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Fast Play games produce eighth jackpot with $25,049 win

October 10, 2020 Posted by NC Lottery at 6:04 PM

The new Fast Play games produced their eighth jackpot in a month on Saturday when a $2 ticket purchased at an Orange County convenience store won $25,049.

The $2 Lucky Clover ticket was sold at the Food Mart on Guess Road in Hillsborough.

A $2 ticket wins 20 percent of the jackpot. At the time of the win Saturday morning, the Fast Play jackpot had climbed to $125,245. The win dropped the jackpot amount by 20 percent and it began climbing again at $100,196.

The winner has 180 days to claim the prize at any lottery office.

In just the first month, North Carolinians trying out the new Fast Play games have won eight jackpots, ranging from $14,200 to $357,731.

The jackpot is one of the exciting features of the new Fast Play game. The rolling, progressive jackpot increases with every ticket sold until it is won. The odds of winning a Fast Play jackpot are 1 in 240,000.

Printed on each ticket is the amount of the jackpot when the ticket is sold and how much of that jackpot the ticket could win. Players can also win instant cash prizes on their Fast Play tickets.

Here’s how the Fast Play jackpot works:

  • A $2 Fast Play ticket wins 20 percent of the jackpot.
  • A $5 Fast Play ticket wins half of the jackpot.
  • A $10 Fast Play ticket wins all of the jackpot.

Looking forward to meeting Saturday’s winner and seeing when the next Fast Play jackpot is hit. Good luck.


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10/17/2020 08:04 - Nathaniel D.

I win

10/14/2020 03:17 - Denver G.


10/14/2020 11:52 - NC Lottery

@TIM M.: Our security staff has a detective program to try to identify all kinds of potential fraud--not just during the times when we do larger investigations. And, if we get a report of suspicious behavior, we will investigate it and potentially work with local law enforcement in an effort to catch people who might try to defraud players. If you or any other player ever sees something that concerns them, please call our security division at 1-888-732-6235. Also, please know that the feedback we're receiving is being shared with the appropriate folks here at the lottery.

10/14/2020 06:36 - christy H.

Did I really win for once this would be a true blessing

10/14/2020 03:33 - Tim M.

LZ, based off several of the comments here, it looks like you need to bust the retailers again. How long has it been anyway, 5 years or more? I think it was a news report on WRAL where customers would ask the clerk if they had a winner or not. This was prior to the extra scanners being installed in the stores so customers could scan themselves, as well as the app. So, the clerk would tell the customer, "Not a winner." Even though it was! An undercover investigation got several clerks arrested as well as a store owner. Looks like they're trying to play the same game again so you might want to implement something. I saw one guy on the news who actually got arrested at your headquarters. Eyes looked like they'd pop out if his head!NC Lottery
Hey Tim, Please see our reply above. Thanks!

10/12/2020 10:26 - Tarik J.

So far there is not enough transparency on NCELs part in identifying and informing the people of winners. You put that cheesy little sign up in some retailers locations, but maybe that should have had a ticker on it letting people know where/ when jackpots are either partially or totally cleared out. I know the jp being reset should be an indication but why not make it easier for the people, so we as the people who gamble and support the NCEL can feel more trust in this process. NC Lottery
Thanks for the feedback, Tarik! We do our best to share information on wins here on the blog and on our Twitter page as soon as we can after the jackpot is won and verified. We will certainly pass it along to the folks who make those decisions.

10/12/2020 11:45 - joanie m.

I found my bonus points in rewards history thanks

10/12/2020 11:35 - joanie m.

I am with Danice i don't like the fact that the clerks are looking at my tickets before they hand them to you this has happen to me several times at different stores and i seen the clerk drop my ticket and get another out of the machine i said something he got in the garbage and said he couldn't fine it that the trash was full and couldn't fine the one he dropped in theirNC Lottery
Joanie, We hear you, and we have shared your concerns with the appropriate folks here at the lottery. Our players are our eyes and ears across the state. Anytime you have a concern about something that happened at a particular store that sells lottery tickets, please contact our security division immediately at 1-888-732-6235 and they will do further investigation.

10/12/2020 11:29 - joanie m.

I bought a jakepot 7 last night the clark kept looking at it behide the counter he drop it and just run me up another because you can glance at it and tell if you won or not i am pretty sure that it was a winner and he kept it also entering them today i did jot get 10 times the points on a few my 10 dollar jackpot 7 i only got 10 points NC Lottery
Hi Joanie. Thanks for letting us know this happened. When you purchase a Fast Play ticket, the retailer should hand the ticket immediately to you. Please call our Security Hotline at 1 888-732-6235 to report what happened so they can investigate what happened here.

10/12/2020 09:23 - john a.

While we are complaining about clerks, I have had several clerks ask me if I am going to share with them if I win something big. That makes me uncomfortable.NC Lottery
Hi John, If you ever see or hear something that concerns you at a particular retail location, please call our security division at 1-888-732-6235.

10/12/2020 06:03 - mark m.

the web site says we get 10X the points on our Luck Rewards account on Fast Play tickets, I have not yet got anything but the face value on the many tickets I scannedNC Lottery
Hey there Mark, If you check your Points History, you should see the additional points in there. Hope this helps!

10/11/2020 10:31 - Danice T.

I like the new games, it is a shame the clerk took 5 minutes to hand me my tickets. Which makes me believe she checked for a winner before she handed them over. Disappointing. NC Lottery
Thanks for letting us know about this, Danice. When you buy a Fast Play ticket, the retailer should hand the ticket immediately to you. Please call our Security Hotline at 1 888-732-6235 to report what happened and they will investigate this further.

10/11/2020 08:50 - Lois S.

Congratulations! I am enjoying the new Fast Play games...hoping to win soon

10/11/2020 05:23 - Dwight T.

that great

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