did not offer you an alternative form of payment, please let us know where this happened and we will reach out to remind them of our policies on paying prizes. If you'd prefer to get your prizes in cash, we recommend visiting a larger retailer, like a grocery store, as they usually have larger sums of cash on-hand.

10/13/2019 09:45 - Beth S.

Hi NCEL. I enjoy playing and have won on several occasions; however, it has become difficult to cash in $500 wins. I understand that some stores may have times when they do not have access to the cash; however, when your told they do not cash tickets for this amount it is frustrating. The tickets state that can be cashed at your local retailers. I understand I have the option not to purchase at these stores; however, our options are limited in this area. How can they sell tickets but not cash them?NC Lottery
Hi there Beth, Please see our full response above!

10/12/2019 03:34 - Sheila I.

Thanks. Denver G

10/11/2019 08:30 - Denver G.

To Sheila, Click on the Promotions & Drawings tab under the Play Now tab. You will see there are NO 2nd chance drawings scheduled for Oct or Nov. There is a big one on Dec 4th 2019. The next two big ones are scheduled for Feb 5th 2020.

10/11/2019 04:51 - Sheila I.

@nc lottery. You guys are being very difficult. It was a drawing that happened on 10/9NC Lottery
Hi Sheila, We apolgoize for the difficulty, we just want to make sure we're giving you the most accurate information. There was not a drawing for $10,000 on 10/9. There were two Lucke-Rewards drawings that took place on 10/9: The Fast Cash Lucke-Rewards weekly drawing where 10 players won $100 and the Fall Fortune Lucke-Rewards monthly drawing where one player won $25,000. There were no second-chance drawings that day. These drawings are not set for a specific time of day, just designated for that particular day so that security and auditors can follow all the procedures. In general, it takes our team 48 hours to process and notify the winners for these drawings. So for the drawing that took place on Wednesday, winners can expect to receive word by the end of the day today. Hope this helps.

10/10/2019 07:32 - Sheila I.

@nc lottery the second chance drawing. I think it's for $10kNC Lottery
Hi Sheila, We don't see a second-chance drawing for $10,000. Can you tell us what the name of it is? Here's a link to current drawings: and you can see past drawings here:

10/09/2019 06:39 - Sheila I.

@nclottery what time is the drawing? Will there be more than 1 drawing?NC Lottery
Hi Sheila, Which drawing are you referring to?

10/08/2019 10:45 - Bridget F.

Hi NCEL quick question how many entrees are there for the luck rewards, 25,000$ drawing for tomorrow, thanks NC Lottery
Hi there Bridget, The Fall Fortune Lucke-Rewards drawing has a total of 1,987,277 entries. Good luck!

10/07/2019 10:01 - Ashley D.

Did I winNC Lottery
Hey Ashley, We're not sure which game you're asking about! If you share some more info with us, we'd be happy to see if we can help you figure that out.

10/06/2019 09:26 - Tim M.

@SHEILA I, 2222 last hit here 4/20/2013. I know all too well because I declined to play it that day and it hit that night! Probably still my biggest blunder to date and there have been plenty of them. Nevertheless I traditionally have better luck on the draw games than the scratch-offs.

10/06/2019 12:05 - Sheila I.

@Tim T. 2222 played in SC on 9/30.The payout was $3.4 million. I saw the video and so many people were in line to collect their winnings. A person played 16 times and won $80k. I win more on scratch offs than pick 3 or 4. I did win $80 in August playing 415. My great nephew birthday ??????

10/06/2019 10:37 - Brenda S.

Keep on playing, it's fun and it helps for education.

10/05/2019 01:26 - Tim M.

I don't know if anyone else has noticed the 'patterns' that the Pick 3 and 4 follow but the Pick 4 in particular is practically drawing the same number combinations, in some cases 3 draws apart. Friday night's draw was 2749. Back up 3 draws exactly, you get 7497. Back up 3 more, you get 7904! What do all 3 of these have in common? 479. This is NOT the first time this has happened. I've noticed this for some time. The problem is capitalizing on it. In hindsight it looks so simple a child could pick it but beforehand just doesn't cut it. I suppose someone who actually has disposable cash to play could play enough numbers and at least hit 50/50 and ANY rather regularly and maybe even EXACT. I can't afford to do that. Maybe pick a couple numbers or something and still be wrong. IF someone can nail this, please let me know but keep in mind, it's not always 3 draws apart. Sometimes it's more, sometimes not at all.

10/04/2019 04:24 - JIM B.

Nice hit for some very (lucky) people today on the pick 4 for the #s 1156. No combinations of these 4#s have hit in 2 and a half years. Previous high $ amount paid out was 150,791 and that was 4 and a half years ago. This happens quite frequently. Stroke of luck or wink wink? I don't know too many people that are that patient and if so I hope they at least broke even since the last time these #s were drawn. Tx.

10/04/2019 04:07 - Denver G.

Nice wins, a big SCHWING to all the winners. I've been a member since day one 10/01/12. Happy anniversary LZ and keep up the outstandling good work.NC Lottery
It's been a great seven years! And we've got lots of awesome things planned for the future. Thanks for always sharing your thoughts, opinions, and insight here on the blog, Denver. It's great to have you here.

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