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‘I about fell over,’ Greensboro army veteran said of winning $276,688 Cash 5 jackpot

November 11, 2019 Posted by NC Lottery at 7:31 AM

For Ernest Dodson of Greensboro, winning a $276,688 Cash 5 jackpot means he can pay off all of his bills and get a new big-screen TV.

“I’m tickled to death that I can be debt free,” Dodson said. “I’m going to pay off my car and my house. I’m also going to get a bigger TV so I can watch my favorite wrestling matches.” 

The 70-year-old army veteran’s good luck happened Thursday when he stopped at Sons of Nie on Summit Avenue in Greensboro. He used his own numbers and bought a Cash 5 ticket for that night’s drawing. He checked the numbers the next morning.

“I about fell over,” Dodson said. “I saw that I got one, two, and then all of the numbers. I couldn’t believe it.”

Dodson claimed his prize Friday at lottery headquarters in Raleigh. After required state and federal tax withholdings, he took home $195,757.   

Cash 5 is a statewide draw game that gives players the chance to win a jackpot every single night. Tickets cost $1 and players can buy tickets at most lottery retailers or through Online Play on the lottery’s website.

Ticket sales from draw games like Cash 5 make it possible for the lottery to raise more than $700 million a year for education. For details on how lottery funds have helped all of North Carolina’s 100 counties, click on the “Impact” section of the lottery’s website.


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11/28/2019 12:53 - Sheila I.

@nc lottery who won the latest cash 5? ??NC Lottery
Last night's Cash 5 drawing had one winning ticket worth $646,339. That ticket was sold at the Harris Teeter on Pisgah Church Rd. in Greensboro. We won't know who the winner is until they come in to claim.

11/27/2019 06:47 - Sheila I.

Can't purchase tickets on line. Message says Cannot verify location. Ridiculous! I've been in North Carolina since 2002. This online change is very disappointingNC Lottery
Sheila, We want to apologize for the frustration this has caused you. By law, we must be able to verify that a player is within state lines at the time of purchase. There are several reasons why it might not be able to verify that. If you are using a desktop computer, please make sure you have location sharing enabled in your browser settings and that you have your wireless card turned on. If this continues to happen, you can reach out to our support team 24/7 at

11/18/2019 08:13 - Sheila I.

@nclottery thanks ??

11/17/2019 02:21 - Sheila I.

@nclottery. I rarely play pick 3 but I played day and evening draws this weekend and my #431 hit yesterday evening. $1 50/50 and won $290.00. I was shocked and happy at the same time. NC Lottery
Congrats on the hit, Sheila!

11/16/2019 09:49 - james b.


11/16/2019 08:11 - Gary C.

Congratulations Ernest!!! What a way to now being able to really enjoy retirement!!!

11/15/2019 06:09 - JIM B.

When was the Carolina Panthers drawing held? ThanksNC Lottery
Hi there Jim, The Carolina Panthers drawing took place on Nov. 13. We are still in the process of notifying the winners and awarding prizes.

11/12/2019 03:55 - Deborah C.


11/12/2019 02:23 - Denver G.

Want to empty your cart, simply click on the little blue trash can icon. Want to redeem all the thousands of points you have acquired. It takes about 5 seconds to enter 200 at a time, that's 10 entries at 20 points a pop. You can literally go thru thousands of points in a few minutes. Think about it. It takes less time to redeem points then it does to type a comment on these blogs.

11/12/2019 01:43 - Danny P.

Do you have the total entries for Carolina Panthers Experience today as the drawing is suppose to be tomorrow? Thanks in advance!!! NC Lottery
Hi Danny, we are working to get updated numbers right now and will update you once we have them. Thank you for your patience.

11/12/2019 10:44 - Brenda S.


11/12/2019 04:59 - angela g.


11/12/2019 01:08 - Michael M.

I forgot to ask in my earlier comment. Is there a place to check all of my entries for second chance and lucke rewards drawings? I figured out how to check my second chance drawings separately, but it feels very inconvenient to have to check them that way. I haven’t been able to find anywhere that I can even check my entries for the lucke rewards drawings NC Lottery
Hi Michael, right now the only way to check your entries for each is to click on the "Lucke-Rewards Draw History" and "Draw Entries" tabs in your player dashboard. Is this not working for you?

11/12/2019 12:20 - Michael M.

The new app will not check my tickets. If I scan one about 50 times it may work, but it’s rare. Scanning for points works every time though. :/

11/11/2019 11:45 - Myrna M.

Congratulation!!!well deserved!!!????????

11/11/2019 09:31 - Ann F.

I hope l. Am next

11/11/2019 06:10 - Sheila I.

Congrats to you Veteran! What a great win. Happy Veterans day!!!

11/11/2019 01:35 - Danny P.

What was the final count for the Panther ticket drawings? NC Lottery
Hey Danny, we don't have that information just yet but please check back with us soon!

11/11/2019 12:53 - Sharon M.

Have you posted any winners yet from the games that have ended? I just keep seeing "No winners" NC Lottery
Hey Sharon, sorry for the delay, our team is working to get those names up as soon as possible.

11/11/2019 10:29 - Evelyn P.

Congrats Ernest! My turn next! LOL!

11/11/2019 08:43 - Jack W.

Congratulations these are the winners that make it worth playing.

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