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Players could win a ‘Fortune’ on new scratch-off tickets

August 6, 2019 Posted by NC Lottery at 9:03 AM

If you’re looking for a big win, August could be your lucky month. This First Tuesday, we’re launching new scratch-off tickets that let you win up to 12, 15, or even 20 times.

If you feel Fortune calling, you can test your luck on the new $5,000,000 Fortune scratch-off ticket. The game has over $100 million in cash prizes, and gives you 20 chances to win one of the three $5 million top prizes. That’s not the only reason it’s called $5,000,000 Fortune. The game has over $5 million worth of prizes ranging from $1,000 to $10,000. It’s also loaded with over half a million prizes ranging from $50 to $500. And, as a bonus, you could win 20 $5,000,000 Fortune scratch-off tickets if you enter our Facebook and Instagram contest.

So when you’re ready to answer Fortune’s call, just head over to your local retailer and ask for the new $20 scratch-off game.
Your opportunity to win continues with the new Pay Me! scratch-off ticket. The $5 game gives you 12 chances to win one of four $400,000 top prizes.

If you believe in the power of lucky numbers, the Power 5s ticket is the one for you. The $5 game gives you 15 chances to win one of five top prizes of $200,000.

Or you can try your hand at the new 777 ticket. The $2 game has six top prizes of $20,000.

Good luck, and we hope you find some good fortune this month!



 Top prize

# of top prizes

Top prize odds

Overall odds


$5,000,000 Fortune

$5 million


1 in 2.28 million

1 in 2.91


Pay Me!



1 in 1.44 million

1 in 4.32


Power 5s



1 in 1 million

1 in 4.09





1 in 960,000

1 in 4.54


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8/21/2019 07:45 - Janice C.

I'm a believer

8/10/2019 11:11 - DeErica J.

I entered the contest but I didn't post a picture I just text what it said does my entry still qualifyNC Lottery
Yes, that still counts as an entry. Good luck, Deerica!

8/09/2019 11:49 - jackie w.

Wow, you guys did not let me down. Once again you have the sorriest tickets. Have bought 9 of the new $20 tickets and once again won nothing, bought don't know how many of the power 5's and most won was $5.00 and on the 777 most have won was $15.00, so where is all this money going. We are losing our buttocks while you all's are getting fatter! NC Lottery
Hi Jackie! You will be happy to know that 100% of our earnings benefit education. There are independently audited annual reports on our website that detail where every penny in lottery ticket sales have been used. You can even see a county-specific breakdown of how lottery dollars have been directed to specific education programs in every county in the state here:

8/08/2019 11:31 - bruce s.

You can win a fortune in charlotte or some county close by but not in the rest of Nc,scratchers are crappy odds are terrible.i know, I have purchased over 100 15X Crosswords that had 15mulitipler bonus and won nothing..New tickets are crappy also if a win is in 1 area the other parts of the state pay for that win with crappy tickets...

8/07/2019 03:48 - William A.

Bought $500.00 worth so far. The tickets first run is terrible! Won $125.00 out of 20 tickets. I buy until I win so I had to buy 7 one time and the 8th was $20.00. Going back to the 150 million $20.00 ticket it is still winning at least. One more thing the last two 20dollar tickets have zero million dollar prizes and less 4 million dollar prizes. As much as the lottery brings in I would like to see more prizes not less. Thanks,Bill

8/07/2019 08:20 - Brendton J.

This was very helpful and I can't wait to buy these new scratch offs. God's in control and I will win a top prize. I'm claiming a couple million dollars by faith and the almighty grace of God.

8/07/2019 01:15 - Gloria B.

My fortune was: GOOD FORTUNE IS IN YOUR FUTURE. I do not see how to add a photo to this comment area but I do have one if needed. Thanks, Gloria B. NC Lottery
Hey Gloria! Be sure to post your fortune in the comment section of the video on either Instagram or Facebook in order to be entered. Good luck!

8/06/2019 04:13 - Denver G.


8/06/2019 01:16 - Tim M.

@NC LOTTERY, I know you say play for entertainment purposes only with money budgeted for that purpose. However, most people who play are poor, spending on tickets that they should NOT be doing, hoping for that big break to get out of their circumstances. More than once I've been in stores where people are buying ticket after ticket, even the $20 and $30 ones. This includes retired people on Social Security. My guess is that the majority of players are probably in this boat.NC Lottery
In our experience, folks who choose to play the lottery come from all walks of life, all backgrounds, and all income levels. Last year we conducted a study to find out more about who our players are and the study confirmed that. Here's a link to the results of that study:

8/06/2019 11:51 - Tim M.

I know you'll give the PC answer like you gave @RONALD G, but please note that the first three comments here are complaining about NOT winning. When I read these articles, it looks awesome. Really gets the hopes up! Take the recent LOADED games. Hundreds or even thousands or whatever prizes of $100 or $500 or more. However, most tickets bought are duds. When there is a winner, it's break-even or a little better. This seems to be true no matter where you buy the ticket. I myself continue to buy the $2 LOADED, hoping to find the elusive $100. Haven't found it yet. The new tickets seem just as promising. LOL. I know your answer but you'd think with going to different stores, even different towns, would yield something?NC Lottery
Finding a winning ticket is all a matter of luck, Tim. We encourage all who play to do so for fun with money set aside for entertainment.

8/06/2019 11:05 - Ronald G.

How do you guys come up with these odds on these games? I’m no maths major just explain it can buy 4 no winners 6 no break even these games in nc are the hardest to break even on??NC Lottery
Sorry to hear you aren't having more luck, Ronald. The truth is, it takes a lot of luck to win a lottery prize. The odds are set at the beginning of the game when millions of tickets are printed. Odds of 1 in 4 do not mean you're guaranteed to win a prize if you buy four tickets in a row, it simply means that 25% of all tickets printed for that game have a prize on them. Winning and non-winning tickets are distributed at random throughout the entire game, so finding one is all a matter of luck! Prize money comes from tickets that don't win prizes.

8/06/2019 11:02 - Schmeka w.

Win a fortune on losing tickets not good

8/06/2019 11:01 - Schmeka w.

Why every time I look around the lottery is coming out with new scratch off tickets dang give somebody a chance to win on the older ones or make more tickets winners instead of losers

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