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Drawing deadlines fast approaching

November 25, 2019 Posted by NC Lottery at 1:00 PM

Nothing says happy holidays like a chance to win $1 million. But you better hurry, time is running out to enter the next Supreme Riches Second-Chance drawing. One player will win $1 million. Four will win $10,000 and 50 will win $200.

Speaking of second chances, if you’re hoping for some extra cash this holiday shopping season, then be sure to enter the Holiday Second-Chance drawing. One player will win $50,000, five players will win $10,000, and 50 will win $500.

And finally, Get ready to Gobble Up the Green with our monthly Lucke-Rewards drawing. One lucky player will win $50,000.

You have until Nov. 30 to enter all of these drawings. We’ll choose the winners on Wednesday, Dec. 4.

Good luck!



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12/01/2019 05:50 - JIM B.

David-grab you a piece of paper and a pen and add your entries up like I do! LOL Sophisticated website for sure. Genius Geeks

11/30/2019 08:01 - david n.

How do you find total of entries you have in lucky rewards, I Can find them in second chance drawings?NC Lottery
Hey there David, Right now our site doesn't have a place that shows the collective total of Lucke-Rewards entries, but we are working to get that added in the future. Right now, you can find your entire Lucke-Rewards entry history by clicking your dashboard and then selecting "Lucke-Rewards Draw History". Hope this helps!

11/29/2019 12:15 - Cynthia W.

I have submitted ticket entry but do I deposit anything, or ticket numbers is enough?NC Lottery
Hi Cynthia, When you scan a ticket to collect points, you are automatically entered to the second-chance drawing if that ticket has one. To submit Lucke-Rewards entries, you'll need to decide how many points you wish to use and then redeem them over on the Lucke-Rewards Draws page. Good luck!

11/28/2019 12:47 - Sheila I.

I'm praying on this ??????

11/27/2019 10:39 - George R.

Thank u so much for lmk that. I tried it again and still showing up invalid. I will reach out to support team. Tysm

11/27/2019 12:56 - George R.

I have multiple of the holiday tickets holiday cash plastic and holiday cheer And merry and bright and none of them will accept my scan for my 2nd chance entires. And two of the plastic ones bar code smeared so bad can’t even read the numbers or code. Super bummed :/NC Lottery
Hi George, the Holiday Cash and Merry & Bright tickets were last year's holiday games and have since ended, so they are not eligible for this second-chance promotion. However, this year's Holiday Cheer ticket should get you a second-chance entry. Please try that one again and if you continue to have trouble, please reach out to our support team at and someone will look into why that's happening.

11/26/2019 09:26 - Pam M.

I will keep trying because you never know when it is your time to Win! Keep the Faith

11/26/2019 04:40 - john a.

Five thousand a month?! You don't have to worry about me exceeding the limit.

11/26/2019 03:48 - Evgeny P.

hi, is there a top limit for spending off the online play amount money or number of tickets?NC Lottery
Hi there Evgeny, There is. The maximum deposit amount is $505/day, $2,000/week, and $5,000/month.

11/26/2019 12:46 - Carl H.

Truly would be AWESOME! Much needed at this time of year.

11/26/2019 09:27 - Denver G.

That would make a happy holiday indeed. I don't care who wins these contest, where they live or what they do. The color of their skin, the size of their bank account or where they go to church. I just hope they're players that earned the points & entries the honest & legit way...

11/26/2019 08:50 - Daniel J.

Are you able to give an estimate of how many second chance entries there are in the Supreme Riches drawing?NC Lottery
Hey Daniel! Our latest numbers show that the Supreme Riches second-chance drawing has 567,126 entries.

11/26/2019 07:43 - TARA M.

I’m praying for a Holiday Miracle

11/25/2019 10:09 - donna s.

Hello Can u help me? I haven't been able to enter any of my tickets on the lucky zone,I can login in to my account but the options to enter tickets doesn't work.Help!!NC Lottery
Hi there Donna, We're not sure what might be causing that. Our first suggestion would be to clear your browser cache and then restarting. If that doesn't help fix the issue, you can reach out help team 24/7 at

11/25/2019 05:10 - eric b.

I hope i win one of the top prizes

11/25/2019 04:10 - Derrick k.

I hope i win i would be a happy camper

11/25/2019 01:58 - Sarah h E.

How do we enter this drawing?NC Lottery
Hi there Sarah. Two of the drawings mentioned above are second-chance drawings. To enter them, you'll need to get one of the scratch-off games associated with the second-chance drawing. Then, you can scan the ticket into your account to collect points and you'll be automatically entered into the second-chance drawing. The Gobble Up The Green drawing is a Lucke-Rewards drawing. To enter it, you can visit the Lucke-Rewards draws page and then click on that drawing, then select "Redeem". You can then choose how many entries you want to submit into the drawing. Good luck!

11/25/2019 12:19 - Gregory F.

Wish I could win something been playing for about 5 years never won anything. I need a finicancal blessing to help me in my retirement. Waiting on my blessing.

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