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Winston-Salem woman wins $1,000 a Day for Life with a $2 ticket

January 14, 2020 Posted by NC Lottery at 1:25 PM
For Damian Zepponi of Winston-Salem, a $1,000 a Day for Life prize means she can fulfill a dream of starting a ministry to help others. 

Zepponi purchased three $2 Quick Pick tickets at the Food Lion on Yadkinville Road in Pfafftown on Thursday, the day of the drawing. Her second ticket matched all six winning numbers, beating odds of 1 in 30.8 million.

Zepponi said she discovered her good luck the next day when she checked her tickets.

“I couldn’t do anything,” she said, “but sit and cry and be amazed.”

Winners of the Lucky for Life top prize have two options. They can receive an annuity of $365,000 a year guaranteed for the rest of the winner’s life or take a lump sum of $5.7 million in cash.

After talking to a financial adviser, Zepponi, 47, opted for cash and after required federal and state withholdings she took home $4,068,127.

Zepponi said she planned to save and invest the money and live off those investments. She said she would use some of the prize to start a ministry to help others. And she hoped for the first time to take a family vacation with her seven children and four grandchildren all at the same time.

The win made Zepponi the third person in North Carolina to win the game’s top prize. So far 25 players in the state have won the game’s second prize of $25,000 a Year for Life. Lucky for Life is played in 25 states and Washington D.C. Drawings are held Mondays and Thursdays. Tickets cost $2.


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1/18/2020 08:02 - Robert S.

Congradulations on your win! it's good to hear that your thinking of helping others too! There are still a lot of goodhearted people still out there. God Bless You and your Family mam.

1/18/2020 12:23 - Angela F.

Dear LZ..It was two different second Chance Drawings

1/16/2020 11:32 - Angela F.

What are the odds of someone from MA Winning twice in a second chance drawing? WOW...NC Lottery
Hey Angela, While folks from anywhere are allowed to participate in our games, promotions and drawings, players are only eligible to win once in a single drawing.

1/16/2020 08:59 - Ann F.

I am. So.happy for you l am going to keep on trying.

1/16/2020 07:33 - donna b.

ok thank you, it just so blaa to have to sign in every 6 minutes. i have to type in every ticket. i dont have a nice phone that you can scan them in. thank you for your time.

1/16/2020 07:16 - Linda M.

Congratulations ?? ?? so very happy for you and your family!!!

1/16/2020 03:48 - Holli J.

She received a blessing & is willing to share her blessings with others in need!! How awesome

1/16/2020 09:22 - Bill M.

How can you see who won on the monthly drawings. Can't find anything on new web siteNC Lottery
We'll help you find it! Just visit the Lucke-Rewards page ( and then select the "Past Drawings & Winners" tab at the top. From there, just click on the drawing you're interested in seeing and then click the blue "Winners" button. Hope this helps!

1/16/2020 07:10 - Sharon S.

Congratulations! I'm still dreaming for you, myself and everyone else who hearts desire to win big one day. Bless You!

1/15/2020 11:22 - Juliette G.

Congratulations! I'm from Winston Salem, so I'm especially happy for you and your family

1/15/2020 09:25 - David Y.

Congratulations, I'm glad to see some body winning the BIG ones.... Have a Blessed Life!!!

1/15/2020 09:12 - BERNARD L.


1/15/2020 09:12 - Richard D.

9PM and the Lottery Website died after the Mobile App died at 8:30PM, despite several hard restarts and Power Off/On on my iPhone 6s IOS 12.4.4. How are we supposed to enter Tickets when both means of doing so are not available at prime time during the evening?!? NCEL owes us an apology and an explanation as to what went wrong - again - and what steps are being taken to insure the Mobile App and Website will not be subject to repeated failures.NC Lottery
Hi Richard, Sorry about that. We aren't aware of any widespread issues with the site last night. Anytime you run into trouble, you can reach out our help team 24/7 at

1/15/2020 09:05 - donna b.

i have to sign in every 6 mints

1/15/2020 09:04 - Michael J.

Happy for you & your family!

1/15/2020 08:35 - donna b.

im logged off every couple mints and i have a home comp. wow. cant believe all the problems on this new app . cant believe yall canged it . now nothing seems to be going right NC Lottery
Hi Donna, Our new system will automatically log users out after several minutes of inactivity. This is to help protect your private information. If you are being logged out while you are actively using the site, please reach out to our help team at so that they can get some more information and hopefully figure out what's causing this to happen.

1/15/2020 07:55 - Sheila I.

The lump sum and annual payments are some really nice choices. Wow! ??

1/15/2020 04:12 - Thaina A.

I wish I was that lucky.

1/15/2020 03:56 - Deborah P.

The new site is very disappointing, it constantly keeps asking for re-authentication and trying to buy tickets online is virtually impossible. Please bring back the old site LOL.

1/15/2020 02:46 - Ricky M.

WTG! Can't imagine the feeling.....

1/15/2020 12:02 - john a.

I came back to the site without doing anything and it is working fine now.

1/15/2020 11:28 - Tim M.

@NC LOTTERY, I use an android device, Galaxy G7 Crown. Apparently there is an issue judging by your response. Hope it's fixed soon.

1/15/2020 10:52 - Therese W.

very happy for you and such a greatness to see that someone wants to invest their earnings back to helping the lost and to save the future.

1/15/2020 09:08 - john a.

I'm using a lap top and the site has been very slow this morning, plus I am getting messages like, you are not authorized to view this content.NC Lottery
Hey John, Everything seems to be up and running on our end. Please try clearing your browser cache and restarting. If this continues, our support team is here to help at

1/15/2020 07:24 - Randy N.

Great story! Enjoy ?? your family.

1/15/2020 04:43 - Tim M.

@NC LOTTERY, what's wrong with the app now? In the past couple of days, it logs me off every couple of minutes or so. I'm scanning tickets when it happens. After a few tickets,it says, "Could not identify this ticket." When I exit out of the scanner, I'm automatically logged out. This is getting really aggravating. Are any other players experiencing this? NC Lottery
Hi Tim, Thanks for letting us know. Our team is looking into this issue now. Would you mind sharing what kind of mobile device you are using when this happens? Thank you!

1/15/2020 04:12 - James S.


1/15/2020 01:20 - charles c.


1/14/2020 11:10 - Richard C.

Congrats Mrs. Zepponi hope you are able to do all you plan great game hard to win lol

1/14/2020 09:42 - delma b.

Awesome, congratulations!

1/14/2020 08:49 - Sharon A.

Congratulation, Blessings

1/14/2020 07:36 - Gail M.

So happy for you!! CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!

1/14/2020 06:20 - Cateila B.

I’m next!

1/14/2020 05:07 - jesse h.

good luck zepponi.

1/14/2020 04:15 - Melvin C.


1/14/2020 04:07 - Ellen S.

Happy for you

1/14/2020 03:44 - Nochal B.


1/14/2020 03:42 - Anita A.

Congratulations on your blessing!

1/14/2020 03:17 - henry m.

God is good.

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