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1 12 14 18 66 16
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7 12 32 34 36
1 4 31 32 41
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Latest Evening Drawing Sat, Apr 13
6 3 9 0 0
Latest Daytime Drawing Sun, Apr 14
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8 2 3 9
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A shout out to those who sell our tickets, pay out prizes

July 16, 2019 Posted by NC Lottery at 3:36 PM

Convenience stores. Grocery stores. Restaurants and bars. Even some hardware stores, fraternal organizations, and a bowling alley or two. With more than 7,000 stores selling lottery tickets across our big state, it’s not hard to find a place to try your luck with a lottery game.

Our retailers are our most important partners. They can teach you how to play games and share information about odds and prizes. They can pay prizes for your winning lottery tickets, up to $599. We couldn’t have sales of more than $2.6 billion a year without the help of our retail partners. Thank you.

Have you ever wondered how much a retailer earns for selling a lottery ticket? It’s 7 percent. So when you buy a $1 scratch-off, they get seven cents. A $2 Powerball ticket, 14 cents.

With lottery tickets so popular, that can add up to a nice commission. In fiscal year 2018, our retailers earned $181 million in commissions. The commissions provide a nice boost to the bottom line of those stores and to retail economy in our state.

We’re often asked if retailers get a bonus when jackpot is won. They do. A retailer who sells a winning jackpot ticket in our Powerball or Mega Millions games earns a $50,000 incentive.A retailer who sells a scratch-off ticket with a $1 million prize or larger gets a $10,000 incentive.

The lottery’s website can help you find locations near you where you can play your favorite lottery games. Just click on the Where To Play page of our website, nclottery.com/WhereToPlay, to find retail locations close to you.

We’ll be sharing information about your lottery all week in this blog and on our Facebook page as part of national Lottery Week.

On Friday, you can test what you learned during a LIVE trivia event on the lottery Facebook page. Join us at 1 p.m. for a fun show and a chance to win a prize. We’ll be giving away five $50 gift cards.



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7/22/2019 11:52 - Tim M.

@NC LOTTERY, yes, it was that issue. I copied and pasted both my questions AND your response.

7/19/2019 08:45 - Tim M.

@NC LOTTERY, sending a request to that e-mail address does no good. I sent them a previous request regarding odds when you suggested I do so. They finally responded and said they can't share that information. HUH?????!!!!!NC Lottery
Hey Tim, Sorry about that. Are you referring to your question a few weeks ago about folks who don't come forward to claim? It's possible that our team didn't fully understand your question or don't have specific reports that track that data. Anytime you send a request to that email our team will work hard to find the info you are looking for.

7/18/2019 03:01 - Tim M.

@NC LOTTERY, another question. This was a separate issue from what I previously asked but I never understood what happened with this OR what ultimately came of it. This young man in my town of Erwin supposedly went to a convenience store in Dunn and bought a scratch-off and won $50,000. When he went to Raleigh to claim the prize, he was allegedly told by a rude NCEL employee that he in fact had NOT won and confiscated his ticket! He was supposed to have contacted an attorney about this. This wasn't recently. I think it was last decade. Do you know ANYTHING about this?NC Lottery
Hi Tim, we are not sure what story you are referring to but a lottery prize is only rewarded when there is no evidence to suggest something is wrong. If you want an update send in a public information request regarding winning tickets being investigated to player.info@lotterync.net.

7/17/2019 12:42 - NC Lottery

Hi @TIM M, Our policy requires retailers to activate packs of tickets before selling from that pack. They only scan the pack once and put it out to sell. We leave it up to each retailer to decide how they account for the sales of tickets from that pack. Some use the barcodes to scan each ticket on their registers, some manually enter the ticket sales, some just keep lottery money separate. Any tickets attempting to be claimed that are from inactive packs as well as any packs reported stolen would be flagged in our system for investigation. Lottery prizes are only awarded when there is no evidence to suggest something is wrong.

7/16/2019 06:43 - Tim M.

@NC LOTTERY, I have a question. How will you know WHAT retailers sold tickets when some of them don't even scan scratch-offs? What I mean is, when I buy a scratch-off, most stores scan each ticket. If you buy multiple of the same game, some will scan only the first ticket and just ring up the rest. However, some stores don't scan at all! It's a given that you can probably tell which store sold the draw games but how will you know if they didn't scan the scratch-offs? My concern is also for my own benefit. Someone told me a few years ago at work that a store clerk and her boyfriend allegedly stole tickets out of a store in Sanford. They proceeded to scratch until they found some big winners. When they went to Raleigh to claim the winnings, they were told by @NC LOTTERY that the tickets had NOT been sold because they had never been scanned, so they were allegedly arrested. I know not if this story is true or not, but IF I get a big win at one of these stores that refuse to scan the tickets, I want my prize!

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