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Giveaway: Fortune Calls

August 6, 2019 Posted by NC Lottery at 12:59 PM

You never know what your future might hold. Perhaps a life of luxury is headed your way. Maybe the stars will smile on you soon.

Are you brave enough to take a glimpse?

Starting today you can visit our Facebook and Instagram pages to get your fortune from our magic crystal ball. Let us know what your future has in store in the comments of each post and you’ll be entered for a chance to win twenty $5,000,000 Fortune scratch-offs. We’ll pick two winners on Facebook and two winners on Instagram.

You can find the two giveaway posts here:

Remember to visit both our Facebook and Instagram pages to share your fortune in the comment section of the promotion posts for multiple chances to be entered!

Must be 18 to play. See full promotion rules for details.


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8/22/2019 04:31 - jackie w.

As many of these loosing $20.00 tickets as I have bought you guys just need to send me the big winner now. This game is horrible, too many loosing tickets in a row.

8/17/2019 07:43 - Carrie C.

Have the 4 winners been announced yet, and if so who was it? NC Lottery
Hi Carrie, the winners will be announced soon, so keep an eye out for this announcement and good luck to you!!

8/15/2019 11:31 - Elijah P.

Maybe I'm too late but looking toward some one I trust for advice

8/11/2019 07:35 - Teresa S.

I guess I was too late.. ????NC Lottery
Hey Teresa, You aren't too late, this promotion will be open for entries until Wednesday night. But but sure to post your comment on the Facebook or Instagram post in order to be entered. Good luck!

8/11/2019 10:48 - Teresa S.

My tarot cards habe been talking bout me winning an amount starting with a 5 in four days... I take care of my 84 year old mother.. . . I love her so much.. But she is getting Alzheimer's I just need a blessing..we need a house and another car desperately.. That's all.. I don't want the world..I just want to be able to survive without struggling for once un my life.. I know god has me and hears my prayers.. I pray this is the break I've been praying for... Tysm for the opportunity.. God bless u all.. Sorry for the venting.. I just needed to let it out.. Thx for listening if u read it all. I believe I'm too late though... I haven't been on social media due to the stress I'm going through.. Oh well..good luck to the others.. God will prevail for me one day..really wish I'd saw this earlier.. Am I too late? .

8/11/2019 08:01 - Tamela D.

Why is there never any winners in Mt.Airy NC. There always in the same areas, been playing theses second chances games or other games you have for over two years now. Even time I look at the winners it’s always the same city and same people. Plus the lottery is supposed to support school system in North Carolina but yet they made over a million dollar cut to our school here. Hmmm where the money going NC Lottery
Hi Tamela. It's not easier to win the lottery in one of those places. If you moved there and played the lottery there, you'd just be playing the lottery with a lot more people around you! With that said, we've definitely had winners in your neck of the woods. Here's a link to info about some of them:

8/10/2019 07:00 - Tracy H.

I absolutely love playing these games win or lose it is a lot of fun! If i could get lucky enough for the lottery to love me back at a decent amount just once i would die a happy man for sure and im not talking millions im not greedy at all just want to win enough to say i won a decent amount!

8/07/2019 06:06 - Keidra M.

Did you guys already contact the second chance winners?NC Lottery
Hi Keidra, Our team is in the process of notifying winners now. When winners are selected in second-chance drawings they are typically notified by email within 48 hours. So for a drawing held on a Wednesday, winners can expect a message by 5 p.m. Friday.

8/07/2019 03:18 - Denver G.

Wow. Never even thought about it that way. That makes great sense. Thanx LZ. Keep up the great work you guys do. I know your job must be very challenging indeed. From the land of the waterfalls, good luck y'all.

8/07/2019 02:45 - Denver G.

Hey LZ. Just wondering, why only 20 tickets? There are 30 in a pack. You will have to divide up the packs. Then after giving away 80 tickets you will still have 10 left over. Wouldn't it have made more sense to give away full packs of 30 tickets?NC Lottery
Great question, Denver. It actually has to do with the "value" of the prize. Any prize over $599, even for our social media promotions, must be taxed at the same rate as our other prizes. So our winners would have do extra paperwork to claim and they would also have to account for winning that prize come tax time. We wanted to make it easier on the winners in this case.

8/07/2019 02:09 - NC Lottery

@TIM M: We hear you. We wanted to let you know that we didn't post your comment because we felt like it violated our community standards. However, we understand your position on this one and we'll work to pay closer attention next time.

8/07/2019 12:54 - Billy S.

My Fortune said sit back and watch somebody, in Raleigh and Charlotte area will win the 5 million!!

8/07/2019 11:26 - stephane d.

What year did second chance program start?NC Lottery
Hey Stephane, The very first second-chance promotion was held on 3/30/2007 with the NASCAR scratch-off.

8/07/2019 08:30 - Jonathan M.

“You easily passed this test as you are simply the best. All others should not enter as you will lay them to rest”

8/07/2019 12:30 - jennie h.

Mine said you will receive an unexpected surprise..... I will take it Nc lottery ??????????NC Lottery
Nice! Be sure to post your fortune in the comment section of the video on either Instagram or Facebook in order to be entered. Good luck!

8/07/2019 12:05 - Gloria B.

I would love to win 20 cards. After the last year I’ve been through a little bit of good luck would mean so much to me. Gloria B.NC Lottery
Best of luck to you, Gloria.

8/06/2019 09:49 - Eddie R.

good fortune in your future NC Lottery
That's a good one! Be sure to post your fortune in the comment section of the video on either Instagram or Facebook in order to be entered. Good luck, Eddie!

8/06/2019 07:50 - James J.

Tim M are you not contradicting yourself? I thought Christians do not play any sort of gambling? That's what the lottery is. It's a game of chance a gamble?

8/06/2019 05:05 - Mary M.

I want it all!!!!

8/06/2019 04:22 - Denver G.

Hey Tim, may the force be with you. Live long and prosper. May good fortune come your way. Stay away from the kool-aid. You can beam me up now Scotty, no intelligent live form down here.

8/06/2019 03:38 - Faye S.

The time is now to change for the betterNC Lottery
Hi there Faye, Make sure to post your fortune in the comment section of the video on either Instagram or Facebook in order to be entered. Good luck!

8/06/2019 01:22 - Tim M.

Can you please redo this? I have Facebook and Instagram but really only do Facebook regularly. Anyway, that's not my concern. Can you do with with fortune telling? I know you probably have it as a 'joke', but fortune telling is part of witchcraft. I'd like to win the prizes but as a Christian, I don't want anything to do with witchcraft. I know you might say it's all in fun but you can't dabble in stuff like that. Trust me, I know.NC Lottery
Thanks for the feedback on this one, Tim. Sorry you don't want to take part. We'll keep your words in mind when we're coming up with new promotions.

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