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The New Year brings new chances to win

December 30, 2019 Posted by NC Lottery at 9:03 AM

Hold on to your seats, 2020 is going to start off with a bang! We’re giving away more prizes and more chances to win during the month of January. 

Second-Chance Drawings:

Nothing says welcome to the New Year like a chance to win $1 million. Be sure to enter your tickets into the Colossal Cash Second-Chance drawing. One lucky player will win $1 million, three will win $10,000, and 25 will win $500.

We want to keep the holiday cheer going with our Holiday Second-Chance drawing. You can enter any qualifying holiday ticket for a chance to win one of 56 prizes. One player will win $50,000, five will win $10,000 and fifty will win $500.

Multiply your fun and excitement this year by entering the Multiply The Cash Second Chance Drawing. Enter any qualifying X The Cash ticket for a chance to win one of thirty four prizes. One player will win $50,000, eight will win $5,000 and 25 will win $500.

The deadline to enter all of these drawings is Friday, Jan. 31. We’ll choose the winners on Wednesday, Feb. 5.

Lucke-Rewards Drawings:

Get your resolutions ready, we’re starting 2020 off right! We’re giving 20 Lucke-Rewards members $2,000 in our Resolution Rewards monthly drawing.

The deadline to enter is Friday, Jan. 31. We’ll choose the winners on Wednesday, Feb. 5.

And you could win some Fast Cash in our weekly drawing. Each week 10 players will win $100.

If you’re a basketball fan, you could be in the middle of all the March Madness action.  You could win four All-Session tickets to the 2020 ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament held at the Greensboro Coliseum from March 10 - March 14, 2020. In addition to the tickets, the winner will receive one V.I.P. parking pass and a $2,000 VISA gift card.

The deadline to enter is Sunday, Jan. 19. We’ll choose a winner on Wednesday, Jan. 22.

If you’re a Hornets fan, stay tuned, we’re giving away another buzzworthy basketball experience in January as well. Details to come.

And make sure you check out the “Earn Points” section of the website. We’re launching a new Play for Points game. You’ll be able to bounce into bonus points with Dream Bubble Drop.  There will also be other activities throughout the month that will let you earn points, so check back regularly.

Good luck, and here’s to a lucky New Year!


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1/11/2020 08:38 - Barbara G.

How many entries are there for the Colossal Cash and Multiply the Cash second chance drawings are there so far? NC Lottery
Hi Barbara, Our latest numbers show that the Colossal Cash drawing has 720,677 entries and the Multiply the Cash drawing has 13,343,008 entries.

1/09/2020 02:11 - Charlene W.

I’ve been on second chance over 4 yrs no win so I feel yaw

1/07/2020 09:21 - Anita A.

I've been entering all drawings over a year and no win.

1/06/2020 04:51 - ann c.

haven't been here for awhile the site have changed. don't know how to redeem my points to be in the loop for winning,,how many points is good for entry / I only have 508 it say and I used some for entry of drawingsNC Lottery
Hi there Ann, In general, our Lucke-Rewards drawings are between 10-30 points to enter. You can learn more about our current drawings and enter them here: Good luck!

1/04/2020 07:48 - JIM B.

Who won the 1million drawing at the New Years Eve extravaganza? TxNC Lottery
Hi Jim, The winner of the $1 million Powerball New Year's Rockin Eve drawing was Blaine Marston of Maine.

1/02/2020 03:37 - danny w.

Hopeone the best for 2020 and good luck.

1/02/2020 02:59 - john a.

When I click on the White Elephant game, it loads to 80% and then freezes up.NC Lottery
Hey John, Please try clearing your browser cache and restarting it. If this continues, our support team is here to help at

1/02/2020 12:55 - Glendora W.

I hope I'm one of them winners

1/02/2020 10:37 - JULIA J.

When is the drawing for Reindeer Riches?NC Lottery
Our team will conduct the Reindeer Riches Lucke-Rewards drawing on Jan. 8. Good luck!

12/31/2019 11:43 - Tanicka R.

Is there a highlight on the new scratch-offsfor next week? NC Lottery
Hi Tanicka. Be on the look out for new advertising and highlights of the new scratch- offs the first Tuesday of every month.

12/31/2019 07:06 - janet w.

Happy New Year I'm hope I'm one of your winners for the February 5th I'm not sure if I know how to do this but I'm trying my best so have a great year and thank you so much

12/31/2019 01:30 - edna h.

Looking forward to that 5000 buck win in January how many entry’s are we up to as of dec 31st? Already put my 50,000 points in I have been saving thanks lottery folks and happy new year !!!NC Lottery
As of yesterday, the Reindeer Riches Lucke-Rewards drawing had 3,005,101 entries. Good luck to you!

12/31/2019 07:19 - Edna L.

Can you help me.... I can't figure out how to enter my second drawing numbers... looked every where please helpNC Lottery
We're here to help, Edna! You can enter your tickets online here: Good luck!

12/31/2019 12:06 - janet w.

Fast Cash the weekly one

12/30/2019 10:00 - Angelique W.

Thank you NC Education Lottery! You have the best drawings!

12/30/2019 09:16 - veronica b.

Hoping I'm one of the twenty lucky-reward member to win the 2,000

12/30/2019 05:53 - sharon n.

Happy New Year to you and your crew!

12/30/2019 02:36 - JULIA J.

What great giveaways for January! Thank you! 2020 is off to a good start!

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