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Giveaway: Watch the next BIG SPIN LIVE on Facebook

November 8, 2019 Posted by NC Lottery at 11:30 AM

We’re back with another installment of the BIG SPIN Live!

Our latest winner spun the wheel and took home $200,000, and now our next big winner is getting ready to spin. How much will they take home this time? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

We’re hosting a Facebook LIVE event on Tuesday, Nov. 19 at 1 p.m. where viewers can watch and comment as our next BIG SPIN winner spins the prize wheel for up to $500,000. During the live stream we will randomly select three lucky commenters to win a pack of 60 BIG SPIN scratch-offs of their own. So be sure to comment and help us cheer them on!

Want to participate? Here’s how:

  • Visit our Facebook page at 1 p.m. on Tuesday, November 19
  • Tune in to our live video feed (click here to be reminded when we go live)
  • Comment throughout the live event to help us cheer the winner on
  • Watch to find out what the BIG SPIN prize wheel lands on
  • Stay tuned until the end of the live stream to see if you are one of the lucky winners of a pack of 60 BIG SPIN scratch-offs

Who will our next BIG SPIN winner be? Play the BIG SPIN and it could be you. You can find the BIG SPIN scratch-offs at retailers across the state.

Must be 18 to play. See rules for details:


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11/19/2019 07:00 - henry m.

Did not see the Big spin winner.

11/19/2019 06:05 - Carolyn S.

Hello best wishes to all.much blessings would be nice to have a chance to be on the big spin..i like playin luck rewards..its fun n exciting..lets sese who goin to be next big all have a safe thanxgiven god bless

11/17/2019 09:15 - Birkha B.

Love to spin and win the prize...

11/12/2019 10:38 - Denver G.

Thx for the quick response LZ. I must reiterate how much I love the new purchase online features. Only been doing it for about a week. Love getting those email notifications saying you won. Different then b4. Now they say exactly how much you have won & what drawing it was. This morning I got 3 emails. And when you log in to your account they have them broke down (C5 & Lf) and then amount won totaled up.

11/12/2019 08:28 - Denver G.

LZ, Tony is right!! I told you the same thing b4 the change. It says 02/05/2020 for the draw date for the X the cash 4th & final draw. When you check you have to click "next" or page 2. It says invalid date instead of TBD. But on promotions it says the right info. You agreed with me when I brought it to your attention.NC Lottery
You are both right. Thanks for bringing it to our attention again. Looks like we missed that update when we moved to the new site. We will let our web folks know to get that updated as soon as possible.

11/11/2019 08:58 - Tony T.

Thanks Lucke zone..may want to check the "promotions" under the Lucke-rewards tab at the top. It does have the end entry date for the Aug. 1 drawing being Jan. 31st, 2020 with the draw date being Feb. 5th, 2020, only place I see that info. about it. NC Lottery
Thanks for pointing this out, Tony. We replied to your comment below with an update.

11/11/2019 07:20 - Tony T.

I saw only the first big spin on Channel 5, it was around 11:30 p.m. I think . Question...the multiply the cash final drawing has a " date" for the drawing when looking at it via the lucke-rewards tab. However, when looking at it via my dashboard it says " invalid date". Curious which is right ? NC Lottery
Hey Tony, We're updating our comment to correct our response. The date listed on the promotions page is correct. Looks like our team missed a spot to get that date updated. We will reach out to our web team to get the date added right away.

11/11/2019 10:40 - Billy F.

Love to spin and win

11/11/2019 09:40 - Mamie B.

what happen to watching big spin on regular tv? we older players are not facebook users and can barely log on to computer without help from our children(at work) grandkids(at school) during daytime hours who is left to help US?????? WHERE ARE THE WINNERS PAGE ON THIS NEW LOTTO LOOK?? I only see the big winners not the small winners that give us hope that there is still small prizes to be won and we have a chance not only to dream of the big prizes.... I realize that technology is the way to go for the young people but I think you all forgot about the older folks who also still play the LOTTO...Thanks NC Lottery
Hi there Mamie, we sincerely appreciate your feedback. Right now the Big Spin Live event is not a televised show and can only be seen live via Facebook Live (social media). We do however post each of the winner videos on our website following the show, for folks to watch at their convenience-see Live Spin Winners tab

11/11/2019 05:58 - Chester W.

hope to win soon! I believe the app need a little work. It drains my battery quickly when scanning tickets. Also, I miss the green wording when it says winner! and the confetti falling. I miss the online play on the old website where you can pick random numbers. Your site only allows me to enter 1 to 10 entries at a time or for the whole amount of my points per drawing. Am I missing something? THX!

11/11/2019 04:58 - Cindy M.

Let's try to win everyone... Let's go EVERYONE?????... Let's WIN BIG SSPIN?????

11/11/2019 02:44 - Michael R.

Big spin life

11/10/2019 09:49 - Audrey W.

I thought I left a comment already, but not sure so need to win badly

11/10/2019 09:48 - Audrey W.

I have all these tickets I purchased, but still not sure how to enter them, two are winners and the rest are losers. I am 66 years old and need to pay back my 210,000 in school loans badly NC Lottery
Hi Audrey, you can enter both winning and non-winning tickets for points. There are two ways to enter your tickets: 1. Via our website here's the link: and 2. Via our NCEL mobile app

11/10/2019 05:55 - Jay C.

How eye spin da wheels

11/10/2019 03:36 - vanessa b.

i hope im 1 of the big spin how do i fpound out ]NC Lottery
Hi Vanessa, here's a short video that explains how the game works!

11/10/2019 02:50 - Tim M.

Hey LZ, some more concerns about the app. If I've been off for a while and come back, here's what happens. I tap the app. It then tries to load but disappears as quickly as it came. I tap it a 2nd time and then it loads properly. What's up with this? Another concern I have has already been voiced by several members but let me throw my hat in the ring. When I enter your drawings, I can only submit 10 entries at a time. It then jumps to some ridiculous figure like over 5000, sometimes more. With the old app, I could key in the exact amount I wanted. Are you going to fix this? One last thing is an observation. Even if this new app works, it's so dull and drab, colorless and lifeless. The banners are gone for the 2nd chance entries. The confetti is gone when you've won a prize, etc. Please pass this along.

11/09/2019 09:28 - joanie m.

Starting to like the new app i have it on my iPad just wish i could get it on my phone I do love the new Big Spin game

11/09/2019 09:04 - joanie m.

How long does it take after uploading your documents to be able to make a deposit. and i still cant scan tickets, manually, putting them in.I uploaded my documents on Friday its still saying it cannot identify me NC Lottery
Hi Joanie! Please allow us a few business days to review and validate as our team is working through a large volume of submissions. Thank you!

11/09/2019 05:11 - Salvatore S.

Like the old set up better don't know where to look see how many points I have when I enter my tickets NC Lottery
Hey Salvatore, head to your player dashboard (dropdown menu) then click on "My Account" and you should be able to easily locate your points balance. Hope this helps.

11/09/2019 12:25 - Schmeka w.

How many top prizes are there for the big NC Lottery
Hi Schmeka, the Big Spin is the top prize for this game with a variable prize amount ranging from $100,000 to $500,000. So far we have had two Big Spin Live winners, leaving five remaining. Take a look at the prize structure for the game here:

11/09/2019 11:51 - Irene G.

Waiting for my "Lucke" Day!

11/09/2019 11:33 - Brenda S.

I do play the big spin. I won 10 dollars once, and fifty dollars the second time. I am going out now to buy two more today, it's fun to play.

11/09/2019 09:15 - james s.

How do y’all know how someone will win by that exact date? NC Lottery
Hey James, the lottery doesn't know when a Big Spin Live winner is going to come forward. The first time we are notified is when the player successfully claims at a regional lottery office. Once we know we have a claimant, then we can put a plan in place to host the next Big Spin Live event. Hope that clarifies things a little for ya!

11/08/2019 09:16 - Martha S.

Gotta play to win

11/08/2019 06:38 - shirley c.

I would love to be the next BIG SPINNER AND WIN BIG!!!$$$$$$$$

11/08/2019 05:28 - Tara S.

I would like to win so I can pay offmy college loans. NC Lottery
Hey Tara, the lottery is meant to be fun. But just a quick reminder that games of chance aren't a strategy to achieve a financial goal. It takes luck to be one of the lucky ones who wins.

11/08/2019 04:11 - karim T.

I will play big wheel spin on the 19 for a chance to win 200,000 dollars, through the facebook page and hopefully, it's better than the pick three

11/08/2019 01:53 - Elvira C.

Es interesante jugarlo Depronto gane para tener la casa que tanto he soñado

11/08/2019 12:08 - Tyrone T.


11/08/2019 11:52 - Denver G.

Hey guys, don't know if I did something right or you guys got the bugs worked out. The wheels finally stopped spinning around mid week. I absolutely love the new web site. SOOO much info is just a click away. The added features of the online play is fantastic. $6 QP twice a week on the LF & build my own #s on a $5 C5 for 10 straight draws works for me. Already getting emails with the winning amounts in them. NC Lottery
Glad you are enjoying the new site, Denver!

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