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Six counties get $73 million to build new schools

November 26, 2019 Posted by NC Lottery at 11:00 AM

Every dollar played on lottery games helps to raise money for education. That play has paid off for six North Carolina counties that will receive $73 million in grants to help build new schools.

The grants are part of a state program designed to help small, rural counties build new schools. This year:

  • Camden County will receive $10 million to build a new $33.3 million Camden County High School that will also house Camden Early College High School.
  • Graham County will receive $3.2 million to help cover the costs of a $4.2 million addition to Robbinsville Middle School along with renovations to provide space for sixth-grade students.
  • Hertford County will receive $15 million to build the new $20 million Ahoskie Elementary School.
  • Northampton County will receive $15 million for the new $34.7 million Northampton High School.
  • Rutherford County will receive $15 million for a new $35 million Rutherford-Spindale Middle School to replace the current 94-year old school building.
  • Wilson County will receive $15 million help with a $20 million expansion of the Wilson County Schools Early College of Applied Technology Academy, moving the Academy’s high school location from shared space in an existing high school to a new 75,000 square foot facility on the Wilson Community College Technology campus.

This map shows the locations of the six counties that just received awards as well as the 15 others that received grants previously.

Over the last three years, $242 million in grants have been awarded. Those grants will result in 22 new schools or buildings and the replacement of 32 schools, including one that is a century old.

All of the money raised by the Education Lottery goes to support education programs in our state. All 100 counties benefit. You can learn how the money helps your county here.

Counties can get help in one of two ways with building and repairing schools. Each county gets a share of money raised by the lottery based on student enrollment to build and repair schools. Many use those funds to pay back money borrowed to build new schools. Counties that are considered to be “low-wealth” counties because of their size, population, and tax base can also get extra help with building a new school.

Thanks to you, our players, the lottery has been able to increase the amount of money it raises for education to more than $700 million a year. It’s great that you can see the benefits with new schools under construction all across our state.



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2/11/2020 07:08 - Berry B.

were do u find the names of the second-chance winnersNC Lottery
Hi Berry, To find the winners, just visit the 2nd Chance Draws page and click on the drawing you're interested in seeing the winners for. Then, click on the draw date that you want to see and click "Winner". We post winners there as they respond to our notification and complete the claim process.

1/28/2020 09:56 - Tammy T.

Our Johnston County schools can't even keep teachers, no money for supplies. My kid did not have a 5th grade math teacher at all last year and this year she quit at Christmas now without one again and its been weeks. I don't know how they distribute the money but instead of building more, pay teachers more. NC Lottery
Hey Tammy, We understand the need is great. We wanted to let you know that legislature, not the lottery, decide how to use the money we raise each year. If you have specific suggestions about how the funds we raise could be used, we encourage you to reach out to your elected officials.

1/04/2020 09:42 - Effie C.

This is just not good. Robeson county has been hit so bad in the last few years with floods yet they have to apply for money that's available to make things better - just crazy and when looking at the winners from the Lucky Rewards there is rarely any winners in the county, yet many winners come from more wealthy counties.NC Lottery
Hi Effie, anywhere there are more chances being taken to win—for example Raleigh or Charlotte—the odds will play out more often there over time. You'll have a larger volume of both winning and non-winning tickets in proportion with the odds. That has no effect on the likelihood of a particular ticket or entry winning or not winning a prize, whether it be in a big city or a small town. It has to be that way in order for the lottery to be fair to everyone.

12/06/2019 06:30 - JIM B.

@ Fred-I don't believe the original education budget decreased just because the Lottery contributed 700 million last year. The 700 million was actually only 5% of the States Annual Education Budget for the last Fiscal year. Even yet-they act like they (we) are subsidizing 90% every year. However I stand to be corrected if need be.

12/03/2019 06:34 - Fred S.

Is it true that the NC budget outlay from general funds, (excluding lottery contributions) for education has been reduced since the inception of the lottery?NC Lottery
That's a great question for your representative, Fred! Here at the lottery, we aren't involved with planning the state's education budget--we just work to create fun games and raise money. But we can say that since the inception of the lottery, we have increased our earnings for education almost every year, now totaling more than $6.6 billion. You can read more at

11/27/2019 11:36 - Tim M.

Ever notice how articles like this never get any comments? So.....FIRST! LOL. A quick question. How come my county of Harnett isn't included here?NC Lottery
Thanks for commenting, Tim. :) Harnett County receives lottery funding for school maintenance, transportation, financial aid, pre-k and support staff--just like all 100 counties, but the program described in this blog is a new grant program to help small rural counties receive additional funding to upgrade their facilities. Counties interested in receiving this grant must go through an application process.

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