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Lucke-Rewards drawings start again this week

May 11, 2020 Posted by NC Lottery at 5:18 PM
This week, we’ll start catching up with some of the drawings put on hold due to our state’s Stay At Home Order.

Thank you for your understanding and continued patience.

Drawings will proceed as scheduled this week. We also plan to begin conducting postponed Lucke-Rewards drawings on Wednesday. We are scheduled to hold a Money Madness drawing, originally scheduled for April 1, and the Courtside Cash drawing, originally scheduled for April 8, on Wednesday.

The Money Madness drawing will award 25 prizes of $100. The Courtside Cash drawing will award five prizes of $5,000.

We will work as quickly as possible to notify winners by email, but it may take longer than usual. Claim periods will be extended as needed to account for slower response times. We’ll post the names of winners as soon as possible after they claim their prizes.

We’ll keep conducting other postponed Lucke-Rewards drawings and second-chance drawings in May until we are caught up.

We know those of you who have entries in these drawings have been waiting for a while to see if you are winners. We’re glad we can hold drawings again. Good luck.



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6/05/2020 01:58 - Melissa M.

Do you have winner's that won more than once in 1 year's time? Just curious. I'd be lucky to win $ though I put more of my points towards big money. Keep playing?????? even though it's not to encouraging NC Lottery
Hi Melissa, players have won Lucke Rewards drawings more than once in a year. It's all a matter of luck though! We try to create Lucke Rewards drawings that make lots of winners and give our players plenty of chances to win!

5/23/2020 07:23 - Adelea M.

Has the April Fool's drawing been done yet and if not do you have a date for it? From what I can tell the new version of the site does not show winners anymore of second chance drawings and the monthly drawings, is that correct? They use to be listed but I could not find them. NC Lottery
Hi Adelena, our April fools drawing was one of the many drawings that was postponed due to Covid-19. We began conducting all of the postponed drawings the week before last and are planning to complete a few drawings each week until we are all caught up. I am not sure of the specific status of this particular drawing - please keep checking that page for updates. As far as being able to view winners of second-chance and monthly drawings, please visit the promotions page and and click on "Past Drawings" to view the winners. If the the winners button is greyed out that means winners have not yet been announced.

5/23/2020 06:29 - Kelley U.

I was at the store today buying tickets and a man in front me scratched his tickets and threw them out. I asked him why he doesn't enter for the 2nd chance he replied I did for year the site is fake they don't even tell you that someone won. I really hope this is not true. NC Lottery
Hi Kelley, our Lucke-Rewards and second-chance programs certainly aren't a scam. We have just over a million Lucke-Rewards members who choose to participate in these reward programs every day. Good luck!

5/21/2020 10:24 - joanie m.

Thanks nc lottery for my response i was wrong i meant to say my entries not points in the second chance will say 0 after i just enter the game NC Lottery
Hi Joanie, Thanks for the clarification. Please still reach out to our online support team at They are able to take a look at your specific account to see what's going on.

5/18/2020 05:34 - joanie m.

I take care of elderly take them to doctors bank i have been lately going to get groceries for them due to virus i could never ask for money they are on a fixed income it would be nice to win a little for gas and new tires in it to win it

5/18/2020 05:16 - joanie m.

I was just entering luck rewards games and its not showing my points plz help and i also wanted to say welcome back nclottery let's win some money hoody hooo NC Lottery
Hey Joanie, That doesn't sound right! Please reach out to our online support team at and they can investigate why you aren't seeing your points anymore.

5/16/2020 01:06 - William D.

do you guys plan on a $5 & $10 version of extreme? would be nice. NC Lottery
Hi William. No plans of a $5 & $10 Extreme ticket at this time. Thanks for sharing your feedback! We will certainly pass your suggestions (thoughts) along.

5/14/2020 09:33 - Jessica S.

Thank you for everything and another chance again at winning a pric2

5/14/2020 03:42 - Michael R.

I have a vent. When you try to cash out pick 3 winning tickets at convenient stores, most say they dont have $250 or $500 yet they take your money when buying the tickets, so u end up going from store to store to cash in. Maybe NCEL should provide prepaid type debit cards and if the ticket is a winner, the store can debit from the NCEL account immediately . then we can go to an atm and get our money. NC Lottery
We can certainly understand your frustration, Michael. Some retailers don't keep enough cash on hand to cash out larger lottery prizes. However they should offer you the option of getting other forms of payment such as a business check or money order. We appreciate your suggestion and will certainly pass the idea along!

5/14/2020 02:03 - Martin G.

We wish every player could be a winner, but it takes a lot of luck to win a prize. Our Lucke-Rewards drawings can often receive millions of entries, and while the more entries you make, the better your odds, all it takes is one lucky entry to win. We've got our fingers crossed for you.

5/13/2020 10:45 - Lisa J.

Is there a schedule for when the drawings will take place?NC Lottery
Hey Lisa, Our team does not have a set schedule for the days that each drawing will take place. We are hoping to have all of the delayed drawings completed by the end of the month.

5/13/2020 07:04 - Deborah A.


5/13/2020 11:38 - Cheryl H.

Thanks and welcome back. I know you will be busy as you get back into the swing of things. Iwill be waiting for my email to tell me I'm a winner.

5/13/2020 08:21 - Denver G.

Good morning LZ. No doubt your staff will be a little on the busy side. After a quick glance I see the numbers are far from over whelming. I am sure you guys can get caught up before the end of the month with utmost integrity (like always). Heck the month isn't even half over. NC Lottery
Thanks for the vote of confidence, Denver!

5/12/2020 10:16 - william j.

did i win yet??????

5/12/2020 03:29 - NC Lottery

@TIM M.: Hey Tim, Player's entries are in no way affected by the delay of the drawing day. Every last entry that was submitted by the deadline will be included and we have security and audit checks to ensure that the process is followed according to our procedures. To address the timeline, there are indeed numerous drawings that will need to be conducted in order to get caught up. If we held them all in the same day, it would overwhelm the staff that is in charge of contacting all of the winners. By conducting a few drawings each week throughout the month, this allows our team time to process the large quantity of winners from the drawings before the next one takes place. Hope this helps clarify.

5/12/2020 03:15 - Tim M.

I have a concern. You state that all drawings will be made up for but when you lay out your plans, I don't see how. "We'll conduct this weekend's scheduled drawings and also conduct a drawing from a previous week. All complete by May 31st." Or some such. Now, hasn't it been like 2 months since you held ANY drawings, both weekly and 2nd chance? Don't you actually need to spend a complete day or something to make everything up? Also, can this still be done fairly? Will you be so far behind that we might not even get credit for certain weeks or drawings? I know your computers can no doubt do this but if I myself took 2 months off, I wouldn't remember WHERE I left off. In other words, human error. NC Lottery
Hey Tim, Please see our reply above. Thanks!

5/12/2020 02:59 - Sylvia S.

Looking forward to winning

5/12/2020 12:30 - Sadie A.

Fringe cross,dotting every I and crossing every T and hoping to win

5/12/2020 12:04 - marie p.

Got it

5/12/2020 09:52 - William P.


5/12/2020 07:17 - Shadaus H.

Fingers crossed

5/12/2020 05:19 - Mabeleen T.

Please make me a winner!!

5/11/2020 09:42 - JIM B.

Draw my name one time and all will be forgiven! Draw it twice and i'll send you a smiley face.

5/11/2020 08:51 - crystal c.

I pray I win the April Fools with the other 4 2$20,000 winner!! #HealthcarefrontlineworkerNC Lottery
We've got our fingers crossed for you!

5/11/2020 07:29 - HILDA E.


5/11/2020 07:18 - william E.


5/11/2020 06:41 - vanessa b.

come on luck let me win something

5/11/2020 05:58 - Jason C.

Have I won ?NC Lottery
Hi Jason, Winners will be notified via email after the drawings take place, so be sure to keep an eye on your inbox.

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