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Lucky numbers produce $150,000 Powerball win for Reidsville man

January 11, 2020 Posted by NC Lottery at 10:56 AM
Craig Bennett of Reidsville said lucky numbers connected to important dates in his life produced a $150,000 Powerball win.

“They all had relevance to me,” said Bennett. “… It was really weird.”

For example, one number, he said, was No. 3 that stood for March, the month he was born. A second, No. 47, stood for his age when he get his new job. And a third, No. 64, matched the year he was born.

Bennett’s $3 Power Play ticket matched numbers on four of the white balls and the Powerball to win $50,000 in the Dec. 14 drawing. His prize tripled when the 3X multiplier was drawn. 

Bennett, a cleaning supplies salesman, bought his lucky Quick Pick ticket at the Great Stops on North Church Street in Greensboro while driving home from work. He first stowed the ticket in a John Grisham novel until he discovered his win the day after the drawing. Then he bought a safe to keep his $150,000 ticket secure and sought the advice of a financial adviser.

“When I buy a lottery ticket, I, like everyone else, think about what I’d do with all that money,” said Bennett. After the required federal and state withholdings, he received a check for $106,126 when he claimed his prize Friday.

Bennett said he will pay off bills and take a “little vacation” somewhere. Then, he plans to help his twins pay for college.

His ticket beat odds of one in 913,129 and became the top Powerball prize won in North Carolina in the drawing. In all, 19,773 prizes were won in the state with prizes ranging from $4 to $150,000.

Saturday’s jackpot now stands at $277 million as an annuity or $188.4 million cash.  


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1/15/2020 03:44 - Kyle E.

Herman - Just going on my expert understanding of the odds, percentages, and luck that come into play with all lottery games I believe that you have a far better chance of seeing Elvis in the mall. ??

1/14/2020 05:10 - Isalene J.

Oh my Lord I am Happy for You

1/14/2020 09:18 - Nancy P.

question about "Lucky for life" tickets - if 2 or more tickets have the 5 #s or 5 #s plus lucky ball, do they split the prize or does each ticket win the full amount?NC Lottery
Great question, Nancy! According to the Lucky For Life game rules, if there are two top prize winners, the prize will be divided by the total number of top prize winners. If there are two second prize winners, they would each win $25,000 a year for life. Here's a link to the rules:

1/13/2020 08:37 - joanie m.

Congratulations Bennett

1/13/2020 12:08 - Herman S.

Hoping I can find the needle in the haystack with a win in the Multiply The Cash drawing. Not sure which odds are better for the upcoming drawings, the needle in the Haystack or seeing Elvis in the mall. Best of luck to everyone.

1/13/2020 08:08 - Mike S.

No worries, it's Monday and another cup of java may be in order!

1/13/2020 07:54 - Mike S.

Thanks for the update but shouldn't the Multiply the Cash be 11,623,647? I think it's off by 10 million.NC Lottery
Thanks for calling that out, Mike. Looks like we're bit slow on the uptake this Monday morning! There are 13,343,008 entries for the Multiply the Cash drawing. Sorry about that!

1/13/2020 07:22 - Mike S.

How many entries are there in the upcoming Colossal Cash and Multiply the Cash Drawings? Thanks.NC Lottery
Good morning Mike, Our latest numbers show that the Colossal Cash drawing has 720,677 entries and the Multiply the Cash drawing has 13,343,008 entries.

1/13/2020 06:18 - carolyn b.

Good morning Carolyn, The winning Cash 5 ticket from last night's drawing was sold in Mecklenburg County.

1/12/2020 10:12 - Mariel A.


1/12/2020 09:36 - Nochal B.


1/12/2020 09:28 - Farid M.

Congratulations I can buy the tickets every week to be the winner

1/12/2020 06:43 - vanessa b.

congratulation god bless

1/12/2020 08:24 - Sheila I.

Nice! Congrats

1/11/2020 06:42 - Joel J.

Congratulations. I just pray that one day I can win also.

1/11/2020 01:58 - Anita A.

Congrats on your lucky numbers win!

1/11/2020 01:01 - Donna H.

The site is really messed up. I can't purchase on line. Clicking on check out takes you to the home screen- it doesn't even stay in the cart. Clicking on Play Now takes you to the history of the selected game and you have to click on a link from that page. I miss the old site. NC Lottery
Everything looks to be working on our end, Donna. Please try clearing your browser cache and then restarting. Once you log back in, wait until the spinning circle disappears from your shopping cart before you click on it. Hope this helps!

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