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Montgomery County veteran celebrates birthday with a $271,025 Cash 5 jackpot

October 7, 2019 Posted by NC Lottery at 3:40 PM

Walker Quick of Biscoe is celebrating his 57th birthday with a $271,025 Cash 5 jackpot.

“It feels great!” Quick said. “I found out I won on my birthday. I couldn’t ask for a better gift.”  

The Army veteran’s good fortune started when he made his daily stop at the Ready Mart on South Main Street in Biscoe and bought a Cash 5 ticket for Tuesday’s drawing.

“It’s what I do,” Quick said. “Since it’s only a buck, I stop at the same store every day and get a Quick Pick ticket.”

Quick found out he won the next morning.

“I started shaking,” Quick said. “I couldn’t believe it. I had to check the numbers over and over again to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. I even checked them again this morning before I came here, just to make sure it really happened.”

Quick claimed his prize Monday at lottery headquarters in Raleigh. After required state and federal tax withholdings, he took home $191,750. Quick’s wife went back to school to become an elementary school teacher, so he plans to use some of the money to pay her student loans. 
Cash 5 is a statewide draw game that gives players the chance to win a jackpot every single night. Tickets cost $1 and players can buy tickets at most lottery retailers or through Online Play on the lottery’s website. The jackpot for tonight’s drawing is $276,000.

Ticket sales from draw games like Cash 5 make it possible for the lottery to raise more than $700 million a year for education. For details on how lottery funds have helped all of North Carolina’s 100 counties, click on the “Impact” section of the lottery’s website.



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10/11/2019 07:57 - Larry E.

Great! Glad to hear a Veteran Win!! Thank You for Your Service and all the giving you'll are giving back to your Community. May the Good Lord Keep Blessing You!

10/10/2019 09:14 - Brenda C.


10/09/2019 09:46 - Tanya S.


10/09/2019 01:07 - DL H.

Congratulations to you! Wonderful to hear a fellow veteran win

10/09/2019 11:21 - Ralph B.

" Mr. Quick Pick" from now on.

10/09/2019 06:36 - Sheila I.

Congrats and Happy Birthday!

10/08/2019 07:32 - Sharon S.

Congratulations on your blessings!

10/08/2019 01:56 - De Lane M.

GREAT to see a veteran win!!! Thanks for your service Mr.Quick! God Bless You!

10/08/2019 11:54 - Tim M.

Actually, you have a pretty decent chance of winning a break-even prize. It's the other prizes that are like my late uncle used to say, that you've got a better chance of being struck by lightning.

10/07/2019 09:52 - Charlene W.

@Zachary- agree. But question where would I find where you can see all the scratch off tics to see how many prizes are left on them as before on this app? I know the old site use to let u see them.NC Lottery
Hi Charlene, You can find all of our scratch-off games here: Just click on the game you are interested in and you will be able to see exactly how many prizes remain at each level. Those numbers are updated every day. :)

10/07/2019 09:23 - michael c.

Congradulations,I like to see our veterans win,much deserving.

10/07/2019 08:33 - stan m.

bless you Walker for your good fortune enjoy your winnings hopefully I'll have some good luck over in Alexander county soon.

10/07/2019 08:25 - Selma P.

Zachary, all you gotta do is move to Fayetteville lol

10/07/2019 06:41 - Inga J.

Congrats Mr. Quick! Thank you for serving our country. God Bless!

10/07/2019 04:00 - Zachary H.

You have a better chance of walking out of your house and finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, than winning a break even prize with the NC Lottery.

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