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Keno gives you a chance at $1 million every four minutes

November 16, 2020 Posted by NC Lottery at 8:01 AM

With our Carolina Keno game, your chance to win a $1 million prize comes around every four minutes.

That’s right. Every four minutes a Keno drawing occurs and if you buy a 10 spot ticket for $10 you could have the thrill of winning $1 million.

So far, no one has won a $1 million Keno prize. We are looking forward to see who will be the first.

Keno is fast and exciting with drawings of 20 numbers every four minutes. You can play for as little as $1 or up to $20 with the Keno multiplier.

To play, buy your Keno ticket at any lottery retail location. You can watch the drawing on a monitor at many stores or check the results on the web or on your smartphone.

Here are some key things to know about Keno.

How can I play Keno for a chance to win $1,000,000? Play $10 on a 10-spot game! Or add the Multiplier feature to your Keno play and there’s several ways you could win $1 million or more.

What are the odds for winning the $1 million Keno prize in the 10 spot game? 1 in 8.91 million.

How many chances to win Keno are there each day? A: Lots! To be precise, there are 311 Keno drawings every day.


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11/21/2020 12:51 - Malinda A.

11/21/2020 When I bought a Mega Millions ticket this evening around 5:30 pm at the Speedway on HWY 42 East in Clayton, the lady at the register did not give me the promotional free Keno ticket. I only found out about the promotion tonight when I went to the NCLottery website to check my Mega Millions ticket. What a rip-off. I wonder how many other people do not know about the promotion and the cashiers are keeping their keno tickets.NC Lottery
Hi Malinda, the Free Keno Ticket promotion running in November gives players a random chance to win a Keno ticket. It is not guaranteed that every purchase has a free ticket. We are giving away up to 100,000 tickets every Friday. If you do get a free ticket, the ticket you purchase will have a message saying that you won a free ticket. You can see the full promo details here:

11/20/2020 01:15 - joanie m.

On fridays when you purchase any draw ticket you get a free keno ticket with each purchase or does it mean you have a chance to win a free ticket NC Lottery
Hi Joanie, there is a random chance that you will receive a free Keno ticket with any draw ticket purchased on Friday. We are giving out up to 100,000 free tickets each Friday in November. You can see the full promo details here:

11/18/2020 06:17 - Brian L.

Can we get the Keno to be available online? The Georgia Lottery enables theirs online.NC Lottery
Hi Brian, the Lottery Commission has not approved Keno for online sales at this time, but we appreciate hearing that is a feature our players would enjoy!

11/18/2020 12:57 - Peggy B.

How to check keno onlinepleaseNC Lottery
Hi Peggy, you can check the numbers for any Keno Drawing by entering the Draw Number on this webpage:

11/17/2020 02:41 - shirley b.

Hi how many predraws do NCEL do before each drawing?NC Lottery
Hi Shirley, we perform a minimum of 3 pretests for each game before each drawing. Thanks!

11/17/2020 12:32 - Gloria C.

Thanks for all your great informations.

11/16/2020 03:49 - Jonathan B.

Just wondering how long it takes for an address change on the lucke rewards? I called and sent my document in on Sunday but no update yet. The draw is coming up on Wednesday and was told my info needs to be accurate but I have sent my part in. I would hate to miss out on a prize because of it taking so long.NC Lottery
Hi Jonathan, we of course also reach out by email and phone to contact winners. If you would like to confirm that your mailing address has been updated though the best course would be to contact our online chat support at, who could verify that for you. However, once all the necessary documentation is received, it should take about 2-5 business days to be updated. Thanks!

11/16/2020 08:50 - Tony T.

thanks for the free ticket..didn't win anything though. Where was the second 1 ml. winning $20 holiday ticket sold ?[repluy]Hi Tony, keep an eye on the blog, that winner story will be published soon!

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