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Carolina Keno with Multiplier delivers first big win

March 16, 2020 Posted by NC Lottery at 4:17 PM

Someone who bought a $10 Carolina Keno with Multiplier ticket at the College Lakes Liberty on Ramsey Street in Fayetteville on Sunday is feeling pretty lucky. They’ve won $12,000.

Want to know how they did it? Keep on reading.

The lucky player bought five draws at $1 per draw and added on the new Multiplier feature for an extra $1 a draw, totaling $10.

The player hit gold when one of the five draws matched eight of the nine Spots, leading to a $3,000 win.

The thrill didn’t stop there.

Because of the new Multiplier add-on feature, the winnings multiplied by four when the 4X Multiplier was drawn.

What could have been a $3,000 win multiplied to a $12,000 win all because the player Multiplied the Keno purchase.

We’ve also got good news from this Monday afternoon. We’ve had two big Carolina Keno with Multiplier wins today. One lucky player one $20,000 when the 2X Multiplier was drawn. The other lucky player won $11,250 and $2,250 when the 5X Multiplier was drawn

Talk about winning more money with Carolina Keno.

Our Multiplier feature gives you a new way to play Carolina Keno. Remember in Carolina Keno, you choose how many numbers, or Spots, you play and your choice determines your odds and the prize you play for.

Adding Multiplier to your Keno ticket will double whatever the base price of your Keno ticket is. For example, if a Keno ticket costs $3 and the Multiplier is added, then your total purchase will be $6.

You can multiply your thrill and prizes every time you play Keno and add Multiplier. With drawings every four minutes, there are plenty of opportunities to make your day.


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3/18/2020 09:53 - john a.

I have to agree with the players. You should always get a multiplier more than 1x, like they do with Mega Millions and Powerball. It's only fair.

3/17/2020 10:04 - Gloria C.

Congradulations to you and I wish you many more happy wins.

3/17/2020 09:40 - john T.

I tried to play keno today. The ticket said invalid. I played it many times but just would not print today. The cashier looked at me like i had two heads when i asked her why it wouldn’t print. Now i see there is a multiplier option but the ticket i filled out today march 17, 2020 didnt have that option is that why my ticket wouldn’t play?NC Lottery
Hey John, Sorry about that. It sounds like you were using a play slip that was out of date. If you were trying to enter a play slip that didn't have the multiplier option on it, our system will not accept it. Moving forward, if you're at a retailer that doesn't have new play slips stocked, let them know and they can call their lottery rep to have new ones sent out.

3/17/2020 05:39 - Gregg J.


3/17/2020 11:52 - Karen W.

when you play the multiplier and it comes up 1x; how is that a winner?NC Lottery
Hi Karen, Just like you have to beat the odds when you play a lottery game, it takes a little luck to get the multiplier as well. The odds of the 1X being drawn are 1 in 2.5 and the odds of a 2X or higher being drawn are 1 in 1.67. It’s standard practice to have the 1X for games like Keno because it is based on how the prize structure is set up to offer folks a low price to play. Hope this helps explain how it works!

3/17/2020 01:05 - Debra S.

Are there new tickets for Keno multiplief NC Lottery
Hi Debra, All retailers should have received updated play slips that include the new multiplier option, and the tickets that are printed once you place your wager have changed to include that as well.

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