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Lottery crosses $25 billion in sales milestone

December 16, 2019 Posted by NC Lottery at 10:00 AM
Saturday marked a big milestone for us here at the Education Lottery as total sales since games started on March 30, 2006 hit $25 billion.
That’s great for our state since those sales raise a lot of money for education programs here – more than $6.9 billion and counting.

Your lottery couldn’t have sales like this without your support. The fun of lottery games let players dream a little. As our sales grow, so does the money raised for education, and that money supports a lot of dreams too.

All that fun has produced some big numbers for you, too, along the way. Here’s a look:
  • $15.3 billion in prizes for lottery players. Last year, the lottery averaged $5 million in prizes a day.
  • Five Powerball and two Mega Millions jackpots.
  • 563 prizes of $1 million or more

Much of those sales came from scratch-off tickets. We estimate that if you took all the scratch-off tickets sold so far they would stretched more than 343,600 miles. That’s a lot of scratching.

And if you’re one of our more than 7,000 retail partners, those sales added up to $1.7 billion in commissions. Thank you for your help.

So how long did it take to cross that milestone? Just 5,008 days.



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12/17/2019 03:26 - Denver G.

Actually , there is a kids game called MeMo. Similar to the original memory game we all know and love. I guess you can play it online. Perhaps that is what RC is referring to. Maybe not though.

12/17/2019 11:54 - JIM B.

Just curious-what is MeMO?NC Lottery
We think he is referring to the game Mega Millions. :)

12/17/2019 10:46 - Robert C.

I want to say thank you but I will only play MeMO and will not participate in any other games. I heavenly limits and don't this as a way to earn but to get severely lucky. I played to win money not to hear from lottery how much money they accumulated from poor and lmid poor people. Anyhow ill keep my options open in MeMO no scratchoffs ,Mega, luckys,or other games am I interested in. I'm keep the cash in my pocket now. Peace and... I'm out

12/16/2019 04:28 - Denver G.

Just want to give a big shout out to todays big spin winner. BH-H. Way to go little lady. I got goose bumps watching that big wheel slow down and land on..........NC Lottery
It was the best spin yet! Everyone in the studio was astonished. Thanks for watching, Denver.

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