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Make 2020 a lucky one with new scratch-off tickets

January 7, 2020 Posted by NC Lottery at 9:02 AM

Welcome to 2020! We hope it’s a lucky one for you. This First Tuesday, we’re bringing you a variety of tickets to kick off the New Year with a bang.

If you’re looking for a lucky number this year, you might want to try the No. 7. Our Ruby Red 7s scratch-off ticket has over $80 million in cash prizes. The $20 ticket has four top prizes of $4 million and gives you 20 chances to win.

You can also try your luck on the Full of $500’s scratch-off ticket. The $5 game has over 10,000 prizes of $500. This ticket has the best odds of winning a $500 prize out of any of our $5 tickets.

Get your scratchers ready for the 2020 edition of LOTERIA. We’re bringing back the player favorite for the start of the new decade. The $3 game has six top prizes of $75,000. Plus each ticket has a BONUS Caller Card.

You could be seeing double this year with our new $2 scratch-off ticket. Double Match gives you two ways to play and two ways to win. The game has six top prizes of $20,000.

And finally, here’s another reason to make seven your lucky number. The Lucky 7’s scratch-off ticket has fourteen top prizes of $7,000. The $1 ticket also has a BONUS BOX that gives you a chance to double your prize. 

Good luck and happy scratching!

Game Name


Top Prize Amount

No. of Top Prizes

Overall Odds

Top Prize Odds

Ruby Red 7s




1 in 3.02

1 in 1.35 million

Full of $500’s




1 in 4.14

1 in 540





1 in 3.94

1 in 1.16 million

Double Match




1 in 4.66

1 in 1 million

Lucky 7’s




1 in 4.77

1 in 874,285


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1/19/2020 10:22 - joanie m.

I love cash 5 i have played the same number since the first year we got NC lottery I just know this is my year to win cash 5.keeping up the positive thinking and manifesting good luck

1/14/2020 05:23 - Isalene J.

I have had no luck in the scratch off I have spent over $400.00 in the Big Spin the most I won was 20.00 1 time

1/10/2020 01:51 - John L.

I hope and pray I am lucky enough to pick or get picked for a big winner!

1/10/2020 01:48 - John L.

I NEED some better luck. I can't win on anything it seems lately. I sure do hope my luck changes and I can get a big winner!

1/09/2020 12:37 - Denver G.

All good, Charlene W.. But your statements could not be further from the truth. I have been a faithful member of this community since 2012. I won a lucky rewards drawing in 2013 for $500. I am still looking for my first 2nd chance win. When I get on a lucky streak I like to share that info with my fellow bloggers. Good luck to you.

1/09/2020 09:29 - John S.

Still getting "Invalid Ticket Submission" when trying to enter new scratch-off tickets in Lucke-Rewards. Tried both scanning through app on phone and manually entering ticket numbers on website. 9:30 AM, 9 JAN.NC Lottery
Hi John, Our team is working to get this fixed now. Please hold onto your tickets and try to enter them later.

1/09/2020 02:09 - Charlene W.

Seems every other blog @Denver brags bout his winnings?He should be spoke person for the N.C.lottery must be one of them ? Been on second chance Over 4 yrs yet to win anything NC Lottery
We love hearing about our players wins! The player you mentioned has certainly had some good luck lately and shares great insight here on the blog, but they are not a lottery employee.

1/08/2020 11:26 - Angela A.

Since it seems that NCEL and VA lottery are having same scratch tickets can I suggest we make one more thing the same .... LOL Make a change so that stores can cash up to $600 so I can play my Pick 4 number 5585 and not have to go to the Main Lottery Office to cash it. This really hurts for that $1.... Ok NCEL step up and make the change. Help us out......!

1/08/2020 09:09 - William D.

WoW!!!!! Really nice the update on the total of entries are now showing for all the drawings. This should make a lot of people happy.

1/08/2020 07:50 - NC Lottery

@BEVERLY R.: We understand your hesitation when it comes to sharing personal info. The reason folks are prompted to input their SSN is because that is how we verify that players are over 18 when they try to purchase lottery tickets online. We take the security of your personal information very seriously and have strict security practices and protections in place. However, you can choose to not input your SSN. You will still be able to participate in Lucke-Rewards and comment here on the blog, you just won't be able to purchase online.

1/08/2020 04:17 - Carolyn S.

Good luck to all year of goin to. Win this year in 2020 everyone have a happy new yrs..

1/08/2020 12:08 - Tatiana D.

I also can't enter any of new tickets into Lucke Rewards system.NC Lottery
Hi Tatiana, Our team is aware that folks are not able to enter the new games at the moment and are working to get it fixed ASAP. Please hold onto your tickets and try to enter them later today or tomorrow. Sorry about that!

1/07/2020 11:02 - lori j.

I’m ready

1/07/2020 09:16 - Beverly R.

The new $5 ticket is underwhelming. The top prize is only $500. That's something you'd see on a $1 ticket. If I'm going to spend 5 bucks, I want the chance to at least win 5000. On another note, when I signed in tonight, I got a prompt to update my info and was asked for last four digits of my SS#. I did provide this info and luckily a prompt asked if I wanted to continue. I fear I won't be able to access comments page one day if I don't provide SS#. NCEL does NOT need player's SS#. With all the hacking and identity theft going on, I don't care to provide SS# to every entity. If a player wins big, they go to Raleigh and can complete paperwork with this sensitive info. Otherwise, NCEL does not need such info from hundreds of thousands of people. NC Lottery
Hi Beverly, Please see our reply above.

1/07/2020 09:11 - Gladys R.

i am waiting on the drawing or who won the reindeer drawing game good luck to whomever win i play all the games but not so lucky so i started redeem my tickets so hopefully one day

1/07/2020 04:56 - Jenifer H.

can't wait to get my message that I won the second chance drawing

1/07/2020 03:40 - Sheila I.

I'm waiting patiently for the reindeer drawing. Good luck to all especially me ??????

1/07/2020 03:38 - Sheila I.

@Denver G. Thanks!I recently won $290 and $500 on a pick 3. I was doing ok with scratchers but the pick 3 and 4 hmmmmm....??

1/07/2020 01:44 - Denver G.

Good luck to you Miss Sheila. Update, Cashed in my winnings 2day, put $210 in my pocket. Bought 3 ruby reds, (#4,5& 6). Won $100 on #6. Unable to enter for points, so I will wait till tomorrow. 2020 is starting out good. Now show me some big money in February!!!!! Thank you NCEL.NC Lottery
Thanks for the update, Denver! Our team is looking into why folks can't enter tickets right now and they should have it resolved soon. Just hold onto your tickets for now and try to enter them later.

1/07/2020 01:28 - Anita A.

I pray that I'm blessed to win a prize for my family.

1/07/2020 12:57 - Kelly S.

has the drawing for the reindeer riches 5000 happened yet? I can't seem to find it listed in past luck e rewards....NC Lottery
Hi there Kelly, The Reindeer Riches drawing is scheduled for tomorrow, Jan. 8. Once it has taken place, the drawing will appear in the past drawing section.

1/07/2020 12:47 - Janae E.

Im so ready to win ANYTHING!!

1/07/2020 11:47 - Denver G.

So far so good. Monday I was gonna buy some ruby reds, my favorite station didn't have them put out yet. So I bought the last 8 of the old green 100x the cash. 4 out of 8 were winners. A 20, a 50 & 2 for 100 each = $270. NC Lottery
We're glad to hear you've been having good luck lately, Denver! We hope the new tickets are good to you, too.

1/07/2020 11:08 - Angela A.

NCEL you can not enter any of these new tickets for second chance I have tried all morning, because I had plenty of losers.... I purchased NINE "FULL of $500's" only to win $5 and did not Win anything on the $20, $3, $2, or $1 tickets. Looks like more winning for NCEL!NC Lottery
Hi Angela, Sorry about that! Our team is looking into why this is happening and they should have it resolved soon. In the meantime, just hold onto your tickets and try to enter them later.

1/07/2020 11:00 - Sheila I.

The Ruby Red is an eye catcher ??. I'm going to buy a few on payday ??NC Lottery
Good luck to you, Sheila!

1/07/2020 10:30 - ANGEL W.

I am excited!

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