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‘This can’t be happening,’ Concord man says of winning second $1 million prize

March 8, 2019 Posted by NC Lottery at 8:39 AM

Terry Splawn of Concord said he’s still in shock after he purchased a $1 million lottery ticket for the second time in two years.

“What are the odds of this happening?” Splawn said. “I can’t believe I won the lottery not once, but twice!”

His first run in with good luck happened in April 2017 when he bought a Millionaire Bucks ticket from Sam’s Mini Stop on Old Charlotte Road in Concord. The second happened Wednesday, less than two years later, when he bought a $150 Million Cash Explosion scratch-off ticket from the same store.

“I was surprised,” Splawn said. “I couldn’t believe I hit again. I just thought, ‘This can’t be happening.’”

It was, and Splawn claimed his prize Thursday at lottery headquarters in Raleigh. He had the choice of taking an annuity that has 20 payments of $50,000 a year or a lump sum of $600,000. He chose the lump sum. After required state and federal tax withholdings, he took home $424,506.  

“My wife spent most of the last prize remodeling our home,” Splawn said. “I’m keeping this one. I’m going to put it aside for a rainy day.”

 The $20 ticket launched in October 2018 with four top prizes of $4 million and six $1 million prizes. Three $4 million prizes and four $1 million prizes remain. 

Ticket sales from games like $150 Million Cash Explosion help the lottery raise more than $650 million a year for education. For details on how $14.9 million in lottery funds made a difference in Cabarrus County last year, click on the “Impact” section of the lottery’s website,  


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3/16/2019 12:29 - nc s.

It's not ironic that the same individuals win multiple large prizes it's a rigged system. All the games are computer programmed to do as a code says whether its the printing and delivery of scratch tickets or the pick number games. It's been proven lottery employees have rigged the system to have family and friends win meaning it's not random as they would swear it is. The Lottery dictates where these winners will occur. NC Lottery
Hey NC, sorry you feel this way. All our draw and scratch-off games have strict security policies, and all printed odds are accurate though.

3/11/2019 06:09 - Angela F.

Think I am done with second chance/lucke reward drawings..same people..over and over. A waste of time. I must have been black balled

3/11/2019 05:48 - Margaret G.

Koodoos tohime again. But the same person get 2 million dollars winners scratch offs from the same store. That’s a bit ironic, don’t you think. I have been buying scratch off since 2008 and have never seen a substantial winner from any of the stores I purchase from. But then the same store gets them over and over, no fairness in that,

3/11/2019 10:14 - George H.

Stephen R.Nice Comeback!!You Are Alright.

3/11/2019 07:39 - carolyn b.


3/10/2019 07:32 - Anthony B.

Has the number of draws you can enter been decreased.It seems like there are fewer and fewer if any new draws at all. NC Lottery
Hi Anthony- We still offer a variety of Lucke-Rewards and Second-Chance drawings. You can see them by going under the "Play Now" tab and looking at "Promotions and Drawings."

3/10/2019 07:29 - Anthony B.

I won $500 about 11 years ago when I first set up my account and nothing since. Is my account still active or maybe my name has been removed from the second chance reward data base. NC Lottery
Hi Anthony- If you have questions about your account you can call 1-855-767-1863

3/10/2019 06:38 - billy t.

that awesome Terry

3/10/2019 02:08 - David M.

Congratulations! Spend it wisely,& maybe there is some truth in,the third time is the charm!Also I useto win a $100 quite often, but now it seems that I'm lucky to win $5 on a $20 ticket

3/10/2019 12:24 - Carlton B.

That’s great Terry. I myself am a scratch off fanatic and truly believe anything can happen but I won’t if I don’t play. I know my day is coming. Enjoy your winnings.

3/10/2019 10:09 - Mary H.

Congratulations :)

3/10/2019 09:07 - Kevin H.

Like I have said..if you want to win a scratch off from Raleigh or Charlotte areas..NOT THE COAST or MOUNTAINS. This post never makes the comments either.

3/10/2019 08:48 - Gary C.

I look forward to being a repeat million dollar winner also!!! I still buy the same number of tickets that I bought before my first win. I buy 5 for Powerball and Mega Millions and a few scratchers. You only need one ticket to win, which has been shown here many times by one ticket winners.

3/10/2019 08:47 - Evelyn J.

WOW is all I can say. Congrats

3/10/2019 05:49 - Stephen R.

Sorry George h. God will not bless me because I play the lotto it is all luck and I think that it's too and not to! Just sayin cuz.

3/09/2019 10:38 - joanie m.

Congratulations to you both for both times seen some of that lunch this way

3/09/2019 06:12 - doug c.

What are the odds at the same store,winning two one million scratch offs? It’s rigged lottery headquarters know exactly where the tickets are sent to!

3/09/2019 04:16 - Charlie H.

Congratulations Mr. Splawn, enjoy your winnings!!

3/09/2019 03:47 - Reginald M.

So the lottery is random yet he won a million dollars twice from the same store!! ????

3/09/2019 02:46 - Maurice H.

Good for you!

3/09/2019 02:15 - George H.


3/09/2019 02:02 - brandi m.

Great man with a wonderful family. Blessings and so happy for your family. Winnings could not have came to a more generous soul :) -

3/09/2019 01:49 - Stephen R.

From my understanding of the lotto rules a person has 30 days from the lottery giving them a notice to claim their prize. So as of the mega power pack they are way passed there time to claim so move on . NC Lottery
That is correct, when it's not a cash prize, sometimes we have to select multiple alternate winners because players don't claim. If this happens each winner gets 30 days to claim.

3/09/2019 11:23 - Anita H.

Awesome and unbelievable! Hope I win millions a day soon!congrats

3/09/2019 05:03 - Stephen R.

People who post God blessed you... Do you read the bible at all . God does not condone gambling of any kind the lover of money is not in his favor . The bible says that he does love a cheerful giver .!

3/09/2019 04:49 - Stephen R.

What about the people that have not yet claimed their prize in the second chance draws.? Mega power pack 11-7-18 one has not claimed you need to pick another ! 2018 Holiday 2-6-19 two not yet claimed! NC Lottery
Stephen- Lucke-Rewards winners and Second-Chance winner names are not posted until they claim their prize. They have a certain amount of time to claim their prize, if they don't then we select alternate winners.

3/08/2019 06:54 - Michael A.

Does the white or gold strip between tickets mean anything? Each time I win something more than or equal to $500, the pure white strip is mostly visible. Is there any significance to the white strip between tickets when you tear them apart? Appreciative of your feedback to this question. NC Lottery
Hi Michael- The colored strips do not mean anything, and are purely decorative. Tickets are printed and distributed at random so winning prizes can be anywhere.

3/08/2019 06:32 - Mary G.

So, in the Second Chance drawings list of winners, are the names in the order of who won the most, then next amount and so on? As there is no amount by the name, I have not been sure who took home the biggest prizes. Thanks! NC Lottery
Good morning Paul- When you look at the list of winners the prize they won is listed on the left side of the screen. Sometimes you'll see multiple names under a prize amount. That means those winners each won that amount.

3/08/2019 04:02 - doug c.

How are there so many winners west of Raleigh and so few down East ?? NC Lottery
Good morning Doug- Tickets are randomly distributed and our winners come from all across the state. You can see who won and where they're from by going to the "Win" tab on our website.

3/08/2019 03:10 - Denver G.

He won the TOP prize on the previous drawing. All he won on the last drawing was $500. A lot of players come on here complaining about some one winning $100-$500 after they have won 10-50k or more in previous months or even years. It's really no big deal!! The longer LZ has drawings, the more chance we will be seeing repeat winners. I can't wait to be a repeat winner. Will I stop playing after I win again ?? Hell no!

3/08/2019 02:56 - Denver G.

Well William, think about it. After wining a million in the 1st drawing he had the $$means$$ to buy way more $30 tickets then the rest of us. If any of us win big we are going to buy more tickets. I would, and don't you or anyone else say you wouldn't. So the odds of winning again are actually higher then never winning.

3/08/2019 12:49 - william p.

What are the odds of Jon Paul Potts winning emtreme million second chance drawing twice in a row?

3/08/2019 10:47 - Gregory F.

Congratulations on your second blessing from GOD you are truly blessed enjoy your blessing another big win in the western part of the state. Does anybody else notice the amount of winners in this part of the state. Put some big money in Ahoskie.

3/08/2019 09:50 - George H.


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