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August brings more chances to win

July 29, 2019 Posted by NC Lottery at 10:00 AM

Are you ready to kick back and relax with these promotions and rewards?

With two Lucke-Rewards drawings starting in August, there will be plenty of opportunities to kick back with some extra cash:

  • It’s time for some Money Madness with our August weekly drawing. Twenty-five lucky players will have the chance to win $100 each week between July 29 and August 25.
  • Gear up for game day with our Game Day Green Lucke-Rewards drawing. This month’s drawing offers three lucky players the chance to win $10,000.

We see a chance at twenty $5 Million Fortune scratch off tickets in your future…

Four fortunate Instagram and Facebook fans have the chance to have their fortunes come true. Enter for a chance to win twenty $5 Million Fortune scratch-off tickets each. Want to play? It’s easy!

  • Visit our Facebook and Instagram pages on Tuesday, August 6 and get your fortune from our post announcing the giveaway. Be sure to share which fortune you got in the comments for a chance to win!

If you like hat tricks and penalty kicks then this Facebook Giveaway is for you!

Keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page for two chances to win some soccer tickets to NCFC and NC Courage games later this August.

With so many choices, it’s hard to pick a favorite. Which are YOU most excited for?




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8/14/2019 06:26 - james e.

can you not check numbers any more on computer like once? I have some tickets that will not scan keeps saying wrong bar codeNC Lottery
Hi James, We have not made any major changes to the ticket checker feature lately. If you are trying to check a ticket on your computer, you will need to manually enter the barcode. If you are using a mobile device and are having trouble, we suggest reinstalling the app and restarting your phone. If the issue continues, please give our online support team a call at 1-855-767-1863.

8/13/2019 09:39 - Amy R.

@NClottery and Renee H, After I enter my Luck-e reward points I've been using the lottery website to enter my points into the drawings. Am I doing this wrong? Am I suppose to enter through Facebook? Because Renee is asking how to enter their points into the drawings and Nc lottery states through fb. I think theres a misunderstanding in the response and that's why Tim M responded the way he did. To enter drawings go to the NC lottery home page, login, and hit the little blue guy, then hit the enter tab. You'll be able to select what drawing your want to enter. You dont need Facebook or instagram to do so :) NC Lottery
Thanks for clarifying, Amy! You are correct that you do not need a Facebook or Instagram page to enter our Lucke-Rewards drawings. Renee mentioned that she already enters our Lucke-Reward drawings using her points, so we assumed she was asking how to participate in the social media promotions we have listed above, since those are the only other promotions listed.

8/09/2019 03:32 - Marvin J.

20 DAYS?NC Lottery
Whoops, that was a typo! Our team typically sends out all of the notifications to the winners within 48 hours of the draw day, not 478 hours. :)

8/09/2019 10:12 - Marvin J.

Our team typically sends out all of the notifications to the winners within 48 hours of the draw day. So stay tuned!

8/07/2019 01:21 - Marvin J.

How soon after drawings do e mail notifications go out?NC Lottery
Hey Marvin, Winners are typically notified within 48 hours of the draw day. So, for the drawings that are being held today, winners can expect to hear by the end of the day Friday.

8/04/2019 02:56 - joanie m.

Sounds like fun I don't get on Facebook often but I will for the NC lottery to much politics on Facebook now ??

8/01/2019 11:55 - Tim M.

@NC LOTTERY, why do you always give that politically correct answer like you gave @PETER B? You know, 'we offer various games on different platforms and hopefully YOU will find something YOU'RE comfortable with' type of response? So, this boils down to, 'either get Facebook or you're not entered, capice?' That's not very encouraging to someone to know they're being left out and told to 'deal with it'. Politely, of course. ??NC Lottery
We understand where you're coming from, Tim. The truth is, that in order to participate in certain promotions, players will need to make the choice for themselves whether they wish to be a part of that platform. Some players choose not to sign up for Lucke-Rewards or second-chance drawings because they do not wish to be a part of that. Our goal is to offer games on several platforms so that players can find promotions on whichever platform they prefer.

8/01/2019 06:14 - Dwight T.


8/01/2019 04:54 - Peter B.

This seems very sketchy. Not everyone has a Facebook or Instagram account or even remotely wants one. So why is it legal or fair to limit such large win chances to only those who sign up for Facebook or Instagram? When I looked at the peek part of the NCLottery Facebook page that you can see without creating FB account & signing on, it said 354 people had checked in there. This seems to be limiting these drawings to a very narrow demographic instead of making it open to all residents. These are significant win amounts offered. Seems like a perfect set up for insider trading. Residents should not be forced to sign up for commercial private enterprise accounts to enter. This doesn't seem legal. NC Lottery
Hi Peter, The lottery tries through its various games, promotions, and social media channels to offer a variety of fun chances for players to win prizes. Hopefully, over time, you'll see prizes you would like to win on one of our platforms that you are comfortable being part of.

7/31/2019 11:30 - maxine d.

I have been entering my tickets from scratch offs for lucke-rewards,how will I know if I have won any of the drawings?NC Lottery
Hey Maxine! When a player wins one of our Lucke-Rewards or second-chance drawings, we will notify them a few different ways. The first way will be via an email. If we don't hear back we will follow up with a phone call and then will send a certified letter if we still haven't made contact. Winner's have 30 days from the first notification to claim their prize, so we always recommend making sure your contact info is up to date.

7/31/2019 08:17 - douglas i.

I never win with my luck being a disabled vet

7/29/2019 08:38 - Renee H.

Hi NC Lottery, I'm new to the lottery,but I have been entering my tickets and scratch offs in the Lucke-Rewards. How do I enter to try my luck at winning the above mentioned games? NC Lottery
Hi there Renee, If you are entering our Lucke-Rewards drawings, you're already halfway there! The other two promotions listed here will take place on our Facebook page. To participate, just keep an eye on this blog. We'll post an announcement blog when they open. Then, all you'll need to do is follow the instructions on the Facebook posts to be entered. Good luck!

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