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Randolph County man claims $250,000 Powerball prize

May 27, 2019 Posted by NC Lottery at 8:46 AM

Just as many other lottery winners, Steve Lax of Archdale says his win – a $250,000 Powerball prize − couldn’t have come at a better time.

Lax won the prize in the Dec. 5 Powerball drawing with a $3 Power Play ticket purchased through Online Play. His Quick Pick ticket matched four numbers and the Powerball – only one number away from winning the jackpot.  The 5x multiplier in the drawing multiplied his $50,000 prize to $250,000.
Somehow he missed the email, notifying him of his win. So as the deadline to claim the prize neared, the lottery reached out again by phone to alert him to his winning ticket.  “I thought you might be messing with me at first,” he said of the phone call. “Then I started crying. “I’ve been hoping for something like this to happen. And praying.”
Most lottery players have a dream for what they will do if they win. Sometimes it involves help during a tough time.
For the last six years, Lax has faced a series of difficult health care conditions. It started with a diagnosis of lymphoma in 2013. Due to the cancer, he sold his insurance agency. A stem cell transplant while the lymphoma was in remission brought a cure. Things got better. Then, eight months after the transplant, Graft versus Host disease struck. His health worsened as donor cells attacked his organs.
“If I get sick again,” he said, “it’s not going to be good.”
By Lax’s side as he claimed his prize was his wife, Amy, who’s been there throughout his illness. Good health insurance has helped greatly, they said, but it doesn’t cover all the bills. He says his wife, his family, friends, and their faith have sustained him.
“Our story is a story of faith and trust in God’s plan,” said Amy. “We’re making it. We’re able to manage and very thankful God provides. This will make our worries less for sure.”
After tax withholdings, Lax received $176,876. He said some of the money would help meet the insurance deductible for this year, some will help with other medical costs, some will help with two weddings of the couple’s daughters this summer, and part will go to their church.
“I feel like a quarter of a million dollars,” Lax said. “I feel like a very blessed man.”


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5/30/2019 11:37 - Berry B.

God has blessed you,Plzs njoy your blessing!!

5/29/2019 11:04 - Merline B.

I am so happy for you, God Bless you and your family.Take care and hold on to your faith and each other.

5/29/2019 10:17 - Gary C.

Congratulations Steve on your big win!!! I hope that it is the beginning of more good things coming your way!!!

5/29/2019 09:35 - Jason J.

A blessed man indeed. Happy for you and your family.

5/29/2019 07:01 - Charlie H.

Congratulations Steve & Amy, you are truly blessed!

5/29/2019 06:12 - olethia b.

Congratulations. Great Win. Patiently waiting to be blessed. Enjoy your win.

5/29/2019 12:10 - JIM B.

Just a quick positive plug for the EZ Match on the Cash 5 Game. Each Monday I play 5 panels for the week at 35.00 and add the extra 5.00 for the EZ Match. Been doing this for a while and actually hit once for 50.00 along with other 2.00,3.00, and other smaller amounts. So with that said imagine my surprise this past Monday when the 1st panel paid 3.00. 2nd=0 3rd=0 4th=0 and much to my surprise the 5th panel paid out 250.00! Not bad for 1 in a 84,000 shot! Just to let the players know-it's there!NC Lottery
Nice hit, Jim!

5/28/2019 09:53 - Herman S.

Hello NCEL, Kindly confirm the number of entries there is in the Cookout Cash, 2019 Multiply The Cash, Colossal Cash and Wheel Of Fortune second chance drawings. Thanks.NC Lottery
You got it. The Cookout Cash drawing has 1,598,334 entries, the 2019 Multiply the Cash second-chance drawing has 11,851,006 entries, the Colossal Cash second-chance drawing has 974,088 entries, and the Wheel of Fortune second-chance drawing has 87,591 entries.

5/28/2019 12:12 - Tatiana D.

I am so happy for you! This is a great story. Wishing you complete recovery and many, many years of health. May God bless you and heal you.

5/27/2019 10:56 - Mary G.

Congratulations! You've definitely been through a lot and I hope this helps to make life a little easier for you! Enjoy the weddings of your daughters and make every day count!

5/27/2019 01:03 - Kenneth F.

What a cool story. Sounds like he has been through so much.

5/27/2019 12:37 - Gregory F.

Congratulations mr.Lax you are so deserving of this blessing. GOD bless you after all you have been thru GOD is a good God he always comes thou. I hope nothing but the best for you. GOD Bless you and your family.

5/27/2019 11:03 - DL H.

Beautiful win for beautiful people God bless your heath With many better days ahead. Enjoy your win. Do something special for yourselves. You deserve it. Praise God! So happy for you

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