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Be on alert for scams

September 20, 2019 Posted by NC Lottery at 9:49 AM

We’ve heard of them before: email scams, phone scams, and social media scams. No matter what it involves, someone out there will always be trying to swindle folks, including those that play the lottery.

Recently, we have had a few reports of scammers presenting themselves as the N.C. Education Lottery in emails, telephone calls, or letters. We also have had a few reports of people trying to steal another player’s winnings after they posted a picture of the winning ticket online.

While you can’t stop someone from committing fraud, you can lessen the likelihood of falling victim to it. Here’s how:

  • Sign your ticket: Win a prize? Heck yeah! The first thing you should do is sign that ticket. Whoever signs it, owns it.
  • Claim your prize before you post online: We love when you share your winning experiences with us on social media. But if you do choose to share your win with others, please claim your prize and enter your ticket into Lucke-Rewards first. And remember, never share a picture of a winning ticket that includes the ticket’s barcode or other specific ticket number information.
  • Verify a win: You will never get an email from us notifying you won a prize, unless you are part of our Players Club or have an Online Play account. If you do receive an email from us, you are always welcome to call us to confirm.

Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If you ever have an instinct something could be wrong, please report it by calling our customer service team at 877-962-7529 or our security hotline at 888-732-6235.

Thanks for reading, folks! Now back to your regularly scheduled programming of thrill and excitement. 


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10/30/2019 09:54 - JIM B.

Carolyn-Won't ever happen as the retailers are the life blood of the lottery! NCEL caters to them very well. No retailers-no ticket sales. Only way to stop it is to put a daily limit on tickets entered. We all know that no one buys 75 tickets every day. Even the 1.00 tickets would be over 27,000.00 a year in purchases,54,000.00 a year if all were 2.00 tickets and so on. Your pleas are falling on deaf ears!

10/30/2019 06:37 - Carolyn N.

I wish the lottery folks could stop convenience store owners and employees from using the thousands of citizens thrown away tickets to then upload in the 2nd chance draws or the other Players Club monthly game draws! It's not fair!

10/09/2019 08:43 - Tiffany P.

I received the same email saying that I won the Powerball and that I needed to send my name, address and phone number so that I could claim my prize for 750,000. I know it was a scam because the Powerball had not been drawn yet.NC Lottery
Good job catching that, Tiffany. Can you please forward the email you received to We'd like to share it with our security division. Thank you!

10/09/2019 09:31 - Dora S.

I just got an email saying I won 750,000 Thur I know it’s a scam it asked me to send my full name , address, and phone number so they can give to claims. I wish it was true could have used that money, be careful people.NC Lottery
Hi Dora, Thanks for letting us know about this. Can you please forward the email you received to We'd like to share it with our security division. Thank you!

9/28/2019 07:03 - Machla P.

Winning or not, I always sign my tickets when I get them scanned. Even though I haven’t had any real luck in my entire life time playing.????????.

9/24/2019 04:55 - Mary W.

Great info!

9/23/2019 04:58 - Tim M.

What about Win-It-All? LOL.

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