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Lucky night for three Online Play players

March 27, 2020 Posted by NC Lottery at 2:23 PM

Three Online Play players are feeling pretty lucky waking up this morning.


Because last night’s drawings produced three big wins:

  • $775,794 Cash 5 jackpot
  • $25,000 A Year For Life Lucky For Life prize
  • $5,000 Lucky For Life prize

What do all of these three wins have in common? They happened to be purchased through the lottery’s Online Play program.

Online Play allows you to purchase tickets online for Carolina Cash 5, Lucky For Life, Mega Millions, and Powerball. When you win, you will receive an email notifying you that you have won. You will also be prompted to start or complete your claim online when you sign into your account following an Online Play win.

That’s right. Wins under $599 will be deposited directly into your account. If you win $600- $99,999, you can process your claim online. Just follow the steps when prompted, and your win will be deposited directly into your account.

Interested in learning more? Check out our Online Play FAQ here. 

Congratulations to last night’s three lucky Online Play winners! 


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6/09/2020 04:44 - Shakina C.

Is your information released to the public after winning online? NC Lottery
Hi Shakina, when an online winner claims their prize, their name and home town are released on the website like all other winners.

4/16/2020 02:35 - Lanita B.

Congrads to all. Im still trying to find a winner but Ill never give up.

4/08/2020 01:34 - shaking c.

I been playing for a while.

4/02/2020 11:36 - Linda R.

That is wonderful especially in today’s time financially all Americans could use extra money and this is more than extra money it is real money to help your family and some needy friends but for most your church which keeps people going online or in person today with restriction on TV worship is wonderful try it if you are or are not a worshipping family or individual. Thanks for allowing me to vent. Reducing my stress of STAY AT HOME good luck

4/02/2020 06:53 - Sheila I.

@nc lottery. Do you know where the 3 online winning tickets were purchased NC Lottery
Hi there Sheila, we won't know where the winners are from until they claim their prizes.

4/02/2020 06:30 - Parenthia G.

I will be so estatic when I am the a big winner! Congratulations and est wishes to all the winners.

4/01/2020 08:32 - trina M.

I can't purchase any tickets keeps spiraling. NC Lottery
Sorry about that, Trina. Please try clearing your browser cache and then logging in again. If this continues, our support team can help over at

3/31/2020 02:29 - Frank P.

I have a new Motorola phone and won't let me download the app NC Lottery
Sorry about that, Frank. First, be sure you're downloading the app from and follow the instructions on that page. If you do that and still aren't able to get it to download, our support team is here to help over at

3/31/2020 10:32 - Cylinda R.

I just got a phone call from someone saying I won on on second chance but there's nothing in my email NC Lottery
Hi Cylinda, It's possible that the email went into your spam folder, so please check there. If you don't see it, we recommend calling our Customer Services line at 877-962-7529 to verify the legitimacy of the call.

3/31/2020 07:28 - Edith A.

I got scratch off tickets and can't get the opportunity to enter them in the 2nd chance drawing, it won't allow me to go to that site. Has that stopped too and I am stuck with a bunch of non-winning tickets I don't even have a 2nd chance. What's up? Oh well guess that's the reason they call it gambling, you lose everyway you go!NC Lottery
Hi Edith, We have not suspended our second-chance games at this time. If you are still having trouble submitting your entries, you can reach out to our help team at and someone will look into why you weren't able to enter your tickets.

3/30/2020 10:01 - warren b.

i played lucky for life and it made my tickets for thursday draw i thought i played in time so what is the cut off time for online playsNC Lottery
Hey Warren, Lucky for Life sales end at 9:30 p.m. on Mondays and Thursdays and resume after the drawing.

3/30/2020 04:48 - Berry B.


3/30/2020 09:25 - ken w.

can you buy on line tickets if you are out of state on vacationNC Lottery
Hi Ken, Thanks for asking. Players must be physically located within North Carolina at the time of purchase.

3/29/2020 05:01 - Benita J.

I received an email on the big night of the 3 winners saying I had requested a change on my online profile, when I did not make any changes. I emailed back stating I did not request any changes. Someone named Preston contacted me stating they needed more info to help me. I did a chat with 2 different people and neither one found my username nor password in their system. Very strange! NC Lottery
Hi Benita, if this technical issue is still unresolved, please reach out to our customer service folks on Monday via email or phone:

3/29/2020 03:30 - Ricky M.

I like online play, especially since the Corona deal....

3/29/2020 10:01 - Michael R.

This is very suspicious that 3 online players on the same night won big when got a whole state out there still buying tickets the conventional way. If this keeps happening then I demand an investigation by the News and Observers or Charlotte Observers. The Cash 5 jackpot has been going to frequently to online players. They are defying the odds and stasticics.

3/29/2020 04:55 - Sheila I.

OMG people stop complaining about the pick 3 and pick 4. Everybody should know by now that you can not play online. You can still go on and play at gas station and supermarkets.

3/28/2020 10:40 - harold s.

why does pick four and pick three say find store and not buy now. NC Lottery
Hi Harold, that is because currently our Pick 3 and Pick 4 games are not available for purchase online. The games you can buy online are: Mega Milions, Powerball, Cash 5 and Lucky for Life. Hope this helps clear up any confusion!

3/28/2020 10:07 - elizabeth j.

Congratulations to u all.

3/28/2020 04:52 - Allen T.

Are you saying online players can only play Powerball, Mega Million, Lucky for life and Cash 5, but cannot play Pick 3 and Pick 4? NC Lottery
Hi Allen, yes that is correct.

3/28/2020 01:13 - Sandra H.

I quit buying tickets online on my laptop because I get an error message of "This site can't be reached" for took too long to respond. The website shows as not a secure site. It will be like this for several days and then, out of the blue, it will allow me to log on. I have called NCLOTTERY about this and was told problem not theirs to call my cable provider, ATMC who says no problem on their end. I have no problem logging in on my cell phone, buy would prefer to use my laptop. Any ideas on this random problem? NC Lottery
Hi there Sandra, I apologize for the frustration. I don't have a technical solution for you but would encourage you to reach out to our customer support folks again to see if they can brainstorm with you further:

3/28/2020 12:27 - michael s.

Thanks for the logical response NCEL! That does make since.

3/28/2020 09:40 - Lois S.

Congratulations! Glad to see online players get some these jackpots!!

3/28/2020 09:39 - CAROLYN B.

great blessuing

3/28/2020 05:45 - Sheilla C.

Congratulations... Glad to here someone really won online. I also play online and never won more than $4. Now I know that online plays really work.

3/28/2020 05:25 - Sean S.


3/28/2020 02:15 - Sonya V.

Be safe and remember lottery is a game and it’s fun to play??

3/28/2020 01:49 - Pam M.

Congratulations to All the Winners!

3/28/2020 01:43 - Pam M.

Congratulations to All the Winners!

3/27/2020 11:32 - Jim F.

Congrats to the winners on the 26th. Hope I get a win like you folks. I sure need it being 1 of thousands in NC and 1 of the millions nationwide who has been furloughed from work over the CORV-19

3/27/2020 11:00 - Melissa C.

Gosh I wish that was me but congratulations on all the winners

3/27/2020 09:48 - Denise P.


3/27/2020 08:52 - michael w.

Congrats winners ????????

3/27/2020 05:10 - Gloria C.

Congradulations to all winners . I wish you all many more happy wins.

3/27/2020 04:47 - Alexandra G.


3/27/2020 04:38 - michael s.

It seems awfully funny that THREE Online players should hit big jackpots all on the same night, just as NCEL is promoting the %$#@ out of Online playing. Just saying? NC Lottery
Hi Michael, as you know a majority of people have been staying at home the past few weeks, and we've also had more people playing their favorite numbers from home as well. So it's no surprise that with so many more people playing online instead of in-store that we've had a few big winners from Online Play recently!

3/27/2020 03:14 - beverly u.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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