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Red Ball drawn for the 4th time in Wednesday’s Pick 3 drawing

February 7, 2019 Posted by NC Lottery at 10:08 AM

If $1.4 million seems like a big number, it is. That’s how much Pick 3 players have won in Double Draws in less than a week!

For the 4th time since the promotion started, the Red Ball was drawn during Wednesday night’s Pick 3 drawing. This means players had the chance to win twice. Here’s the extra amount players have won so far. 

Double Draw Results:


# of winning tickets

Amount won
















Because the Red Ball was drawn, the Double Draw machine has been reset, and Thursday night’s drawing will have six white balls and one red.

The promotion runs until February 28. You can read more about how it works here.



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2/12/2019 07:17 - arvin j.

@ Denver G. Good advice. We live in a small town and 50cent plays are just easier to cash them in , and of course I run slip multiple times to double up. 826..326..500..350. For second chance advice , my wins came from very small amount of entries. I was playing second chance hard..putting in tons of entries into drawings and nothing. Almost gave up and scaled back , and it happened when I least expected it. It's a game of luck.

2/12/2019 08:49 - Denver G.

JOHN S. Think about it. Of course it's taxable if you win $1000. I said so in a previous comment. If you are going to play a $3 combo, check the 50 cent block instead of the dollar block and buy TWO $1.50 tickets instead. You will still win the same amount should your # come out twice, but no tax! If your # comes out once you will still win $500 because you bought 2 tickets that just won $250 each. Problem solved. If you want to play an entire play slip (5#s) Just run you playslip twice. You will still be spending $15 either way. Good luck to you and me.

2/11/2019 08:32 - John S.

If my number is draw twice the same night because of the RED double draw ball, is my ticket redeemable twice for $500 each or is it now a $1000 prize that is subject to being taxed. I combo certain numbers, and understand the probabilities are not that good but the odds are the same. Just curious about the payout should the double draw come S into play.NC Lottery
That's a great question, John. The prize would be paid off of a single ticket regardless of whether one drawing occurred or two. So, if the red ball was drawn and a player won off both drawings, that player would be awarded a single prize of the combined amount.

2/10/2019 11:59 - Linda J.

Why?..NC Lottery program Alert! prizes on ALL the thousand of teleprompters they have throughout the state? This way everyone will see it... Because only a small percentage of gamblers are sign-up and/or use the website, because they can't and don't want to be known or tracked.

2/09/2019 08:10 - John S.

Any chance the cash 5 numbers decrease for better chance to win?

2/08/2019 11:07 - William R.

Hey guys, I hope you're well and tht u hold a winner in ur hand. My name is William R. Save my name, cause, ur gonna hear it mentioned in a sizable lottery prize. I am soon going to win BIG! The best to you all.

2/08/2019 02:44 - Angie F.

At Cheryl C..I've noticed lots of winners from other states on the Lucke Reward and Second chance drawings..AK, SC, VA, WA, NY, MA.. What are the odds and what Luck..WOW

2/07/2019 08:40 - chris w.

Has anyone ever won $500.00 on the cash 5 EZmatch??? three bucks is the only thing I've seen. I just caught myself laughing when i checked them just now.NC Lottery
There are EZ Match winners all the time! But because the top prize is $500 and does not require a player to collect the prize money at a claims center, we don't know the identity of a winner unless that person chooses to share it with us.

2/07/2019 07:27 - William G.

Wow, finally the red balls are coming out hot! And trips on top of that, 111 last night and 444 today with huge payouts. Of course I won $0 but someone won a lot! I got 777 for tonight...lets go!

2/07/2019 01:03 - Vani K.

So on pick 3 I played 305 for Feb 6 eve 50/50 , but I didnt win, I am new to lotto and I thought if u play 50/50 u win exact or any . Can u please explainNC Lottery
Hi Vani, Without seeing the actual ticket, blog moderators aren't able to say for sure. If you want to double check your ticket, we always recommend downloading the NC Lottery app or visiting and lottery store and using the ticket checker to verify.

2/07/2019 12:29 - Evette W.

Have winners been Notified and a second chance drawingNC Lottery
Hey Evette! Winners are typically notified within 48 hours of the draw day. So, for a drawing that took place yesterday, winners can expect to hear by the end of the day tomorrow.

2/07/2019 11:00 - cheryl c.

Is the charolotte hornets package a national thing I thought you had to be from north carolina who is mlchael bueche from washington.NC Lottery
Hi Cheryl, Anyone is allowed to enter our Lucke-Rewards drawing, just as long as they purchased their tickets in North Carolina.

2/07/2019 10:39 - cheryl c.

show me the money I aint won nothing in those four times that red ball has come out.Icant even win 40.00 dollars.I hope I dont go the whole 27 days without a win.or is it 28 days.whatever the whole month.

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