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Fayetteville woman wins $200,000 instant prize

November 29, 2019 Posted by NC Lottery at 1:09 PM
Rosemarie Love of Fayetteville said she believes a $200,000 lottery ticket was just waiting for her when she stopped to get gas on Tuesday.

Love said she had forgotten to get gas the day before and that led to the stop at the Circle K on Skibo Road in Fayetteville. Later that night, Love scratched the $5 Wheel of Fortune ticket while sitting at her kitchen table. On the middle row of the ticket she found a “Money Bag” symbol that meant she had won the $200,000 prize beneath it.

“It was just supposed to happen,” said Love. “It works in mysterious ways sometimes.”

Love claimed her prize Wednesday at lottery headquarters in Raleigh. After required state and federal tax withholdings, she took home $141,501.

Love said she planned to buy a gift for her daughter, help out a few friends, pay off her car loan, and then put the rest in savings. 

“Unreal,” Love said as she got her big check. “It’s hard to believe until I see it in my savings.”

The Wheel of Fortune game started in May with four top prizes of $200,000. One remains to be claimed. 

Players of the game also have a chance to win one of four trips for two to Los Angeles in an upcoming second-chance drawing. The trip includes round-trip airfare to Los Angeles, three nights’ deluxe accommodations, a tour of Sony Studios, a bus tour of Hollywood, studio audience tickets for a taping of the Wheel of Fortune show, and tickets to a Spin To Win event where up to $1 million could be won.

Wheel of Fortune tickets can be entered on the lottery’s website,, or scanned on the lottery’s app, the N.C. Lottery Official Mobile App, and automatically entered into the second-chance drawing. Four North Carolinians won trips in July. The date for the second drawing has not been set.



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12/04/2019 04:57 - Schmeka w.

Fayetteville, Charlotte, and Raleigh is always winning big on scratch off games way to go.

12/02/2019 10:39 - Alice G.

Congratulations on your blessing

12/02/2019 09:30 - Cassondra H.

Congrats Love!!

12/01/2019 09:01 - Ella L.

I keep getting this pop up up of a $5 Mega Bucks ticket ticket # 109 saying void. what does it mean? Happy for the Fayettevillan !NC Lottery
Hey Ella! We're not sure what is causing that pop-up. Please reach out to our support team at and they should be able to look into this.

12/01/2019 05:41 - Vivian p.

Happy for you. Enjoy

12/01/2019 12:14 - leslie s.

Congrats, I have ever won anything big.i know it's all in the luck ,but sure wish I had some for the holiday's.

12/01/2019 08:53 - Tandrea S.

That's Fantastic! Fayettenam Wins again!

12/01/2019 06:30 - Kimberly T.

What state is that last winning ticket at? Lol ??

12/01/2019 01:07 - Vickie S.


11/30/2019 08:09 - michelle J.

That’s wonderful! Happy for you!

11/30/2019 05:36 - Brian E.

Congratulation Cuz Lol

11/30/2019 05:02 - Tatiana D.

It is a great story. The money bag and $200,000 under it instead of the usual $5 or $10! NCEL, I know that there were some winners in the second chance drawing that went on a trip to play Wheel of Fortune game. There were also winners in Casino cash second chance drawing. I enjoy playing both of these games, even though I didn't win anything big yet. Could you tell us the story of their trips? I am sure it was a great experience too.NC Lottery
Thanks for the suggestion, Tatiana! We'll keep that in mind as the final drawing closes for both games and the winners are drawn.

11/30/2019 03:29 - david h.

My town will never win Second Chances or waste of time they need your locationNC Lottery
Hey David, A winner's location is not taken into account when drawing for second-chance winners--or for any other kind of lottery drawing, for that matter. Our second-chance drawings are conducted using a certified random number generator. All entries are assigned a random number and then the RNG picks one. No locations are even input into the RNG. All of our drawings are conducted in the presence of an auditor who verifies that the results are accurate.

11/30/2019 12:42 - Brenda S.

Fanastic. Way to go.

11/30/2019 03:36 - Anita A.

Congratulations - a well deserved win!

11/30/2019 01:56 - Melvin C.


11/29/2019 10:24 - Henry B.


11/29/2019 09:38 - Deborah T.


11/29/2019 07:37 - PATRINA S.

Playing a long time hoping to Win and pay ooff some bills and take a trip to visit family.

11/29/2019 07:02 - Sheila I.

Congrats to her! I will be so glad when it's my turn to win big ????

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