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Million dollar luck strikes twice for Durham woman

January 24, 2020 Posted by NC Lottery at 3:47 PM

Linda Tate of Durham won a $1 million prize after playing the $10,000,000 Colossal Cash scratch-off game.

This is Tate’s second big win in less than a year and a half. She bagged a $4 million prize in August of 2018 after playing Millionaire Bucks.
Tate bought the winning $30 Colossal Cash ticket at the Family Fare on Old Chapel Hill Road in Durham.
Tate had a choice of an annuity prize paid out as $50,000 a year over 20 years or a lump sum of $600,000. She chose the lump sum and claimed her prize at lottery headquarters in Raleigh on Thursday. After required state and federal tax withholdings, she took home $424,509.
The $10,000,000 Colossal Cash game started in August 2018 with four top prizes of $10 million and 21 $1 million prizes. Two $10 million prizes remain to be won.
Players can win one of the $1 million prizes instantly, as Tate did, or by entering their $10,000,000 Colossal Cash tickets into second-chance drawings. Six $1 million prizes remain to be claimed instantly and three more can be won in second-chance drawings. The entry deadline for the third drawing is Jan. 31.
Ticket sales from scratch-off games make it possible for the lottery to raise more than $700 million a year for education. For details on how lottery funds have helped all of North Carolina’s 100 counties, click on the “Impact” section of the lottery’s website.


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8/12/2020 02:19 - Charles H.


2/01/2020 08:25 - Edward W.

However any player finds a way to win as long as it’s within the rules of the game and not blatantly cheating then so be it!! A win is a win and if such a person may have figured out/tapped into some crazy unforeseen algorithm well hats off to them and don’t let anyone else find out the method as they should keep it to themselves and win as much and as often as possible!!!i get it I throw money at scratchers almost weekly to no avail but it comes down to the luck of the fame or if you have found the path less taken, the loophole if you will then by all means you’ve earned it then by putting in time and money. Congratulations and keep the winning going, I think it’s fantastic!!! Good on ya and personality I hope you did find “the way” as so many are complaining about as it just makes the money that much sweeter!!!

1/29/2020 08:29 - Charlisa G.

Why is it that someone who wins a $1 million prize walks away with less money than someone who wins a $750K - $999K???NC Lottery
Hi Charlisa, That's a great question! You ask a great question! In general, top prizes of $1 million or more for scratch-offs give players the option of the lump sum of $600,000 or annuity of $1 million paid over many years. For scratch-off prizes that are less than $1 million, there is no annuity and the prizes are paid out as a lump sum. Hope this helps explain things.

1/27/2020 10:39 - Christopher W.

I haven't seen any of the game winning tickets sold here in the Fayetteville area. Congratulations to all the winners outside of Fayetteville, NCNC Lottery
The first $10 million top prize for the Colossal Cash game was sold in Eastover, just 10 minutes away from Fayetteville! https://nclottery.com/NewsBlogDetails/2019/1/2/Cumberland-County-logistics-manager-wins-first-10-million-Colossal-Cash-prize-

1/27/2020 06:43 - Sheila I.

@tim m. The things people do! ?? But I do admit. A woman purchased two $30 and one $20 ticket. She didn't win anything, left the tickets on the counter....I took them and entered them on the second chance games ????lol

1/26/2020 03:45 - Tim M.

I used to work with a guy who tried to manipulate the scratch-offs to his advantage and he constantly won hundreds of dollars. After 3rd shift he'd loiter around a store down the road from where we worked. He mostly played $20 tickets. He'd hang around while others bought theirs and publicly scratched off their duds, some players buying several in a row. Then, when he felt the time was right, would jump in and buy the next ticket(s). He sometimes bought $100 himself. Thing is, he constantly won amounts like $500. He preferred that so he didn't have to go to Raleigh and pay taxes. Thing is, he finally won a thousand and had to go to Raleigh.

1/26/2020 09:40 - Robin M.


1/26/2020 09:29 - hakim c.

I am happy for her winning.But honestly guys just thank about it winning twice in a year and a half for millions really it’s hard enough to win on a scratcher for the top two prizes go look at the odds. It’s clear that all of the top prizes are in the Raleigh Durham are a so to me the tickets are not distributed equally throughout the state. I’m moving to Raleigh maybe my luck will change.Happy hunting everyone!!!!!! NC Lottery
Hi Hakim! It's not easier to win the lottery in a big place than a small one. There are just more people taking a chance to win there. We can assure you that if you move to Charlotte or Hickory it does not become easier to win a lottery prize there. The lottery can only work if everyone has the same chance to win, and no matter where you live you have the same chance to beat the odds as someone anyplace else! Good Luck!

1/26/2020 08:50 - oliVia b.

Wow! Congratulations! ??

1/26/2020 02:03 - Paige H.

Must be nice.

1/25/2020 10:41 - Tina J.

It boggles my mind, how many people are leaving such negative comments. Be happy for the lady. After her first win she has a lot more money to play with and a lot more incentive to play more. I say congratulations to you. Keep winning. Maybe one day I’ll job you in the winner’s circle!!

1/25/2020 07:10 - Nochal B.


1/25/2020 07:04 - Steve L. P.

Maybe she used some of her prior winning to buy another winner. Like one of the previous commenters, I like to hear stories about winners.

1/25/2020 06:37 - JULIA J.

John T: I am highly suspicious also of how the same person could win big jackpots on scratch offs only a few months apart. The store I buy my tickets from had a cashier that did exactly what you said, counting tickets then called her friend and go in 50/50 with the friend. I complained to management, she was fired because she didn't stop after repeated warnings from the manager. It's against most retailers policies for employees to play lottery while on duty. The NC Lottery should make it against the law to do so instead of leaving it up to retailers.

1/25/2020 02:22 - Quentina B.

Congratulations Give GOD THE GLORY

1/25/2020 01:45 - jesse h.

I am next in line I no I am. OP

1/25/2020 01:07 - annie s.


1/25/2020 10:15 - VAUGHN P.

That so amazing GOD bless you Linda!

1/25/2020 08:54 - bonnie bell r.

I did'nt have no luck in playing most games.maybe my time.

1/25/2020 08:51 - Nancy P.

congrats!!! good luck is better than bad luck.

1/25/2020 08:29 - telly s.

Congratulations I love to hear about people winning

1/25/2020 08:19 - Sharisha H.

Congratulations! Waiting patiently on my special day! God bless!

1/25/2020 07:43 - thomas p.

Good luck may God bless you. Can't wait till my lucky day comes

1/25/2020 07:13 - Melvin C.


1/25/2020 02:15 - Annetta H.


1/25/2020 12:14 - john T.

Wonder if she is using a cashier for help. Let me tell you lottery People how this works . I have friends that brag about it but won’t let me in on so here it is. A lot of people scratch their tickets in store, so the cashier on duty obviously sees what tickets he or she is selling. Then most people if they win a small amount will go right back up there and get more tickets or cash out. The cashier then sees if any big winners came from that roll from what was scratched in store. If there were just small winners or no winners at all then we now know that there is at least 1 bigger amount ticket still in the roll and or the odds of hitting get much better now that 5 to 10 tickets that were no winners or even winners are out. So then the cashier calls a friend and says I’ve seen 10 to 15 of this certain row not win so the customers buys the rest or most of them and wins double or more back every time. I think its bs.

1/25/2020 12:05 - Andy C.

Something just doesn’t seem right, way too many repeat winners bagging these top prizes. I’m sure they play a lot more than the average player, but the amount of repeat winners is quite Astonishing to the point where I don’t believe it. NC Lottery
Hi Andy! We have lots of folks who have won prizes multiple times. Some combination of good luck and taking lots of chances to win is what accounts for it. Without knowing how often that winner plays it's impossible to say which element is more of a factor. Good Luck!

1/24/2020 11:38 - Jennifer J.

Congratulations Linda my day is coming. Then you and everyone will ne reading about my winnings.

1/24/2020 10:39 - Anita A.

Double the win twice is nice...it's AMAZING! Congrats! :)

1/24/2020 10:14 - Michelle S.

Congratulations that’s awesome, I’m happy that someone’s winning!

1/24/2020 09:01 - Dewey J.

How many people are signed up to play the NC Lottery online?NC Lottery
Hey Dewey! We have over 200,000 players registered to play online and over 1 million members in our Lucke-Rewards program.

1/24/2020 08:10 - joseph e.


1/24/2020 07:28 - janet w.

Still trying for a big win really enjoy the game and grateful that money will help our education system that's why I continue to play I love the game and I love education being and a doctorate of Education from NC State myself

1/24/2020 07:05 - Sharon R.

Congrats, My day is coming!!!

1/24/2020 07:00 - Sheila I.

Oh wow. I just splurged a little today and bought one. I hope it's a winner.??

1/24/2020 06:43 - LaTasha W.

congradualations. keep winning

1/24/2020 04:32 - ALMETA K.


1/24/2020 04:28 - Debra B.

What is the total number of retailers in NC who sell NC lottery games ?NC Lottery
Hey Debra! We have over 7,000 retailers across the state that sell lottery games.

1/24/2020 03:56 - Vicki G.

Wow!! That's freakin' amazing! Congrats!!!

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