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Help us find winner of $487,105 Cash 5 jackpot

June 30, 2019 Posted by NC Lottery at 12:05 PM

Back in January, someone walked in the Circle K on South Main Street in Lillington and bought the ticket that won the $487,105 Cash 5 jackpot on Wednesday, Jan. 9.

Winning a jackpot like that takes a lot of luck. But that good luck could turn to bad luck if the winner doesn’t claim the jackpot before the ticket expires. Winners have 180 days to claim. So this ticket needs to be presented at lottery headquarters by 5 p.m. on Monday, July 8.

The winning numbers in the Jan. 9 drawing were:

  • 7-22-23-29-32

Could you be the winner? Check the places where you usually keep your tickets and leave no stone unturned. It’s time to clean out your car and glove compartment, organize your junk drawers and nightstands, and turn out the pockets on your favorite jeans. Look everywhere!

The winner could be someone from Harnett County, but it also could be someone just passing through. Did you have friends or relatives visiting in January who played Cash 5?

Help us spread the word about the unclaimed jackpot. Call or text your Cash 5 friends and share this news on you social media channels.

The money is here waiting on the winner. We just need to see that ticket.



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7/13/2019 02:36 - DL H.

@NCEL Thanks for the response. So sad the winner of that ticket wasn’t found was really hoping they would find the long lost ticket and be able to make the cut off date. Maybe they will get a second chance at winning something later down the road

7/12/2019 03:19 - DL H.

Was the owner of this ticket ever found what a shame that someone bought the winning ticket and didn’t get to enjoy the winNC Lottery
Hi DL, Unfortunately we did not have a winner come forward to claim this prize.

7/12/2019 11:47 - Tim M.

@NC LOTTERY, what is the percentage of winners who claim the prizes vs. the ones who DON'T come forward? I know this could vary but even a general ballpark figure would be nice. My guess is most players come forward, making it like one in a million?NC Lottery
Hi Tim, we are happy to share that info with you, to get it you will need to submit a public info request. Please email your specific request to and someone will work to gather that info for you!

7/11/2019 08:08 - JIM B.

My guess on Sherry's question is the monies not claimed such as the one we are looking at,is used for the monthly drawings. Sounds logical to me.NC Lottery
Hi Jim, Under state law, half of any unclaimed prizes in a game go to education and the other half goes back to players as prizes in other games.

7/11/2019 12:13 - Tim M.

Did anyone ever come forward at the last minute? Someone at the store the other day said they didn't. NC Lottery
Hey Tim, Unfortunately we did not have a winner come forward to claim this prize.

7/11/2019 11:16 - Denver G.

Hey LaToya K. Most, if not all of the 2nd chance drawings have several draws/contests that run any where from 6 months to 2 years or more. Say a contest ends 6/30 the next contest starts on 7/01. Once a contest ends the tickets no longer show up under the "active" tab. You have to click on the "all" tab to see your past entries. Past entries are NOT part of the current contests if that entry deadline has passed.........

7/11/2019 09:16 - sherry m.

What happens to the jackpot if nobody claims it? For some reason, I think it just remains unclaimed. Could there be a way to share it with the cash 5 players? NC Lottery
Hi Sherry, Half of unclaimed prize money goes to education—the good cause that the lottery serves. The other half is available to be used as prize money in other games and lottery promotions.

7/06/2019 01:23 - LaToya K.

I decided to look at the active 2nd second chance entrys in my account and the number of tickets Ive known to have purchased and submitted via your app, does not appear to be the accurate amount of entries. Reason believed I spent entirely more than im seeing under the Colossal 2nd chance for starters. Ive recently updated to your new app is there a error on the new application??. Basically my entries are not seen on thr multiple 2nd chance entries.and Im anal about entering my tickets. So please help to explain the issue.NC Lottery
Hi Latoya, Please give our online support team a call at 1-855-767-1863, they should be able to take a look at your account and see what's going on.

7/05/2019 04:31 - Amy R.

Shared to my Facebook page. I really hope they claim it.

7/03/2019 04:47 - Schmeka w.

I would love to see my name go on that check

7/02/2019 06:33 - Darlene K.

Has there ever been a winner from the online playing?NC Lottery
Hi Darlene, We've certainly had some big winners from online! We have had several Cash 5 jackpot winners, a few $100,000+ Powerball and Mega Millions winners, and even a $25,000 a Year for Life Lucky for Life winner. We post the location of any winning tickets each day on our Twitter page if you are interested in staying up-to-date.

7/02/2019 04:21 - NC Lottery

Hey y'all! We love being able to answer our player’s questions while also sharing stories and having fun, but please remember to keep discussions positive, productive, and on-topic. As a reminder, here's a link to our community standards:

7/02/2019 03:11 - Kyle E.

Tim M. - Oh yeah, you're the guy who for some reason or other gets irritated by how other people play the games and about how they do or don't keep track of their tickets even though none of that affects anyone else. So there's actually no "case" for you to rest. Clueless...right.

7/02/2019 11:23 - Tim M.

Kyle E.- Read a few posts back. My response just didn't get placed where I wanted it too. You'll see 'clueless'.

7/02/2019 10:15 - stan m.

I agree with some of these comments the person lost the ticket somehow or just forgot about it. Wow !, that's a lot of $$.

7/02/2019 09:47 - Kyle E.

Tim M. - What "case" are you resting?

7/02/2019 12:20 - Tim M.

I rest my case!

7/01/2019 05:20 - Marge C.

How are the winners selected for the second chance drawings? I know it is computer drawn but what is the criteria?NC Lottery
Hi Marge, The Random Number Generator assigns each entry a random number and then picks one of the random numbers. There are no names input into the RNG. The results are totally random and fair to everyone.:)

7/01/2019 04:30 - cassandra t.

why are the 20 X the cash tickets are not recognized in the second chance drawing. It won't except the ticketsNC Lottery
Hi Cassandra, we want to help but need a little more information. What specific message are you getting when you are trying to enter the tickets?

7/01/2019 12:30 - joanie m.

I hope the winner finds their ticket that is a lot of ??

7/01/2019 12:28 - joanie m.

We go through lillington on our way to Copart all the time and stop at circle k if we got a ticket I am sure it got throw away I am bad about checking tickets the same night as the drawing and sometimes if it's before 12:30 I assumed it was not a winner and throw it away but I noticed this week it said numbers not ready I am sure it has said that before i can't half see on this phone and assume it was not a winner and I checked the next day and had a 4 dollar winner always read the print

7/01/2019 10:28 - Schmeka w.

I'm waiting for these lucky numbers to hit big in N.C. cash 5 I have won in S.C. palmetto cash 5 from these same numbers for 100,000 I wonder will they ever hit 6,15,17,32,35,here. The odds are greater in S.C. cause when they increase there ball numbers they don't increase the odds of winning unlike NC lottery

7/01/2019 04:18 - Charlene W.

Meee I’m the winner lol. I live in Harnett Co bout 20 min from Lillington and wish it was me.I don’t understand why ppl don’t buy tics and either don’t check or obviously don’t know how to play. Smh. Another case on Harnett County couple yrs ago someone let a power ball $100,000 tic go unclaimed.

6/30/2019 11:56 - Yonathan c.

Maybe the guy lost his ticket,and din't have a clue that he won

6/30/2019 11:21 - Jamie J.

If they don't want it I take it sure can use the money

6/30/2019 10:55 - james p.

when turning in stratch off ticket for points, and i have 3,000 points, and next person have 200 points, do that person with less points, have a chance to win.NC Lottery
Hi James, Whether you have one or 3,000 entries in a drawing everyone has a chance to win. Sometimes all it takes is one lucky entry!

6/30/2019 04:46 - Lisa C.

Hope the winner comes forward, that would be a shame to miss out on. Congrats. NC Lottery
We agree, Lisa. Help us spread awareness!

6/30/2019 04:00 - Brent W. Why Dont you'll place the Funds back into the Drawings or Second Chance drawing instead of just keeping the Money for Commissioners Bonuses? NC Lottery
Hi Brent thanks for your comment. Whenever we have unclaimed prizes, by law half of the money goes back into games in the form of prizes, and the other half benefits education.

6/30/2019 03:33 - william m.

Consider this Lottery Bosses. Have a phone lottery where you win by being the correct caller. Thanks

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