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New scratch-offs turn up the heat

July 2, 2019 Posted by NC Lottery at 2:59 PM

Just the names alone tell you these scratch-offs are made for a month like July. Red Hot Double Doubler. Heatwave. Sizzlin’ Crossword. Blazing 7’s, and Red Hot Million$.In all, the five games offer $83 million in prizes that could heat up your summer.

The hottest ticket of the month is Red Hot Million$, our new $10 scratch-off ticket. The game offers $43.8 million in prizes, including four top prizes of $1 million. Odds of winning a top prize are 1 in 1.56 million. Overall odds including breakeven prizes are 1 in 3.27.

Next up is a new $5 scratcher, Blazing 7’s. This game brings $16.7 million in prizes to the table, including four top prizes of $200,000. Odds of winning a top prize are 1 in 1.26 million. Overall odds including breakeven prizes are 1 in 4.05.

Sizzlin’ Crossword is a $3 ticket for those who love our crossword games. You’ll find the sizzle in this ticket when you complete a “red word’ and win double your prize. This game has $8.7 million in prizes, including four top prizes of $75,000. Odds of winning a top prize are 1 in 1.14 million. Overall odds including breakeven prizes are 1 in 3.97.

Our $2 game is Heatwave. It offers six top prizes of $20,000. Odds of winning a top prize are 1 in 1.12 million. Overall odds including breakeven prizes are 1 in 4.60.

Finally, our $1 game is Red Hot Double Doubler. It offers 10 top prizes of $4,000. Odds of winning a top prize are 1 in 912,000. Overall odds including breakeven prizes are 1 in 4.82.

Everything’s either red hot, blazing, or sizzling. Can you handle the heat?



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7/14/2019 11:32 - Tyler B.

How do I do my losing second chance ticketsNC Lottery
Hi Tyler, are you asking how to enter into the Second Chance drawings? In order to enter a second-chance drawing, the first thing you need to do is make sure you're a member of our player's club. Once you are, you can go to your "User Dashboard" and click on the "Collect" icon. That will let you enter the number on the back of your tickets for points. You can then use those points to enter specific drawings. If your ticket qualifies for a second-chance drawing it will automatically be entered into the drawing. You can read more about how to enter second-chance drawings by going to the following:

7/11/2019 12:04 - Tim M.

@NC LOTTERY, I think what @SHERIKA M was trying to say is why are the tickets so hard to scan? Some scan in a split second while others take so long you about fall asleep! Sometimes cleaning the bar code up a little better helps but not always. Also, part of the problem seems to be the scanner itself does NOT stay in focus. It vibrates back and forth, in and out of focus. I sometimes just give up and enter it manually.NC Lottery
Hey Tim, Sorry about that. There are several reasons why a ticket might be harder to scan, specially if there is still some residue left on the barcode when you attempt to scan. We appreciate this feedback and will share it with the folks who developed this program.

7/09/2019 08:36 - M. B.

What are the odds for Some Like It Hot?NC Lottery
Hi M.B, the odds for the Some Like it Hot Lucke-Rewards drawing will vary based off of the total entries for that specific drawing.

7/06/2019 07:54 - greg s.

some like it hot drawing only has one winner for the drawing,so odds are terrible.I will save my points for a better odds drawing and have more points to enter. good luck and congratulations to all winners.

7/05/2019 05:55 - Lisa J.

When does the status on LuckeRewards get updated to Winner Notified? Does it update once you notify the winners or is it an overnight process?NC Lottery
Hey Lisa, Generally, any changes are reflected the following day, but the July 4th holiday may have caused a delay in getting that information uploaded.

7/05/2019 06:38 - Nicholas M.

When we the post the second chance winners from July 3rdNC Lottery
Hey there Nicholas, Generally, our team is able to notify the winners within 48 hours of the draw day. So, they can expect to hear by the end of the day today. We will be updating the website to show the winner's names once they have responded to our notification and claimed their prize. You'll be able to find those over on the Draws page of the website once they claim!

7/04/2019 04:08 - Tamara D.

What does it mean when the symbols are red in the Blazing 7 game?NC Lottery
Hi Tamara, Only the “RED 7” symbol has significance in this game. All other red symbols you might find don't have another meaning. There are 4 different ways to win on this ticket, one of which would be by revealing a “RED 7” symbol in the play area, winning double the prize for that spin. Let us know if you have any other questions!

7/04/2019 02:59 - Sherika M.

How come it's so hard to register my second chance scratch off ticketsNC Lottery
Hi Sherika, To enter a second-chance drawing all you need to do is scan or manually enter it like you do for Lucke-Rewards points. By doing that you should be automatically entered into any second-chance drawing associated with it if there is one. Once it goes through, you should receive a confirmation. Hope this helps!

7/04/2019 09:46 - Martha S.

How will I know if I wonNC Lottery
Hey there Martha! If you're not sure if you've won a prize on your scratch-off, you can always use the ticket checker at any retail location or on the mobile app. Good luck!

7/03/2019 02:52 - Danny P.

Where are the winners for the First day of summer kick off on F.B.?NC Lottery
Hi Danny, our security team is drawing the winners now and we should have their names soon!

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