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‘I couldn’t even say a word,’ says Scotland County woman of $100,000 win

June 26, 2020 Posted by NC Lottery at 1:19 PM

Levonne McQueen of Laurinburg had been playing Cash 5 all week, and on Thursday, her persistence paid off with a $100,000 jackpot prize.

McQueen purchased her lucky $1 ticket from Nic’s Pic Kwik on Main Street in Wagram.

The couple woke up on Friday morning, and decided to check the Quick Pick ticket. “My husband was looking at the phone and he was calling out the numbers,” said McQueen. One by one, he called out the first four numbers as McQueen replied, “I got all four of them!”

When he called out the fifth number, McQueen couldn’t believe it. “I got that, too!” she said. “I couldn’t even say a word because I didn’t believe it myself.”

McQueen claimed her prize Friday at lottery headquarters in Raleigh. After federal and state tax withholdings, she took home $70,750.

With her winnings, McQueen said she plans to pay off some bills.

Cash 5 is a statewide draw game that gives players the chance to win a jackpot every single night. Tickets cost $1 and players can buy tickets at most lottery retailers, through Online Play on the lottery’s website, or on the NC Lottery Official Mobile app.

Friday’s Cash 5 jackpot is $100,000.


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6/29/2020 11:40 - Eddie L.

When it's your's your time. Everyone else stop crying and keep playing. It's called gambling for a reason. Congratulations..!!!! No one cares how long you've been playing to all the whiners. Be happy when someone wins ! Blessings.

6/29/2020 02:05 - yasir a.

i look at it this way ,you spend a $1 to help & support the education and if I won that's just a bounce .

6/27/2020 08:59 - Sandra B.

Smh @the ppl who beg on here. My only issue is them blocking numbers. Honestly it's luck. Been playing 911 & it finally came. I to then believe about the lucky e rewards but didn't get an email saying I have won something. Now if my quads drop like last yr- watch me turn cartwheels

6/27/2020 06:43 - vanessa b.


6/27/2020 05:25 - VICTORIA P.


6/27/2020 10:54 - Louis A.


6/27/2020 08:44 - Sheila I.

@ncel I thought the last winning Cash 5 was at a Public on Weddington road....I think! NC Lottery
Hey Sheila, yep you are correct. A lucky player did indeed win the $138,292 jackpot on June 24, and their ticket was sold at the Publix on Weddington Rd. in Concord. Stay tuned for that winner announcement and their story!

6/27/2020 07:21 - Bonnie H.

CONGRATULATIONS ! I'am one of those who has been playing cash 5 for many many years, and have yet to win anything as the guy said over 5 bucks , even had almost a thousand entries into a second chance drawing , guess I,am one of the unlucky ones love to play but need to quit

6/27/2020 06:40 - Gary C.

Congratulations Levonne!!! Enjoy your winnings!!!

6/26/2020 10:21 - Henry B.

Happy 4 you

6/26/2020 05:01 - ray h n.


6/26/2020 04:12 - valerie j.

Congratulations. Didn't take you know time to collect your money. Lol

6/26/2020 03:52 - Brent W.

?? It Congratulations Everybody needs a Win at a time like this, But @ncel When and what Can a person do who has being playing Cash 5 since 2006 and never wins but the most of $5, and plays an average of 5 dollars a day. Under estimating when the Jackpot is over $175, it think you ll owe me a least $50k ijs..NC Lottery
Sorry to hear you haven't had more luck, Brent! We hope you'll choose to play for fun, keeping in mind that it takes a lot of luck to win a prize of any size. We hope your lucky day comes soon.

6/26/2020 03:46 - Cheryl D.

Congrats to the lucky couple,glad someone from Laurinburg won. Next time it will be me. Congrats again

6/26/2020 03:13 - DL H.

Love this story!! Way to go Levonne!!! Enjoy it

6/26/2020 02:34 - MARY M.

Congratulations, glad to see someone in our area win for a change!!!!

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